Thursday, August 24, 2017

For Aunt Jeannie : NASA releases stunning image of the total solar eclipse from space

 NASA offered extensive coverage of the August 21 total solar eclipse and the space agency isn't done sharing. 

NASA shared an "Image of the Day" on Wednesday, showing the moon's shadow, or umbra, on the face of the Earth as it blocked the sun's rays. 

Only six people -- NASA’s Randy Bresnik, Jack Fischer and Peggy Whitson, ESA (European Space Agency’s) Paolo Nespoli, and Roscosmos’ Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergey Ryazanskiy -- were afforded the spectacular view from orbit. 

The eclipse's path of totality spanned from Oregon to South Carolina and was viewable from all lower 48 states. 

Monday's phenomenon, dubbed "The Great American Eclipse," was the first total solar eclipse to pass over the United States since 1979. 

Aunt Jeannie ,
What a beautiful sight , I hope this make people appreciate  our planet more , I told mama  that our so call president  should stop talking about a wall  and start helping  to find a  way to  help our planet .
Daddy said , son , that is just wishful thinking , there is nothing in it for him .
Chris says we  will teach this Saturday .
Bushel of love coming your way .
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Monday, August 21, 2017

To Aunt Jeannie :When will the next total solar eclipse happen in the U.S.?

ARIS FOLLEY, AOL.COM       August  21st 2017 
On August 21, 2017, parts of the U.S. will experience a total solar eclipse that will block out the entire sun in a major event dubbed the "Great American Eclipse."

It's been 38 years since such an event was seen in the continental U.S. and nearly a century since it was visible from coast to coast. 

And it won't be the last.

For Americans unfortunate enough to miss out on the astronomical phenomenon this year, they won't have to wait much longer to see the next total solar eclipse viewable in the U.S., which is only seven years away.

Monday's total solar eclipse is unique in that it's the first eclipse to pass over the entire U.S. in the 21st century -- the last eclipse of this magnitude occurred in 1918.

But after that event passes, Americans will have the chance to view yet another total solar eclipse that falls within its borders on April 8, 2024. According to NASA, the event's path of totality -- a narrow band of land that has a prime view of the moon completely eclipsing the sun -- will span from Texas to Maine.

After the 2024 total solar eclipse, there won't be another in the U.S. for two decades. The next total solar eclipse will be viewable only in Montana on Aug. 23, 2044, and the following year, a solar eclipse with a similar totality path to the one this year will occur on Aug. 12, 2045.

After those, the southern region of the U.S. will experience solar eclipses in both 2052 and 2078, and the northeastern region of the country will experience one in 2079. Alaska will experience its own exclusive total solar eclipses in 2033 and 2097.

But if seven years is too long of a wait for some, there are other vantage points for viewing a total solar eclipse, like Argentina, which will experience a total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019.

Aunt Jeannie , Chris and I hope you enjoy this one also , The first one we had , Chris loan it to one of our students at Sci-Port , We wrote you a byline of what we are doing at Sci-Port .
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

White House Forced To Admit To Multiple Trump Lies

The President of the United States of America is a pathological liar.

The White House was forced to essentially admit that at least three of Trump’s recent statements were lies:

I consulted with generals before issues transgender military ban on Twitter.

A boy scout official called me and told me my speech was the greatest ever.

The Mexican president called me and said I’m doing a great job on immigration.

Each one of these statements has been shown to be totally and demonstrably false. The Pentagon said we don’t know of any generals that were consulted, the boy scouts said no one called Trump and told him that his speech was great and Mexico said their president didn’t speak to Trump on the phone or tell him that he’s doing a great job of anything.

Asked directly if Trump’s boy scouts claim was a lie, she said, “I wouldn’t say it was a lie. That’s a pretty bold accusation. The conversations took place, they just simply didn’t take place over a phone call … he had them in person.”

It was a similar story with the claim about Mexico’s president calling Trump to tell him how great he’s doing. Sanders said Trump had been “referencing a conversation that they had had at the G-20 summit.”

The argument here is that both times Trump alleged phone calls took place, the sentiment was accurate but the conversations were not on the phone.

So in order to believe that Trump wasn’t lying, and simply fabricating stories, you’d have to believe that Trump is incapable of distinguishing between conversations he’s had in-person and conversations he’s had over the phone.

In other words, either Donald Trump is a liar or a crazy person.

If you believe that the president is competent lucid and generally with it, saying he doesn’t know the difference between in person and on the phone isn’t a good defense.

But besides their falsity, another factor that each of these statements, particular the latter two, have in common is their triviality. Trump lies so often and so casually about everything and anything that it really is pathological. He lies for the sake of lying. It’s part of his character. He’s a fraud, a phony, a faker. Comments like these can only be the result of a volatile mix of hubris, delusion and petty narcissism.

The most disturbing part of all of this may be the fact that many of us are becoming desensitized to doublespeak and blatant misinformation coming out of the White House on a regular basis.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Roving Reporter :'Art of the Deal' co-author predicts Trump is about to resign

 August 17th 2017 
Co-author of President Trump's book "The Art of the Deal” says the Trump presidency is effectively over and Trump himself is getting ready to walk away.

Tony Schwartz has been a frequent critic of the president since he took office, and tweeted out his latest thoughts on Wednesday.

"The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice," Schwartz wrote via Twitter. ""Trump's presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till end of the year. More likely resigns by fall, if not sooner."

Schwartz, who’s been predicting resignation for a couple of months now, says President Trump would make a deal for immunity to avoid prison time in exchange for him stepping down.

Schwartz says the Russia investigation will be huge and that the president doesn’t want to go to jail.

The Roving Reporter

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Anonymous' wages 'domestic terrorism' on alt-right

Veuer    NATHAN ROUSSEAU SMITH     August 15th 2017 
Infamous hacker group Anonymous declaring an all out war against neo-Nazi and white supremacy websites following the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

In a newly released video they declared, “Citizens of the world we are anonymous and we are angry." 

Anonymous finds it a sad state of affairs when in the year 2017 we still have nazi party flags flying high and terrorists still killing for the nazi cause.”

The group also accusing President Trump of being sympathetic to the white supremacist cause. 

They argue while hate speech is protected by the first amendment, quote “there is a fine line when words turn into action” referring to the death of Heather Heyer.

The group vowing to expose members of the KKK and shut down various servers hosting sites exposing such views in retaliation for using the weekend violence as a rallying point.

Now the group posting screenshots of various neo-nazi sympathetic sites they claim were taken down through their hacking efforts, approximately a dozen in total.

Meanwhile Google and GoDaddy declining to host Richard Spencer’s website the Daily Stormer, reportedly sending the website to recesses of the dark web.

 Anonymous says they had no involvement in the site’s takedown.

The activist hacking group concludes saying they won’t stop until the “ideology of hate is dead and buried forever.”

The Roving Reporter : Man who raped and murdered 4-year-old girl is publicly executed and hung from crane

ALEX LASKER, AOL.COM         August 14th 2017 
For the second time in under a month, a man was publicly executed in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa in front of hundreds of onlookers for the rape and murder of a young child.

Hussein al-Saket, 22, was shot several times by a police officer in Tahrir Square after he was found guilty of kidnaping, raping and murdering a four-year-old girl, according to the Independent.

Following the execution, al-Saket's body was hanged from the top of a crane for the large crowd of onlookers to see.

Metro reports that Ali Ayedh, the 4-year-old's uncle, said that al-Saket had taken part in the search for the young victim before police discovered he committed the crime.
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Ayedh said he hoped that al-Saket's public execution would act as a 'deterrent' for future criminals.

On July 31, 41-year-old Muhammad al-Maghrabi was executed in Sanaa's Tahrir Square after a judge found him guilty of raping and murdering a 3-year-old girl.

Al-Maghrabi's execution also drew an unusually large number of onlookers to the square because of the gruesome nature of the crime.

The Roving Reporter

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Roving Reporter : California to sue Trump administration over sanctuary policy

 Thomson Reuters     BY DAN LEVINE          August 14th 2017 
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 14 (Reuters) - California plans to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice over federal restrictions on some law enforcement grants to so-called sanctuary cities, a spokesperson for California's attorney general office said on Monday.

The city of San Francisco filed its own lawsuit against the department late last week, saying the federal government has improperly sought to force local jurisdictions to enforce national immigration law by imposing funding conditions.

President Donald Trump issued a broad executive order in January targeting wide swaths of federal funding for cities that generally offer illegal immigrants safe harbor by declining to use municipal resources to enforce federal immigration laws.

However, a San Francisco judge drastically limited the scope of that policy.

The Justice Department has sought to impose conditions on a national grant for local law enforcement that mandates access to local jails for federal immigration officials, as well as 48 hours notice before releasing anyone wanted for immigration violations.

California's planned lawsuit challenging those conditions, as well as San Francisco's case, is similar to a legal challenge filed last week by the city of Chicago.

In a statement on Monday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the state, not the federal government, is best suited to determine how best to allocate its law enforcement resources.

"When President Trump threatened to defund our local law enforcement's ability to do its job and protect our people, he picked the wrong fight," Becerra said.

A Justice Department spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment.  

The Roving Reporter

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Roving Reporter : Century-old Confederate time capsule opened in Florida

 By Katherine Lam Published August 08, 2017 
Florida historians on Tuesday unveiled the items locked in a century-old time capsule that was discovered hidden in the base of a Confederate statue in June. 

Orlando's Historic Preservation Board discovered Confederate money, a letter from 1911, newspaper clippings and other historic documents in the rusted metal box, FOX35 reported.

"I'm surprised there's so much that's intact here,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who was at the Tuesday unveiling. 

Dyer added he had expected a "box full of dust.

Inside the 100+ year old time capsule: Confederate money, a letter dated Feb. 15,1911 #Fox35
9:11 AM - Aug 8, 2017 · Orlando, FL

 Newspaper inside 100+ y/o time capsule talks about old-fashioned chicken and waffles dinner #Fox35
10:16 AM - Aug 8, 2017 · Wekiwa Springs, FL
By Katherine Lam Published August 08, 2017 
 Florida historians opened a time capsule placed in a monument in 1911.
Florida historians opened a time capsule placed in a monument in 1911.  (FOX35)
Florida historians on Tuesday unveiled the items locked in a century-old time capsule that was discovered hidden in the base of a Confederate statue in June. 

Orlando's Historic Preservation Board discovered Confederate money, a letter from 1911, newspaper clippings and other historic documents in the rusted metal box, FOX35 reported.

"I'm surprised there's so much that's intact here,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who was at the Tuesday unveiling. 

Dyer added he had expected a "box full of dust."


The box also contained three newspapers, from the South Florida Sentinel, Orange County Citizen and the Daily Reporter-Star, dated 1911 -- confirming historians' belief the statue was installed that year. Some articles talked about old-fashioned chicken and waffle dinners. 

Inside the 100+ year old time capsule from Lake Eola's Confederate Statue #Fox35
10:12 AM - Aug 8, 2017 · Altamonte Springs, FL
Items found inside time capsule will be processed, categorized and preserved #Fox35
10:17 AM - Aug 8, 2017 · Lake Mary, FL

The time capsule was discovered in June when officials moved the "Johnny Reb" statue at Lake Eola Park. Dyer announced plans to move the Confederate statue after an outcry from some residents and officials who said the monument only solidified racism and white supremacy, The Orlando Sentinel reported. Supporters of the statue argued it honored fallen soldiers. 

The statue was moved to Greenwood Cemetery where a plot of land stands for Confederate soldiers. The statue is set to be reassembled.

The items will be processed, categorized and preserved for archive purposes, FOX35 reported.


The city delayed opening the time capsule out of fear of damaging the contents in the box. The United Daughters of the Confederacy, an 1894 organization who claim members hid the time capsule in the statue, also took issue with city officials opening the treasure.

Patt Schnurr, a member of the organization, said the United Daughters of the Confederacy should have the right to open the time capsule. 

"They are deliberately doing this," she told FOX35. "In other words, we have no say so in this."

The 94-year-old said "there is a statement in there that says the monument was put up in honor of the Confederate soldiers."

The United Daughters of the Confederacy filed a lawsuit in June in small claims court demanding the time capsule be returned to the organization.

The Roving Reporter

Friday, August 04, 2017

Vice President Pence's hawkish tone on Russia contrasts with Trump approach

THOMSON REUTERS         August  4th 2017
WASHINGTON, Aug 4 (Reuters) - When President Donald Trump scolded U.S. lawmakers on Thursday for clamping down on Moscow with new sanctions, his message clashed with the one that Vice President Mike Pence pushed during a four-day trip this week to Eastern Europe.

As he toured Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro, Pence said the sanctions passed overwhelmingly by Congress would send a unified message to Russia that it must change its behavior.

Trump, by contrast, took to Twitter to complain that the sanctions legislation, which he grudgingly signed, would send U.S.-Russia relations to "an all-time & very dangerous low."

While some Republicans played down the divergence, critics said it exemplified an incoherent policy that would unsettle allies and fail to placate Moscow.

"There are some policies where a good cop/bad approach can work," said Michael McFaul, a U.S. ambassador to Russia under former Democratic President Barack Obama.

But McFaul added that in the case of the Trump administration's policy toward Russia, Moscow was likely to view the mixed signals as a sign of policy disarray.

If the Republican president continues to want improved relations with Russia, "he's not achieving his goal," McFaul said.

The White House's two-track approach is mirrored in Moscow.

After Trump signed the new sanctions into law on Wednesday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the No. 2 in the Russian ruling hierarchy, launched a blistering attack on the White House.

Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin -- who has tried to cultivate a personal rapport with Trump in phone conversations and face-to-face meetings at a summit in Germany -- has not uttered a word in public about the sanctions since Trump approved them.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants better ties with Russia. But the country has loomed large over the first six months of his administration as a special counsel and U.S. congressional panels investigate allegations Moscow meddled in the 2016 U.S. election to help Trump and also examine any potential role by Trump aides.

Moscow denies any meddling and Trump denies any collusion by his campaign.

After Congress passed the sanctions legislation with a large enough margin to override a presidential veto, Trump signed it on Wednesday but criticized it as infringing on his authority and said he could make "far better deals" with governments than Congress could.

As a countermeasure to the sanctions, Putin called for reducing the staff of the U.S. diplomatic mission by 755 people and for the seizure of two properties near Moscow used by American diplomats.

Jarrod Agen, deputy chief of staff to Pence, insisted that Trump and Pence were "completely aligned" on Russia.

"It was the president's decision to send the vice president to the region. It was the president's decision to deliver the message that the vice president delivered," Agen told Reuters.

He added that Pence and Trump spoke every day during his trip and sometimes multiple times a day.

The disconnect between Pence and Trump on Russia is an anomaly. Pence usually goes to lengths to emphasize his loyalty to his boss and to downplay any differences.

Their different tone on Russia dates back to the U.S. presidential campaign. While Trump often praised Putin, Pence called the Russian president a "small and bullying leader" during a vice presidential debate last October.

During his trip this week, Pence condemned Russia for its "occupation of Georgia's soil" as he spoke to U.S. and Georgian troops engaged in joint exercises only 40 miles (64 km) away from Russian troops in South Ossetia.

In Montenegro, Pence accused Russia of trying to "destabilize" the western Balkans - a message criticized by Moscow.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said it was "regrettable to note that Washington is sliding ever deeper into the primitive ideology of the Cold War era, which is completely detached from reality."

Traditional Republican conservatives - who favor a hard line on Moscow - have taken some comfort in Pence's message, as have foreign leaders concerned about the impact of a rapprochement between Trump and Putin.

"What he (Pence) is saying is good and helpful and should be the policy of the Trump administration – and so for those of us who want it to be that way, we're happy to embrace it," said Danielle Pletka, senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

"None of us know what Donald Trump thinks in his heart of hearts about Russia," Pletka said. But she added: "If (Trump) were not comfortable with Pence making this trip, Pence would not be making this trip."

Republican Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would not "read a lot" into the different tones struck by Pence and Trump, although he welcomed Pence's trip to the European countries .