Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New Year's Countdown & MySpace Layouts


Nothing beats the original. Especially not if British singer Robbie Williams (ex-Take That) is the writing/performing artist.
But sometimes very good cover versions are produced. Like this one by YURIDA (winner of the Latinamerican version of American Idol.)
No better song to greet the New Year with than this one......

Welcome 2009!

Lets raise our glasses to a very successful and happy New Year 2009. May it continue like the old year ended .....with a lot of fun and a good friendship.


New Year

I hope your New Year brings you joy,prosperity,love and good health.
May your fondest wishes for 2009 come true.I offer you a small but
well meant gift,my friendship...


Cry me a river!

Our heart goes out to all the actors,starlets and wannabes who have to suffer unbelievable hardships because of annoying paparazzi, critics and bloggers. In short, people who are not too happy with their performances and don't shy away from openly expressing their opinion*:

..... I really wish that people would stop being so critical, and more supportive. If you can find an actors mistakes - you should go into acting, it is one of that hardest professions to get in and very competitive. Perhaps going through some the quirks that actors go through would help you become less critical. Imagine having millions of people nick picking every move you make at work, or when you go to Starbucks. Yes these celebrities have money and fame - but they have earned it - every cent. What most actors had to go through to get where they are today, IF they made it at all -most people would not believe.....

Our heart is bleeding. Tears are welling up in our eyes. We promise to never ever make a critical remark about an actor again - NOT. Lucky people if their ONLY PROBLEM/CONCERN is what people say about them on their way to Starbucks.
....What most actors had to go through...
WHAT do TV-viewers have to go through when they have to watch disastrous performances by people like David Caruso, Sam Watterson , Jennifer Love Hewitt et al on TV?
Ever thought about that???


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dave's Ultimate Goal

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Ain't It Fun

This is rhe way I'm going to bring in the "NEW YEAR" don't come don't call,see you around the 15th...(GIGGLES)

One little thing

We have been looking at this picture for some time now. However, we can't shake the feeling that there is something important missing.
A good looking woman.
A nice expensive outfit.
But leaves us cold. We don't experience bouts of envy because we long to be like Victoria Beckham, or at least own the clothes/shoes she wears.
We are able to look at her picture, then turn and do something different without feeling regret.
Just another good looking what?
What is missing that doesn't make us want to know her better?
What is missing that would turn Victoria Beckham into the Hollywood glamor queen she so desperately wants to be?
Without it she is just another coathanger wearing expensive fabric. Without it she is just like Katie Price - only better dressed.

Bits and Pieces

Morning Ladies and Gents!
We think it is about time for a riddle and a bit of fun - because we can. Look at the picture. What do you think WHO/WHAT exactly this is?
  1. A very ugly dog
  2. Mentally ill Lacyleanne during one of her maniac spells? Before she takes her meds? Drooling over the latest David Caruso picture?
  3. David Caruso in the morning without make-up?

YOU'll be the judge. LOL!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I Ated Tink

We grind nasty fairies up for cat food !!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

A Hottie or a Nottie?

Got any plans for New Years Eve?
And do you have some extra cash stashed away AND are you planning to spend it BEFORE 2008 is over? But you just don't know how....
Well, x-17 has a suggestion:
.....In 2006, Paris and then BFF Kim Kardashian hit the beaches of Sydney for New Year's Eve, and now the newly single Paris has brought along her sister to ring in 2009 for a fee of about $400,000!
So what will $400,000 worth of Paris get you?
According to the
Daily Telegraph, Paris, Nicky and her new BFF Brittany will party at the Piano Room, where they'll The Bongo Virus networking website, which will broadcast Paris and the party online...for a fee, of course!
So, for the privilege of sitting at home in front of your computer, watching Paris drink champagne on NYE, you'll have to pay, while Paris will earn roughly $1600 a minute (assuming she stays for four hours).
What do you think? I know, that my friends would rather NOT come if I invited Paris Hilton. Besides, is she really worth 400.000 bucks or could we do way BETTER for that amount of money???


This is my backyard.Maxy,my little dog,says,"This
Sucks in a large way!"He's white,and we often lose
sight of him in the back yard or on a walk.

Click on his picture Nee to see how cute he is.


I think you better start behaving Tink,or we'll start getting
really Bitchy.You haven't seen Cupcake in full battle mode.
And,I don't think you know how toxic my venomous Vixen is.
BE AFRAID!! Glitter Graphics BE AFRAID!!
They won't just beat the fairy dust out of you.They'll
Probably beat the shit out of you(verbally,that is).


You're making those New Year's resolutions again.Why put that much stress on yourself?You can't relax from day one of the new year,because of the goals you have set.Some people even put themselves on schedules,For example;I resolve to lose ten pounds by Jan.28th.Impossible!And,if you don't lose the weight,does that mean you've blown the whole year?At the very least,you feel like a failure.
If you must make resolutions,then make them attainable.
*-Gain weight....See how easy that is?
*-Stop exercising....Waste of time....easier to gain the weight.
*-Read less ....Makes you think....That can't be good for you.
*-Watch more TV....All the stuff you didn't bother with before.
*-Procrastinate....Don't start till tomorrow....or later.
*-Start being superstitious....Carry a rabbit's foot and wear garlic around your neck.
*-Never eat cloned meat....Don't want to wake up with two heads.
*-Only speak in words of one syllable.
*-Create loose ends....Never tie them up.
*-Get more useless toys.
*-Buy more clothes you don't need and may never wear.
*-Never believe a politician.
*-Never drive your car on thin ice.
*-Never swim with pirhanas or sharks.
*-Make all your priorities equal.
*-Focus on other people's faults.
*-Whine and complain more.
*-Get further in debt.
Now you can easily keep your resolutions and feel quite successful.Relax and enjoy the new year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making Others Happy

Is there something I can do to delight another person today?It doesn't have to be big or spectacular.A simple message expressing how I feel about someone can be very powerful.
Now Tinkerbell I feel very "POWERFUL",and happy.

Open Letter To Crazy Lacy--The Bi-Polar Witch

Tinkerbell,you crazy old fool,you are out there stirring up shit ,I started to ignore you,but what the hell everyone likes for me to kick your ass,hon you don't have no shit for me,I am in a class that you will never achieve .I don't have to ask anyone to comment here,we have visitors and we appreciate each and every one of them.
Now back to business,you -crazy Tinker invited Jeannie and I to comment on your blog ,hell you requested it,that is the same as begging to me....I choose my friends very carefully,remember taking your grand-daughter shopping,both got your nails done,carried her home,her boyfriend was there,forgot all about you,you felt like a fly on the wall,she yells to her mom,your daughter you are there,they were in the bedroom watching t.v. with the dog,you haul your ass out of there ,because they might sic the dog on you,no wonder you are begging for friends.One question.Why would you invite me to comment on your site ?You said I was "ARTICULATE",now that don't say much for your sorry old crazy arse.Your man told you if you brought a gift for a $100.00 you better get one in return,so I really understand why you have to beg .Been over to Dojo's lately,gets ignored over there .Crazy Lacy we like it when you attack me/us our stats go up,our visitors/guests/fans don't visit to to see how articulate/illiterate I am,they come to hear me talk about the nasty,so crazy that just might be a ploy of mine,never never judge a book by it's cover,people don't give a shit about what you say about me,but hon,check back tomorrow and take a look at our stats,they like to see me kick your arse....right here,same Dave says we never close,you old shithead,I like the picture you put up of me ,really now crazy Tinker even I did't know you would put up a picture of yourself,you are not only crazy but a damn fool to boot......p.s.'TINKERBELL I told you I don't do women,unless you have a big dick,you know I bet you do have a big dick,sorry but my man has one.


Christmas is over and I've got the flu.I always get that post Christmas let-down every year,any way.Having the flu just exaggerates the blues.
All the stress,all the excitement,the parties,the guests and the huge amount of cooking,all done for another year.
Another stress is gift buying and giving.I get so upset if the gift does not go over well with the recipient.You want to see big,happy smiles on all their faces.
I've never been able to accept,that I can't make everyone happy.It's my job to make everyone happy.The job's getting bigger as the family expands and I'm not getting any younger.
I've always felt,that you shouldn't have kids,if you can't make them happy.
Who needs more miserable people in the world?Do we want the miserable people running the world?NO!We want happy people running the world,making happy decisions.Then war will become obsolete. And,that's my simplistic,if somewhat unrealistic,view.
Taking down the decorations and denuding the tree make me sad.It marks the end of the year for me.Year's end is sad,like the death of a friend.Although there are a few years I'd like to forget about altogether.
I've never really understood the celebration of the new year.The only interpretation I can put on it,is that we are pinning all our hopes on the new year and trying to coax it into a good and favorable mood by singing,dancing and boozing.It just seems a little paganistic(if that's a word).

Well this introspection is not cheering me up.I think I'll go take a cold tablet and blow my nose.'Happy whatever'.

A twist of fate

It is a story only life can write. A story a Hollywood writer never would dare to come up with because it is just too unbelievable. NBC Dateline aired such a real life-story a few days ago. We never have heard anything similar. And we have to admit we were moved.....(which happens not very often):

...Two years ago, Laura Van Ryn was a 22-year-old senior studying communications at Taylor University, a small evangelical school in Upland, Indiana. She was outgoing and athletic, with a wide circle of friends and a deep faith in God. So was Whitney Cerak, an 18-year-old freshman at Taylor, who was described as giggly and joyful by her family.
The two young women had several friends in common, but never actually spoke to each other until April 26, 2006, the night a deadly car crash, followed by an unbelievable string of events, joined the Van Ryn and Cerak families forever...

Interviews conducted by Matt Laur with various family members of BOTH families - their hope, dreams , feelings and the way they deal with reality can be found on:

The questions that swirl around in our head are: What would YOU do if that happened to you? How would you deal with it? ....The hope and dreams of one family shattered after weeks of caring while the other family experiences something short of a "wonder". ....

"JEANNIE" Get well soon

Hope you are feeling better,we miss you..
Tell that flu bug to go away,if not ,Vix and I will be
there and kick it's arse (GIGGLES)
Vixen & Cupcake

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The sun won't go down again...

Our dear Jeannie has the flu.
On the search for something to cheer her up we came across the following video*. It is a cheerful Spanish song by la Quinta Estacion (in colloboration with another Latin American artist ) about no matter how bad things are - AFTER A FEW TEQUILAS the sun won't go down again. It is tongue-in-cheek.....(A translation will be delivered in the comment section!!!)
Get well soon, girl!
Your two partners-in-crime: VIXEN and CUPCAKE

*Sorry for the advertisment.

Crazy Tinkerbells Dysentry

Apart from being batshit crazy Tinkerbell finds herself virtually in a No-Mans-Land. Shunned by those who are wannabe know-it-alls of all things David Caruso (dojo, em et al.) and laughed at by US (Vixen, Jeannie and CUPCAKE) she desperately tries to get some attention. No matter how. No matter through what.
Since Crazy Lacy's rants are barely intelligible products of a highly disturbed mind visitors are rare and few. So to get at least a bit of attention Crazy Lacy aka Tinkerbell lately boasted on one of EM's non-sensical blogs:

".....knows that she is talking about. She has proof (?????) in ways you know nothing of. She has seen my Friends Only page where my Family Friend spills some goodies - goodies you will never have access to....."

Oh yes, those Family Friends who have no name and who don't want to be mentioned. Don't we know them all? We enlisted the help of a good friend (you rock, girl!) who took a look and - BIG SURPRISE! - those "goodies" are non-existent. They are not there. Just like we thought. All smoke and screen. Just the product of a sick bipolar mind....Girl, really have to do better than that. It feels so good to be bad. Especially if those we make fun of are no match..LOL!!!

"Massacre Shocks Covina,Ca.

This was truly a tragedy that happen on "Christmas Eve".I open my paper and this is the first thing I saw,we all hate for things like these to happen,school shooting,the war,there are so many hateful things going on in this world of ours.Lets take a step back,view ourselves as others see us,stop for a moment and reflex back on something that is good,just give someone a smile or a nod in passing,if they choose to ignore the gesture,they are the worst for it.
It makes me wonder why the news media don't report or keep some good news and human interest stories on the front burners.One I almost miss,just a small bit of news,it perk my interest, fallen soldiers from "Canada",there is a highway name "Heroes Roads",the whole town turns out when the funeral procession was passing through,they lined the highway and overpasses..we have a right to know,think about the family and friends,so much evil in this world,so friend,visitors,and fans ,will you join us in wishing for a better and more peaceful partners and I will keep you laughing.

Offers we can resist

KOHL'S opens at 06.00 am.
SEARS is planning to open all night.
Set your alarms! Walmart & Co have an "early bird special" - shops open at 04.30 am!
Just a few TV adds that alert us that there's nothing more funny than shopping in the dead of the night.
Does anybody really get up that early to shop for one or two reduced pieces? Are people really that desperate to save a dime or two that they don't mind being at the shopping-mall at ridiculous hours?
We never have been tempted to join those who do. We never belonged to those people patiently waiting in front of a shop until the doors open. We never belonged to the kind of people who storm the bargain bins for pieces which either are hopelessly outdated or simply ugly.
Make no mistake - we like shopping. However, we have found a much more convenient way to do it: Online-shopping.
The advantages are many:
One hasn't to leave the house.
One hasn't put up with nosy shop-assistants.
One hasn't to fight-off other annoying customers.
One can get things long before the hit the store and - last but not least -
One can shop 24/7....
What more can one ask for?

Friday, December 26, 2008


Everyone waited with barely suppressed excitement,as the children opened their Christmas presents.
It was six in the morning.We couldn't keep them in bed another minute.Sammy had awakened at two-thirty a.m. and yelled out, "MERRY CHRISTMAS".A chorus of sleepy voices yelled back,"BE QUIET AND GO BACK TO SLEEP."
He woke up again at four and yelled,"I GUESS I CAN"T GET UP,HUH??"
"NO!"yelled his dad.
So,Sammy read a book and,most annoyingly,sang Christmas songs in a soft but perfectly audible,off key voice.No one ever really got back to sleep,except the men who could sleep through a four alarm fire.
The women got up around five-thirty and tidied themselves and started making coffee.Sammy was told he could come down stairs when Jakey woke up.In the mean time he was allowed to look through his stocking up in his room.That kept him quiet.
I'm pretty sure Sammy poked his brother a few times to wake him,because,the next thing we knew,Sam was dragging a sleepy Jake down the stairs.
It didn't take Jakey long to get in the spirit of things and pretty soon they were ripping up paper like a couple of tornadoes.
They got some great gifts and Sammy was jumping for joy.Jakey was smiling,but I saw the expectant look on his face every time he opened a rather heavy box.When it turned out to be a Transformer or a Star Wars game,I imagined I saw a shadow in his eyes.
When we all got down to the last few gifts,Jakey didn't look so hopeful any more.A hush settled over the room.All we could hear was the fire crackling.
I handed Jakey THE SPECIAL GIFT.He smiled,but he didn't seem too excited.
He opened it so slowly,I almost grabbed it and ripped the paper off.
When he saw the camcorder,his dream come true,he was speechless.He stood completely still for a few moments and said not a word.Stupidly,I tried to fill the void."You see Jakey,Santa would never disappoint a good boy like you."
Suddenly,he was all motion.He ripped the box open and held the camera reverently, like it was the crown jewels or the Dead Sea Scrolls.
He was grinning from ear to ear,and he started asking questions so rapidly,his Grandpa couldn't get the answers out.Good thing Guppa(Grandpa) had read the manual.
He never put the camera down for the rest of the day.They had to wrestle it out of his hands to get him to the dinner table.
He filmed me setting the table.He filmed his mom running around the kitchen,like she had a wasp in her knickers.He filmed Aunty Elsie trying on her new jewelry.He filmed his dad yawning and scratching himself.He filmed Guppa snoring after dinner.He filmed the toys, scattered on the floor and Sammy laying among them,sound asleep at last.He filmed the dog chewing up paper and ripping it to shreds.He conducted interviews with all of us.
Did we get tired of the damn camera in our faces?Yes.Did we get tired of looking at his radiant little face?Never.
And,we have a wonderful video of Christmas 2008,that his dad labeled and put in a case so that we'll always remember this day and Jakey's first movie.
When we were all dressed in coats and boots,ready to leave that night,
Jakey hugged Brian and I very hard and said,"Thankyou,Gunny
and Guppa, for my camera."Not for a moment,had he believed that Santa had brought it.
We both left with tears in our eyes.

Christmas in Covina

It is a tragedy. Our condolences go out to the families of the victims and the suspect.....
....The Christmas massacre in Covina, California was over-the-top, even for how unhappy families deal with the challenge of that annual ordeal: The holidays. But its extreme nature shouldn't let us forget our own family dysfunctional Christmases....*
The main problem is families are putting too much stress/significance into Christmas. Problems we have throughout the year get pushed aside - because ONE HAS to be happy on Christmas Day. We pressure ourselves to be nice and friendly to our family - even if we feel otherwise.
We cook for them , we buy them gifts - even if we think they don't deserve it. We subject ourselves to endless family gatherings even if we can't stand half of the people we have to be in the same room with. WE force ourselves to be friendly to them even if our smile is frozen the whole time.
Upon so much pressure is it really a surprise that one or the other might snap? Human nature can only deal with so much....
Wouldn't it be so much wiser if we would slow down at Christmas - or any other holiday for that matter - and be open and honest about how we really feel about certain people? Wouldn't it be so much wiser if we would avoid the stress and pressure of Christmas by just not celebrating it?

Just a thought...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fun in the sun in the sea

Dear Donatella Versace,
...we know you are past sixty (with the exception of your boobs). We know you have given the world a lot of beautiful clothes to wear. After all, Versace is a big name in the fashion industry - mostly thanks to you.
But honey, do we realy have to see you LIKE THIS?
A bit of tan is beautiful, but not the distinctive leathery look your skin has taken on. Ever heard of sunscreen, vaseline or - gasp - skin cancer?
We are sure you know about very fashionable foulards one can tie around ones hip so that things are not turning out as hard on the eyes as on this picture.
Thank you!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I couldn't decide which gift to send you Vix

Maybe you better choose....

The last Christmas jokes,I promise...honest.

Jean'ne and Gil,not in front of the fireplace,

Fallen Angel

Angel caido y mortal belleza...
Hollywood couldn't have written a better script. Our friend from Baja California tells us a story that is just too outrageous to believe - nevertheless it is true (A short Internet-research cofirmed the story):
Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar, aged 23, reigning Miss Sinaloa - one of the most beautiful women of Mexico and of the world - has been arrested in Guadalajara with firearms, over 500 cartridges of various calibres and thousands of dollars in cash. Allegedly she was on her way to Columbia and Bolivia - to go shopping. The director of Public Security stated the fallen beauty is the girlfriend of Angel Garcia Urquiza who happens to be the boss of the Juarez-drugcartel.
During the beauty contest she won in July 2008 - when asked what she was planning to do to make the world a better place - the pre-school teacher answered: "I want to achieve equal rights for women and men."
The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft a-gley.....

Seasonal greetings
Glitters Graphics

To our crazy little group of kindred spirits - Merry X-mas and keep up the good work! Doesn't matter if you have been naughty or nice - enjoy the holidays.
All the best for Southern Belle CUPCAKE and her family and
All the best to Snow Queen Jeannie and her beloved ones!....
VIXEN...the one and only...


To Jeannie and her family...Vixen and her family...
To our visitors and fans...from my family to yours.
May your home be filled with happiness and laughter this holiday season and last the whole year of 2009 and beyond Lots of love and good cheer ....Jean`ne & Family


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Mama's Boy for us!

Another reality show from hell.....
This time three more or less attractive bachelors - where do they find homely guys like that? - plus their mothers on the lookout for the right woman.
30 beautiful woman of all sizes and races have been cast. Everyone is hopeful that by the end of the show she is going home with the man of her dreams. Similiar to "The Bachelor" they have single dates with the guys, competitions etc. However, Mama is watching over every step the son does....
Highlight of last nights episode: Son has a hot date in the hot-tub with a woman Mama clearly doesn't approve of. They start getting cozy, drinking Champagne, kissing - and having a good time. Suddenly Mama shows up in joining them in the tub. Warning the girl in a friendly but icy voice if she wants to get on her good side the girl should take it easy.... Whatever that means. The son is mortified. The girl embarrassed and whatever romance had existed until then was gone in a second. Ain't no lovin' when Mama is watching like a hawk.....
We are a bit confused.
Isn't finding the love of his life the end to all means of this show? Shouldn't the son fall in love and find a suitable bride? How can one do that if Mama is there every waking moment, making sure he does the right thing with the right woman (meaning the woman Mama choose.) ? Unfortunately, most of the time Mama's choices are not what the son wants...
It may have been a well-meant concept but it doesn't work too good on the TV-screen. We predict that the the couplings who may result from this show won't hold more than a few days in the real world. Too much pretense, too much affections just for show, too much of everything that makes it unbelievable and unwatchable...

Sorry NBC - We won't be back for another episode...


Not the first time you made a bad judgement call.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bloody Tourists!

We have been travelling quite a lot. (Picture: Shangrila-hotel, Penang, Malaysia) Always making sure that our final destination had the same anemities and comfort we are used from at home. Backpack-tourism is not for us. We don't find any humor in sleeping in a tent bitten by millions of mosquitos and whatnot...
A few years ago, after 15 hours of flight we reached our vaction home - the picturesque half-Island of Penang, Malaysia. The Shangrila-hotel, which we had picked from a catalouge , turned out to be every vactioners dream - a tropic garden with pools and hot-tubs, shops, beauty spa, restaurants, nanny-services, business center etc..
At 07.00 am on the first day (we are known as an early riser) we took our towel, a book and went to the pool to get some much needed sun. Although the sky was cloudy the pool had comfortable bathtub-temperature. Perfect. However, we noticed that we were all but alone. We figured that the rest of the 800 guests was still asleep.
Some time after we had made ourselves comfortable we noticed that the hotel-personnel who had been cleaning the pool/garden suddenly abandoned what they had been doing. They were looking for shelter. We shook our head - strange people here in Malaysia, really.
We looked around.
Nothing out of the ordinairy, .....except out there at the ocean a white wall had formed. It looked like fog and it was slowly coming nearer. Well, we didn't care. It was warm, the fog would go away sooner or later....
A few moments later "the fog" had reached the garden and the heaviest downpour we ever have witnessed started. We seeked refuge under a sunshade but it did little to save us from the wet. It only lasted 3 minutes. Then the clouds parted and the sun came through again - stifling hot.
We stayed there 3 weeks.
Every time we saw the locals running for cover we did the same. After all those Malaysians were not so strange people after all. They knew a thing or two about sudden tropical monsoons...

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Although it is Christmas and you can't be here,
In my heart I will honor you,and keep you near.

"The Gift Of Friendship"

Friends give us their friendship and all that goes with it,laughter,support,loyalty,trust,companionship,sympathy,new interests.When we give friendship,we get friendship in return.It truly is a gift we give ourselves.
Unfortunately,its easy to become so busy,self-absorbed,or cautious that we shut ourselves off from the possibility of making new friends.
Sometimes we even shut ourselves off from friends we already have.So,lets be careful that it doesn't happen.We always need the ones we have.Opening ourselves to friendship takes time and commitment,and it involes some risks----but,oh,the possibilities of having met them and all the laughter and good times you will have.I will try to be open to new friendships,maybe even unlikely friendships.If I want my life to make sense,I need to start with a mental map of which direction I want to go.

Shit happens!

Oh , Paris!
How many times have you been robbed?
And you didn't get around to install an alarm-system (since the last time)?
How many times have people taken advantage of your carlessness and shallowness? Leaving the door open is an invitation for every self-respecting thief - even in a gated community.
And what about the jewels for 2 million bucks that you had supposedly lying around on your dresser between your make-up, your perfume and used q-tips?
Ever heard of a safe?
We are sure the insurance will have a question or two about sufficient saftey measures and safe-keeping of the valuables. Those guys can get very mullish if they smell culpable negligence.
Just have the common sense to lock the door next time before you go out to party, okay?


NOW ___

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lately, in Las Vegas...

...snow in the desert. Can you believe that?
Visitors gather under the famous sign welcoming motorists on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip during a rare snowstorm December 17, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several inches of snow were expected to accumulate in and around Las Vegas.
While some people might detect some beauty in this weather phenomenon others might groan. We clearly belong to the latter...
(Picture: Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America)

Its (not so) complicated...

We have a secret bad habit...
When the rest of the world is asleep we like to watch reality shows on E!:
"The girls next door.", "Sunset Tan" and our "favorite" "Denise Richards - Its complicated" - are just a few that keep us glued to the TV-screen.
While the girls next door lead a more or less exciting life - with Hugh Heffner providing them with everything possible in exchange for sex/company we can't put our finger on Denise Richards. Or what exactly in her life is "complicated".
After watching 5 episodes we know that ALL Ms. Richards ever does is
- playing-dress up with her girl-friends
- hiring and firing assistants
- going to the gym
- trying to get her 7 dogs housebound
- calling female journalists cunts
- complaining about everything and life in general (the whole time).

So dear Denise, do us viewers a favor and enlighten us what EXACTLY makes you so miserable?
That you are a D-Lister with little talent and a stagnating career ? (Join the club. So do David Caruso, Pamela Anderson. K. Kardashian etc.)
That you have gone through a nasty divorce? (Many others have too.)
That nobody takes you seriously?....

We would laugh off all those things, take the hefty monthly checks in alimony/child support and enjoy life instead of complaining about (imagined) hardships. But that is just us..