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Mr Humble gets hot under the collar

Hope you don't mind me ranting a bit. I am a businessman , CEO of seven properties across five states between 18,000 /or 20,000 employees give  or take a couple of thousand. I consider myself a very smart businessman  but I would be the first to tell anyone , I can't run a nation , there is so much to know and do , you need to have tact  and know when to keep your mouth shut and not let the other person know you are a babbling fool .
I hope Trump's supporters will feel the same way when Trump is convicted of rape during his first term, if he's elected President. And I hope they enjoy the cases being brought against Trump for his many illegal acts.  If they think Hillary is a crook then they obviously believe that rape should be forgiven, fraud and theft by Trump is ok.

Trump doesn't have the qualifications or the temperment to carry out the responsibilities of the most important job on earth. So now the facts are lies? I knew Trump had brainwashed his followers but watching the things people say still astounds me. Everything Trump comes out with is completely fact-less. Trump's supporters quote things based not on facts but on Trumps comments. Once it's 'PROVEN' not to be true, they question the facts instead of the idiot who told the lies?? The fact that they're allowed to vote is really scary.
Trump has literally stolen from contractors, tradesmen, and the state of New Jersey (owes 25 million in casino taxes), for starters. Besides that, there is plenty of evidence that he has committed sexual assault (he said so) and several women have corroboration for their claims.
The news media should never impose its biased opinions, just report the truth as it is.
I know Hillary is shady, but let's not get hysterical over it. I don't think there is a single politician that doesn't have a few shady skeletons in their closet. Is that not so ?
The newly discovered emails didn't come from Hillary. There is no withholding of evidence from Hillary or anyone in her campaign. The e-mails came from outside Hillary's server.
Trump has the rape case, the University case and about 100 lawsuits. He is not able to run the nation so I guess he'll hand it over to Putin.
Sure, because Trump's supporters dislike people who spend their lives doing public service to help children, families and the disadvantaged (Hillary). They like the wealthy who use their lawyers to stiff working people out of their wages. Got it.
Trumps supporters, you  speak from your mouth, but have an empty cavern operating it. No brains!
Just my humble opinion

 Mr Humble, as always, your humble opinion nails it.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Emails may be nail in Hillary's coffin

Trump's daughter-in-law predicts 'nail in the coffin' for Clinton

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law said the GOP nominee forced the FBI's hand after the bureau announced it was examining newly uncovered emails in Hillary Clinton's email server investigation.
"I think my father-in-law forced their hand in this," Lara Trump said in an interview with Rita Cosby on WABC radio. "You know, he has been the one since the beginning saying that she shouldn't be able to run for president, and I commend him on that."
"And I think if he had not put that pressure on, I don't even know if we would be seeing this happening right now."
On Friday, FBI Director James Comey revealed in a letter to lawmakers that the bureau had uncovered additional emails that are likely pertinent to its investigation into Clinton's private email server and said the agency would take the proper steps.
Lara Trump called the new information the "nail in the coffin" for the former secretary of State.
"I just think she's had a big problem on her hands, and this is going to be, you know, the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned," she said.

Someone stop this runaway train. The emails had nothing to do with Hillary. They belonged to the husband of one of Hillary's aides. What the heck does that have to do with anything? The FBI has confirmed they were not Hillary's and represent no security threat of any kind. The FBI had no right to make public this finding 11 days before an election. They know any new ripple on political waters can make voters forget everything else they have learned about the candidates previously. I do believe Trump pushed this issue and I wouldn't be surprised if he greased a few palms to get it done. And he is screaming about justice.

Video: Trump hopes "justice will finally be done" in Clinton email probe

Friday, October 28, 2016

Young survivor - rescued from the sea in 1961 tells a horrifying tale of murder and miraculous survival


In 1961 a Greek freighter spotted a little girl in the water below, almost dead – feebly  waving at the vessel for help. A young girl found alone in the middle of the ocean, drifting through rough waters on her tiny cork float, frail, dehydrated and sunburned. She was rescued and rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment.
But the question that hovered in everyone’s mind was how an 11-year-old child got lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Forty-nine years after the incident, the young survivor whose name was Tere Duperrault Fassbender wrote a book “Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean” which told the shocking and astonishing story of her survival.


For Arthur and Jean Duperrault, it was meant to be a memorable vacation with their three children when they took a trip to the Bahamas on their chartered yacht; but the voyage turned into a horrific killing rampage which only one of them survived.
Terry Jo was the middle child of the 41-year-old doctor, Arthur Duperrault, and his wife, Jean Duperrault.
Terry was also accompanied on the voyage by her two siblings; her older brother, Brian, 14, and her younger sister, Rene, 7.


The family had been saving up for this trip and had been excited for this holiday of a lifetime; a week that was supposed to be filled with fun under the sun and family activities. Their chartered yacht, a 60 feet long boat called Bluebelle, departed from the port in Florida, Fort Lauderdale, towards its destination in the Bahamas where the family was going to explore the surrounding islands.


The Captain of the Yacht, responsible for getting the Duperrault family safely to their destination, was a well-respected war hero and former Air Force Pilot named Julian Harvey. The captain was also accompanied by his 34-year-old wife, Mary Dene who he had married recently. The trip had gone happily, according to plan for 4 days before a terrible event turned the holiday trip into a nightmare.
On the 5th night of the Voyage, things were going smoothly when Terry decided to retreat to her cabin a little early. Later in the night, she was suddenly awakened by the sounds of stamping and screaming from the deck above her cabin. She knew  something was  horribly wrong and rushed upstairs to witness the most gruesome scene of her life.
In an interview almost fifty years after the incident, Terry Jo recalled her brother’s bloodcurdling screams which still ring in her ears to this day, as he cried, ‘help, Daddy, help!’ Little did young Terry know that those were the last words that she would ever hear her brother say.
No one on the board could have guessed that night, that the 44-year-old captain, with an impeccable history of serving as a military official and pilot for the US Air Force, would go on a killing rampage.
It all started a few months before when Harvey, who was facing serious financial problems, married his young wife just so he could take out an insurance policy on her and later, murder her. He had chosen that particular night on the boat to get rid of his wife forever by killing her and disposing of her body overboard, and later claim that she had been lost at sea. But things did not go entirely as planned for this psychotic captain.
Harvey wanted the whole affair to be a quiet one but his wife, Mary Dene, put up a fight to save herself, screaming for help. Dr. Duperrault heard the poor woman’s screams and rushed to the bow to save her, but it was too late. The crazed captain had already taken her life. Frenzied by the whole situation and desperate to get rid of any possible victims that may have caught him in the act, he killed the entire Duperrault family on the deck – but he missed one.
Terry Jo was still asleep as the Captain was manically stabbing her entire family to death. Upon hearing the sounds, Terry made her way up on deck from her cabin, where she witnessed the carnage. In her book, she described, “I saw my mother and my brother lying on the floor, and there was blood all over. I went up to the captain, and he shoved me down.” Knowing that her whole family was dead, Terry was suddenly fearful for her own life thinking that she was next to be killed by Harvey.



The desperate captain opened up the sea valves on the boat in order to sink it and shoved young Terry below the deck. Terry, feeling helpless and terrified beyond measure, went back to her cabin , cowering in fear. As the captain had already opened the sea valves, Terry’s cabin slowly began to fill with water, and she was forced to flee, in order to save herself.
Coming back up onto the deck of the vessel, Terry found the captain trying to escape from the scuttled boat. When the captain saw the young girl back on deck, he suddenly grew fearful that she may survive the wreck and tell others about what he had done. He thought that it would be wise to kill her as well so that he could wipe away all evidence of his horrible deeds.
The captain told Terry to hold a line attached to a dinghy while he went to get something. Terry was convinced that he was going to get a weapon so that he could kill her as well, so she let go of the line and decided to try and escape him.



As soon as he realized she had let go of the line attached to the dinghy, Harvey jumped into the water with the dinghy and seemingly never resurfaced. Terry was now left abandoned on the sinking yacht which was taking her down with it. But Terry was stronger than anyone could have imagined. Her survival was in her own hands and she acted with courage.


As the boat sank deeper into the water, Terry saw a small cork float on the yacht. She rushed to untie it, seeing it as her last hope of survival as the boat plummeted deep underneath the waves of the dark sea.
The next day, Harvey was found floating in the dinghy and was rescued by the coastguard. He had the dead body of Renee with him which he used to attempt to prove himself innocent of his crimes. He told an astonishing tale of a broken mast on Bluebelle which sparked a fire and sank the boat. He claimed that the boat sank with everyone else on board except him. He said that he tried to revive Renee who had drowned in the sea but had failed to do so. The story raised eyebrows, but there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his story false, until four days later when a miracle happened.


While Harvey was busy convincing the police with his shocking survival story, young Terry was fighting to survive the waves of the merciless sea, as she drifted in the Atlantic waters in her tiny cork float without any food or water. For four days she suffered from hypothermia during the night, and the scorching sun during the day which left her skin burnt and her body seriously dehydrated. One can only imagine her terror.
In her interview with a news channel, she said that she had faith that someone would find her and that she would survive. She never believed for a moment that she would die. She said, “I had strong faith. I believed in God, and I prayed for him to help me, and I just went with the flow.”
On the fourth day, she was spotted in the water by a Greek freighter passing through the Bahamas. The captain of the ship described her as extremely sunburned and frail. As she was rescued and taken aboard ship in critical condition, she collapsed onto the deck and was rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment.
As the news of Terry Jo Duperrault’s survival had taken the media by storm and she was suddenly being referred to as ‘The Sea Orphan.’ The news eventually reached the ears of the captain who could not believe that the young girl was able to survive. Out of his fear that the truth might come out some day and he would be charged with murder, he decided to take his own life in his hotel room.


Although Terry was eventually adopted by her relatives, well meaning adults refused to allow her any psychological help to deal with her trauma. Her relatives had forbidden everyone to talk to her about the horrific incident. Hence she never got the chance to tell her story. Terry carried the trauma within her heart for many years to come but eventually the whole world learned her story through her own words.


The dreadful night of 1962 had a terrible psychological impact on Duperrault, with the murder of her family and the image of  their bodies laying in pools of blood etched in her mind for years after. After getting medical treatment, Terry returned to Green Bay to live with her father’s sister and her three children. Although she was given a lot of love and support by her new family, she suppressed the events of that night.


She said that even though she saw many psychiatrists later in her life, none of them were quite able to understand her loss or help her recover from the trauma. She changed her name from Terry Duperrault to Tere Fassbender in an attempt to leave behind her tragic past but she was never fully able to make peace with her loss. It drove her all her life and led to some poor judgements and decisions.


It wasn’t until many years later that she appeared in a public interview with a news channel to talk about the horrific incident. In the interview she said, “I always believed that I was saved for a reason. If my story can help one person heal from a tragedy, my journey will have been worth it.” In 1988, Fassbender appeared on the famous show Oprah where she shared her survival story with the audience.


 Her counsellor at that time, Richard Logan, who was also an expert on sole survivors, became her good friend and confidant who encouraged her to tell her story to the world in the form of a book. Logan, who later helped Tere co-write her book Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean, described Fassbender as ‘a lady of great substance’.

Highway to hell

Thursday, October 27, 2016

We watched 'Trump Tower Live' so you don’t have to


By Christopher Hooton of the Independent News:
“What’s going on?” Republican strategist Boris Epshteyn asks at the top of Trump Tower Live. He’s referring to a production screw-up, but it’s an apt opening line for a TV show no one could have predicted five years ago: a nightly chat show broadcast live on Facebook about Donald Trump’s bid to become President of the United States of America.
In a show seen by many of us in the “left-wing, crooked, total disaster” media as an embryo of a future Trump network, the Republican candidate's “war room” will be funnelling about an hour and a half of hyperbole into the news feeds of his 11.7 million followers every night until election day, when he’ll probably spontaneously combust (or, if he’s elected, the world will).

Before you ask, yes, Trump Tower Live is absolutely something worth reviewing. With MSNBC and CNN ratings dropping to 656,000 and 651,000 respectively in September, Trump’s new web show holds power, even if Facebook view counts (the first instalment is currently on 1.3 million views) notoriously overestimate.

The idea, according to Ephshteyn and fellow adviser Cliff Sims, is to give it to people straight, “bypassing” the media which “skews everything”. Essentially, it’s built on the assumption that propaganda, in being direct from the source and pure, is somehow better than reportage through a prismatic media.

Despite its grandiose name, Trump Tower Live is an extremely low/no-budget affair (as most Facebook Lives are right now, though expect this to change), largely taking place in what looks like the dev team room of a small social media start-up that everyone, including the staff, knows isn’t going to catch on. Harshly lit and struggling to be heard thanks to a dodgy boom operator, Sims and Epshteyn kick off with a chat with Trump’s campaign manager Kerryann Conway, who joins them at a very sad little table, the kind you find in a scaled down branch of a coffee chain in the terminal of a domestic airport.

Five minutes in they are likening Hillary Clinton to “the mob”, and seem convinced that the Democratic candidate has somehow orchestrated every setback that Trump faces. In the eyes of this trio, secret emails are the tip of the iceberg, and Hillary is assumed to have secret groups of mercenaries she dispatches to Trump rallies, much like a character with decent longevity in Game of Thrones.
After an interminably long opening chat, we’re promised a break, and I find myself looking forward to one of those campaign commercials that look like it was made in the image of a WrestleMania promo. Sadly, though, the intermission is a highlight reel from Trump’s most recent TV debate with Clinton, specifically the bit where he calls for Obamacare to be repealed and promises an immensely vague “new system” to replace it.

We then go back to the war room, and about 11 minutes in we hear the mysterious ring of a Skype call. A couple of minutes later it transpires this was from The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren, whose segment, the most vitriolic and substance redundant of the episode, is kind of undermined by the Skype chat box showing on screen at its opening.
“Should be the last night we have to do this,” a producer/handler has typed, presumably about the method of satellite link-up, but I prefer to think they’re predicting the conclusion of the campaign. “You should see us but our mic is muted”. “It wasn’t lol”. This is highly professional stuff. Make social media programming great again!

An interview with the RNC’s Sean Spicer then follows, before we cut to a stark juxtaposition that could easily have been dreamed up by a postmodern installation artist: an empty ’TRUMP PENCE 2016’ podium with half a verse of The Backstreet Boys' “I Want It That Way” playing over the top. The camera then slides down to floor, as if the operator has fallen asleep, before eventually pulling up and lurching into focus for the arrival of Trump, who it transpires is about to speak at a rally in Tampa.
A very well-rehearsed, perfunctorily impassioned speech then follows, ending, perhaps presciently, with Trump shouting into the microphone but there being no audio alongside the video. His mouth is moving, but no one can hear; no one’s listening anyway.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Where we going to go ? ........When the earth is no more

Edmonton Oilers oldtimers grace the ice one last time together at the Heritage Classic - Farewell to 'The Great One' **

Story suggested by my grandson Sam:

WINNIPEG -- The Stinky One?
That might be pushing it, but Wayne Gretzky was not very impressed with his play in the 2016 NHL Heritage Classic Alumni Game at Investors Group Field on Saturday.
"I stink," Gretzky said, laughing. "I'm really bad."
Gretzky and his Edmonton Oilers alumni teammates lost 6-5 to the Winnipeg Jets alumni on a penalty shot by Teemu Selanne in the final seconds, but one of the biggest attractions was seeing Gretzky on the ice playing hockey in public again.
He hadn't played in an alumni game since the first Heritage Classic at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton in 2003, so watching Gretzky skate with his old Oilers linemates Jari Kurri and Dave Semenko was a thrill unto itself.
But Gretzky, the NHL's all-time leading scorer with 894 goals and 2,857 points in 1,487 games, did not get a point.
"Mark [Messier] went down and he snapped that first goal and went down and snapped the second one and I was like, 'Oh my God, he can still play,'" Gretzky said. "Nobody's thinking that about Wayne Gretzky."
He had a few shining moments when he made some great passes but the game Saturday was a difficult one for Gretzky, and he has no problem with that.
"It's hard going now when it's tough to tie up your laces," he said.
It's difficult to imagine any of Gretzky's legions of fans cared much about how he thought he played, or how the Oilers lost the game. Seeing Gretzky in an Oilers uniform, playing the game he helped take to extraordinary new heights, was reward enough. And hopefully those fans were paying attention to what was happening Saturday, because they may never see it again.
"I'm 56 in three months," said Gretzky, whose birthday is Jan. 26. "I'm not doing a road show, but that might have been my last game."

The Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers face off during the alumni game at the NHL Heritage Classic in Winnipeg, Saturday, October 22, 2016.

This is a rivalry that spans more than four decades.
Before the teams joined the NHL, the Oilers and Jets met on the ice for the first time on Oct. 15, 1972, when they were franchises in the World Hockey Association. 

Back then, the Jets were the fan favourites, meeting and beating the Oilers twice in the playoffs before winning the Avco World Trophy three times.

The young players and the alumni players enter the open air stadium to a roaring crowd of fans eager to see their old heroes on the ice once more

In 1979, the two teams headed into the NHL as part of a four-team expansion.
However, when they joined, the hockey gods seemed to join forces with and smile upon Edmonton. During the 1980s the Jets made it to the post-season eight times. But almost every year, it was the Oilers that cut short any dreams of a championship win.

Edmonton beat Winnipeg in 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1987, and captured five Stanley Cups during that decade.

Mark Messier #11 of the Edmonton Oilers alumni salutes the crowd before taking on the Winnipeg Jets alumni
Messier greets Simpson of the Oilers
 Wayne Gretzky takes a circuit around the ice with a big smile to be back on his old turf ( or ice)
Wayne Gretzky (99) and Esa Tikkanen (10) get set to hit the ice together

And then there was 1990. This was the year when the Jets were leading the division semi-finals three games to one. The Oilers won game five and game six was tied at three goals apiece when the game was delayed — by popcorn.
“1990 will always live in my mind as the year some fan threw a box of popcorn on the ice,” former Winnipeg Jets’ owner, Barry Shenkarow said.
“Everything was going our way. If the fan hadn’t thrown the popcorn on the ice we probably would have beaten Edmonton that year,” he said.
The Jets lost that series in seven games and the two teams haven’t met in the playoffs since.

Does he look like he enjoys hockey?
Setting up for a shot

And so as the old rivals faced off  at the Heritage Classic– Teemu Selanne had cheers rain down on him from Winnipeg Jets fans. The Finnish Flash repaid them by scoring twice, including the winner with four seconds left, and adding three assists as the Jets defeated the Edmonton Oilers 6-5 in the 2016 Heritage Classic alumni game.
Selanne, who’s been retired for two seasons, claimed the victory when he beat goalie Curtis Joseph between the pads on a penalty shot.
Edmonton was leading 5-4 early in the third on a goal by B.J. MacDonald when Kris King scored his second of the game to tie it up in front of thirty-one thousand plus fans.

 Ryan Smith #94 of the Edmonton Oilers alumni shoots in front of Jim Kyte #6 of the Winnipeg Jets
Teemu Selanne #13, and young super star of the Winnipeg Jets alumni scores on Bill Ranford #30 of the Edmonton Oilers alumni
“You could see the difference of Teemu Selanne who just retired and the others who had been retired for a long time,” said Gretzky. Selanne had a five-point night and scored the 6-5 winner on a penalty shot. But the Oilers scored three straight in the second thanks to Craig Simpson, Mark Messier and Craig McTavish.

 Craig MacTavish #14 of the Edmonton Oilers alumni scores past Daniel Berthiaume #30 of the Winnipeg Jets alumni
Great shot Craig
Former Edmonton Oiler Esa Tikkanen (10) tries to get things going with Winnipeg Jet Laurie Boschman (16) during third period ...Just a mock fight, they were having too much fun
Former Edmonton Oilers coach Glen Sather, one of the older alumni, directs his team against the Jets during third period
Getty Images

All in good fun guys. Former Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky (99) and Winnipeg Jet Teemu Selanne (13) shakes hands after the Jets defeated the Oilers following third period

Old grandpa  #99 of the Edmonton Oilers alumni, Gretzky, takes a breather. ( By the way, he loves being a grandpa)

The rivalry between the long-time foes was in full force before the puck even dropped under overcast skies and a temperature of 11°C. Messier was booed when he scored by hard core Jets Fans.

The game time temperature of 11ÂșC was certainly better than the 30 degrees below freezing weather for the first Heritage Classic, the only previous game for the Oilers Alumni.
Craig MacTavish, who never wore a helmet in his entire career, played bare headed and Dave Lumley wore the same skates he did in 1994 when he shot the puck into the empty net to put away the Oilers first of five Stanley Cups.
Considering the Oilers won six playoff series against the Jets including five Stanley Cup wins, Edmonton players were well received in the introductions by about 32,000 fans.
Gretzky received a standing ovation. Only Selanne matched his ovation when the Jets were introduced introduced. Winnipeg fans screamed as he entered the rink.
The Heritage Classic, born in Edmonton 13 years ago, turned out to be another significant slice of Canadiana. The players and the fans were high on the excitement and the emotions.
“For me, personally, it was just the incredible passion across Canada. It doesn’t matter where you go, where you stop at or where you play,” said Messier. “Winnipeg was just another reminder of the passion, the respect and the relationship between players past and present.
“This is a long way away from my first shift in the old Winnipeg Arena when I was 17 with the Indianapolis Racers. Coming here all these years later and seeing where hockey has come -  to be able to fill this stadium with players who are long past their prime and feel the love and respect of the fans, it’s just a testament to the people here in Canada in general.”
“There was nothing negative at all about this day,” said Gretzky. “It was a tremendous crowd for an alumni game. You can tell how big hockey is here. The hockey playing obviously, wasn’t the greatest (smiling), but the game ended the way it should end with the best player on the ice on the home team scoring the big goal.”

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Earth Emergency

This is a 911 call to the human race... Music video on the climate change, global warming crisis. Made with footage courtesy Al Gore's Climate Reality Project,, BBC's Planet Earth, Greenpeace, Big Cat Rescue and the Rainforest Action Network.

What celebrities are saying Trumpwise

Friday, October 21, 2016

 Hillary Clinton
46.1%                                                                                                      40.0%

Secret Nazi army base discovered in Russian Arctic

Arctic landscape.

A TOP secret Nazi base in the depths of the Arctic has been found by Russian scientists after more than 70 years. The mysterious site is located on a remote island in Russian territory – more than 600 miles from the North Pole.

  Rusted shells were among 500 objects found at the deserted outpost
Remarkably well-preserved documents were also found at the site
Remarkably well-preserved documents were also found at the site

Set up in 1942, a year after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, the military outpost on Alexandra land was christened “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter”.
The island was strategically vital to both sides during the Second World War because of its value in producing weather reports.

The information that it produced was crucial for the movement of troops and equipment in the frozen north of the USSR. This was especially true as the brutal Russian winter set in that year, causing the relentless German advance to grind to a halt in the snow.

And the island was all the more important because most of the other potential sites capable of producing polar weather reports in the region were held by the Allies.
But the name given to the base suggests the Nazis may have had another, more secret, mission – possibly searching for a mythical treasure trove or ancient artefacts. Perhaps even more modern booty was the goal. Treasures raided from Russia potentially may have been put in cold storage there.  As typical of the Nazis, there may have even been a more nefarious purpose for the base.

  The base was set up in 1942, apparently with the aim of gathering weather reports

A scientist holds a rusted WWII bullet found on the frozen rocky ground

 The base was abandoned by its crew when they fell ill after eating polar bear meat
A detachment of soldiers was dropped off on the island that year, establishing a base on the barren, rocky isle.
The men were re-supplied by air drops until the base was suddenly evacuated in 1944.
All of the outpost’s inhabitants were poisoned that year after eating polar bear meat contaminated with roundworms.


 Alexandra Land is located more than 600 miles from the North Pole, in one of the least hospitable parts of the world. The survivors were rescued by a German U-boat and the base abandoned.

Since then, there was no fixed presence on the island until 1990, after the fall of the Soviet Union. And now, more than 70 years later, the location of the Nazi base has finally been discovered by Russian scientists.
Images showed rusted bullets, shells, and patrol cans scattered across the rocky, frozen ground.

 The soldiers and scientists manning the base were rescued by a U-boat in 1944

One of the Russians who discovered the abandoned base holds a boot found there

The base has been lost for more than 70 years before it was finally located. The team also found the remnants of bunkers and even 70-year-old papers, all remarkably well preserved by the intense cold.
In total, more than 500 objects were recovered from the site.
Russia is now establishing its own military base on Alexandra Land.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Trump show is almost over ...Thanks for coming ~

Exerpts from an article by Matt Bai:
That’s a wrap, folks. Thanks for coming. You’ve been a terrific audience.
For 16 months, Donald Trump’s accidental campaign was the hottest thing on TV. Even Trump seemed surprised when his little side project, sandwiched between seasons of “The Apprentice” and premised on giving away a bunch of hats, blew up into a cultural phenomenon.

How could he have known it would be that easy to take over an entire party? I sure didn’t. Turns out the Republican Party was like “Wheel of Fortune”; people followed out of habit, but they were sick to death of the reruns.
But as Trump scowled and scoffed his way through one final debate, it was clear that his egomaniacal show had finally played itself out. After weeks of ugly disclosures and cratering polls, all that remained for Trump was to figure out some way to end the series without having to admit it was canceled.

So after railing all week against a “rigged” election, Trump pointedly refused — twice — to say he would accept the result as legitimate. “I’ll keep you in suspense,” he said instead. I guess every dying show needs its cliffhanger finale.
As the candidate himself might have put it in one of his famous tweets: Trump claiming fraud because his poll numbers are horrible! Sad!

I’ll make a rare prediction here, which is that someday in the not-so-distant future, when he feels like not enough people are paying attention to him, Trump will generate headlines by telling a reporter he never really wanted to be president, anyway. And it will be the truest thing he’s said in a while.

But what about the rest of us? What kind of shaken country will Trump leave in his tumultuous wake? How do we fix what’s broken?

A lot of Americans will vote for Trump in November in spite of his bigotry and xenophobia, not because of it. They can’t stomach Hillary Clinton, or they’re desperate to upend Washington, or they’re just diehard Republicans, and they hope — foolishly, I think — that Trump would somehow blossom into a president who’s bigger than the insecure and reckless man they watched again last night.

But that’s distinct from the much smaller universe of furious, nostalgic, culturally displaced voters who drag their kids to Trump rallies, who see themselves living in a racially defined society where white men are the oppressed class, who have no real problem with violence or misogyny or people holding signs with swastikas.

There aren’t actually more of these voters than there used to be. Contrary to liberal hysteria, Trump hasn’t managed to ignite some new White Power movement.
What he’s done, in his frenzied, yearlong effort to find love and acceptance among people with whom he really has nothing in common, is to re-legitimize attitudes that had become unacceptable in polite conversation and often career-ending in public discourse.

*He re-awakened bigotry, isolationism and racism, made misogeny fashionable and made divisive an historic political party and their supporters. He has popularized slander, evasiveness and out right lying. Has he set a precedent for future campaigns? One shudders to think.

Donald Trump (AP)

As for Hillary Clinton, she deserves  congratulations for keeping to a Sun Tzu saying: "Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself."