Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome back Jer

I've missed Seinfeld.From 1989 to about 1997 or 98,
his,was the primo,the mainstay comedy show on TV.Loosely based on his own life,the show
was observational comedy,his forte.It was
innovative and had a great cast.
It set the bar for all who followed.
Who could forget the' Soup Nazi'?
His standup comedy since then,has been based on his nine year marriage and three kids,again drawn from observations from his own experiences.It's a rich source of material;so says Jerry,"A veritable gold mine".It seems Jerry has lately,caught the reality bug.He has a new show lined up for next season,called 'The Marriage Refs',on NBC.
The premise came from an argument he was having with his wife.Their friend, who was a guest in their home,at the time,got rather uncomfortable and suggested he should leave.Jerry said,"Don't go,stay and be a referee and decide who is right."From that single event,a show was born.
Cameras will be placed in the homes of as many young couples as will allow the intrusion.Every show will have a theme.The couples will argue about the same thing(e.g.He watches too much sports on TV)The couples will then be brought to the set,where a panel of moderators or refs will judge the spats,humorously,of course,and pick a winner.Said winners will receive a prize and the couple will be sent out to dinner,compliments of the show.Jerry says,he is not so much interested in the reality aspect as the comedy.
It'll have to be good to beat the' Soup Nazi'.Good luck Jerry.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank God,Times Change

My grandmother honestly believed that a girl had to get married,or her life was pretty much,worthless and useless.If she didn't start producing offspring within the first couple of years of marriage,there was something wrong with her.She felt a woman needed a man to protect her, provide for her and give her a purpose in life.She also believed you had to wait on men,hand and foot,fufill their every wish and treat them like kings...HA!

Her attitude towards sex seemed to be,that it was just another service to be performed for one's husband.You closed your eyes and recited the lord's prayer or perhaps,made out your shopping list.There are guys who would definitely like those days to return.The men I know personally,are a little more enlightened and enjoy the views women hold today(although occaisonally,they wouldn't mind a little taste of the past).

That was my dad's mother.My mom's mother was a whole different animal.I'll tell her story another time.My mom's major influence,however, was her grandmother who was also very old school.Mom was a very successful career woman,who tried to shake off the moral and social shackles and outdated notions of the previous generation.She tried too hard to be liberal.In spite of that,the old influence left a few echoes that even I could hear sometimes.

She wanted me to follow my dreams and have a successful career,but also get married.She felt that women should be married.There was that residual feeling that she couldn't completely make it on her own merit.She was struggling to do a man's job in a man's world,and not getting equal pay for it.Being married seemed to be her armour against unwanted sexual advances in the business world and insurance in case she failed.

By the time I grew up,marriage and kids was a personal choice.The first priority was trying to decide what to do with your life.The next priority was dating with marriage as a possible option.When we did marry ,we shared responsibility.

My daughter's generation took it a bit further.They much prefer to live together to see how that works out.Marriage is a much bigger step than it used to be.Everyone works.They have more money than we used to and advance in life more quickly.They buy a house sooner(present economy notwithstanding).They have children when they are older.They feel that they are complete equals and so far,no one's tits have fallen off.

"Sizzling Seniors"

As all of you know by now I love flowers.I am looking into up dating my photo file,so bear with me.My family moved into a new house not too long ago.I had a new baby boy to go with my four(4) year ,going on forty(40) year old daughter.
I am looking forward to the spring.I love to see things grow.For those of you that have been with us awhile,and the ones that just found us...we thank you for visiting.comment if you want to...or just have a laugh or two.
Hey...I have completely got the seniors.I found this tidbit I wanted to share with you.Seniors are having more fun in the bedroom than ever,according to a study.
From 1971 through 2001,the proportion of 70-year-olds who reported having "sex"whithin the previous year increased for both men and women,regardless of marital status.
Source:Reginald Fitz & Laurie Miller.
Most seniors consider sexual activity and associated feeling a natural part of later life.
Of course,Viagra and similar male sexual performance drugs developed recently may have something to do with the increase in bedroom activity....Now I know why my father-in-law has a girlfriend...(GIGGLES) but hey, thats just me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Octuplet Mom....The Saga Continues

Nadya Suleman wants more kids."WTF,"did I hear/read correctly?
I think so....Nadya is ignoring her mother's objections and the public .
outrage.The baby machine is giving her mom nightmares.Nadya's mom says she has nightmares that Nadya will have more babies.
Nadya couldn't cope with raising the first six and I had to step I am worn out.
One doctor who had studied her case,but had not met her,says Nadya is addicted to having babies...and he doesn't think she can stop now unless she has her tubes tied.
The single mom began her baby farm while receiving disability benefit payments after being hurt during a riot at the mental hospital where she worked.
Nadya used frozen embryos she had with her former boyfriend to get pregnant almost every year.
Nadya says the man who contributed the sperm for her fourteen(14) children did so because he was in love with her.The man is now married.Nadya is convinced he still in love with her.Nadya says she could get him back at anytime...and could use him again as a sperm donor if she wanted.I for one think Nadya missed out on the fun /joy of making those babies.......stay tuned ....the saga continues........

Brain Teaser

It Never Happened

A British Catholic bishop has been asked to leave Argentina,where he resided.He was accompanied to the airport by two officers.Before boarding the plane to London,he angrily raised his fists to reporters and started shoving one of them.
He had refused to retract some rather radical statementswhen asked to by the government,the church and repesentatives of the Jewish faith.
He contends that the Nazis never used gas chambers.He also claims that only two or three hundred thousand Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps and certainly none of them in gas chambers.
The incident thoroughly embarassed the Vatican.The Pope said he was completely unaware of bishop Williamson's views.Pope Benedict met Amerian Jewish leaders in a show of solidarity with victims of the Holocaust.
How many door knobs have claimed the Holocaust never happened?At least this guy has a new twist.It apparently happened,but was greatly exaggerated and the Nazis were actually very nice guys.Puleeeze!How can he make the deaths of more than six million people vanish?Pretty neat trick.
Fortunately,the Nazis were fanatic record keepers;documents ,
photographs,diagrams even freakin movies.
Hellooo!You nut bars.It happened,accept it,be sad for it,learn from it and then
go out and find a better cause,like saving the polar bears.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Help Me and My Family

I want to live,please help,I want to play and live life to the fullest,I want to be cuddle by my with my sisters/brothers....I have feeling...we are starving.
We are not the only endangered species facing extinction from starvation and "GLOBAL WARMING/GREENHOUSE GASES".
Wake up mankind you are also in can do a lot,really more than you realize.
You don't have to give money ,it would help...word of mouth,talk to would be surprise to know how many people that don't know about the greenhouse gases/global warming. There are so much information out there.....
Come on people,join the club,reach out and touch's easy..the web is full of information....the first place I looked was site has a lot of information that will give you help.
Maybe the polar bears is not your thing....O.K. We can help each other to get the word out.....we are five(5) ladies that banned together to spread our wings on this project...oh boy we are growing...we have so many plans to put in motion...we are going to have bake sales/yard sales/ and cook-outs...we handed out flyer's...we have buttons made...hopeful they will be here soon....Mardi Gras has wined down here...the weather is getting better.....There are so many things we can start.....Come join us in this fight to save what's left...I don't think we can survice a water "WORLD"...but hey that's just me.

So You've Had a Bad Day

These are real people who have had a much worse day than you,so,cheer up.

A psychology student in New York,rented out her spare room to a carpenter,in order to study his reactions to constant nagging.After weeks of needling he beat her repeatedly with an axe and left her brain damaged for life.I guess her experiment worked.

Two animal rights activists were protesting and picketing outside a slaughter house in Bonn,against the cruelty of the methods of slaughtering pigs.Suddenly two thousand panicked pigs broke through a fence and trampled the two protesters to death.That's gratitude for you.

The average cost of rehabilitating a seal,after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska was about $80,000.At a special ceremony,two of the seals were released back into the wild,amid cheers and applause.Moments later they were both eaten by a killer whale.Truth.

Swedish business consultant Ulf af Trolle labored for 13 years on a book about Swedish economic solutions.He took the only manuscript to have it copied,only to have it reduced to 50,000 shreds in a few seconds,when a worker mistook a paper shredder for a copier.Poor Ulf.

Iraqui terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn't pay enough postage on a letter bomb.It came back with"return to sender"stamped on it.Apparently,forgetting it was a bomb,he opened it and blew himself to bits.True story.

According to the British Sunday Express,John Bloor mistook a tube of super glue for hemorroid cream and glued his buttocks together.I can foresee a particular problem Mr Bloor.

Also a Brit;Henry Smith was arrested a few minutes after returning home with a stolen stereo.I guess he had forgotten he had his name proudly tatooed on his forehead.

Mike Robinson,according to the British Sunday Express,called the police to deliver a bomb threat and got so agitated at the mounting cost of the call,he screamed,"Call me back,"and then gave them his number.

As her tearful family gathered around her coffin,in a New York funeral parlor,Julia Carson sat bolt upright and asked,what the hell was going on.Celebrations were short lived ,as her daughter dropped dead from shock.

Fire investigators in Maue determined the cause of a blaze that destroyed a beautiful home last month was a short in the home owner's newly installed fire prevention and alarm system."This is even worse than last year",said the distraught home owner,"when someone broke in and stole my new security system."

These are all true stories.So you see,your day wasn't so bad.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


HMMmmmmmmmm The Dream Cake
Putting a new twist on "HOMEMADE CAKE"
1 pkg.(2 layer size)cake mix,any flavor
1 envelope of "DREAM WHIP"...whipped topping mix
4 eggs
1 1/3 cup cold water
1/3 cup of oil
(prep: 10 minutes......bake :30/40 minutes/until done)
Heat oven to 350'f.....2 (round in.cake pans.....bunt pan...cupcake pans/etc.)
put all ingredients a bowl,mix on low speed with electric mixer until moisted.beat on high speed for 3 minutes at high speed...pour into prepared completely...frost cake with your favorite icing......ENJOY...
The "Dream Whip" is found in the "Jello" section of your market/grocery store,if you can't find it ..."ask"........
I found this recipe years ago,I have a lot of them that I will share with you....we are so busy these days....I love giving my family homemade foods...(GIGGLES) I think they know...
You are going to get to know my Canadian friend and myself very well...we are full of surprises...stick around....if there is anything special you want to know...advice/recipes ,don't be afraid to ask......until next time.....Cupcake...give me a holler.

A Widerness Adventure

How I loved camping as a kid,the rougher,the better.Now,of course,I go nowhere without modern plumbing,comfortable beds and a handy mall,close by.As a ten year old tom boy,I didn't care if I was clean behind the ears or if my clothes looked like they had been slept in.They had.As for plumbing,no problem if there was a lake or stream close by and some bushes to crouch behind.I communed with nature,talked to the animals and got filthy.
One of our favorite places for a camping holiday was Rock Lake,in Algonquin Park,a huge widlife reserve in Ontario.It was a beautiful lake surrounded by hills and tall pine trees.The campground was a large grassy field with scattered trees and no amenities but two old outhouses,which my mother and aunt scrubbed with bleach every day.Back then,there were very few campers there.I liked it that way.I took a canoe out on the lake every day,no supervision,no life jacket.What were my parents thinking?I thought the freedom was heavenly.

The rangers used to check on us regularly.
There were a lot of bears,wolves,lynx,cougers and stags in the area,all potentially dangerous.I guess the 'smokeys'(as we called them) just wanted to count heads.
One old ranger used to come every evening to check on the safety of our campfires.He would often stay for an alcoholic beverage and tell us stories of people lost in the forest,others attacked by bears,always horrific.I loved the stories.
One very hot day,I was canoeing and looking for a shady spot to rest,before paddling home.I noticed a small inlet of some kind and decided to investigate.It turned out to be the mouth of a fairly wide stream, a perfect place to explore.I paddled up the stream into the trees and the cool shade of the woods.It was
beautiful and green and dappled with sunlight in the forest and the steam continued until it disappeared around a bend.I paddled on,an intrepid explorer.I noticed the stream was narrowing.
As I rounded the bend,the canoe struck something.It was a tree root.I extricated myself quite skillfully,I thought.Then I glanced up to see a large black bear,blocking the stream,about fifteen feet in front of me.
I froze.If a bear could look startled,he did.His face was wet.Water was dripping off his snout.He didn't move. Every terrifying tale I had heard around the campfire flitted through my mind.I felt my bowels loosen. I wanted to shout for my dad.It felt like my heart had jumped into my throat.I could feel it pounding.
I couldn't breathe.I could not form a coherent thought.Then,the bear moved and instinct kicked in.
Very slowly and carefully I placed my paddle into the water without making a splash.I levered the canoe backward just a little.I saw no agression,so I moved it a little more.He made a huffing sound.I stopped and sat perfectly still.He was still watching.
He slewed his head to one side and seemed to be looking at something else.I took the opportunity to move backwards again and again and once more.I was now around the bend,thankfully without catching that root. I couldn't hear anything,so I started back paddling,as softly as I could,then faster and faster till I got a fair distance from the bend,then switched seats to face forward.I paddled like a bat out of hell until I broke from the trees into the sunlight.

I didn't feel safe until I got out into the middle of the lake.I headed for home and the tears started to flow and I started to tremble.I got back to camp,ran to our tent, threw myself onto my cot and cried my heart out.My parents were astounded when they heard and forbade me,somewhat too late,to go out in the canoe again.I didn't,at least for the rest of that holiday.When we came back the next year, I had become one of the stories,the old'smokey'told around the campfires.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Great-Grandmother The Madame Part 1

Are you ready to have a little fun and talk a little nasty. If so,come take a walk down memory lane with me/
You ready O.K. let's go.
This is in the 1800's I am told.....her name is Josie T. tall willowy woman with large tits /hips....brownish/blonde hair,the mother of 4 boys...ranging in age 3/9....she lost her husband to a sickness,we have no idea what kind.. she had no sisters/brothers or family in New Orleans.La,she was from somewhere in France...all she had was her boys and the plantation called the "JOSIE T".
The house was huge,lots of rooms....Josie talked with some of the ladies in the same situation as she was,the plantation was close to the Gulf...the sailors and and town men could easily find their way there for a good time.Many a times the wives came looking for their hubby's,they would jumping out windows some with no clothes on...hahaha
Josie and the ladies recruited a lot of big butt/tittie women.
Josie also recruited the mulattoes and there kids,after all everyone knew they were her husband's kids...a very good looking bunch I have been told....I have heard all my life you are what you eat.....I know for a fact you are who did the nasty in your family....I admire the ladies back then...they was very good at hiding their feeling...Not I,no sir.
We are not sure if Josie was whoring,I think she sold a little have a business,you have to get involved,after all she had two (2) more dad is the grand son of Josie last child the girl, we have been told she was a kind hearted and a very free spirit,really loved life.
Of course Josie's husband's brothers got in the mix,that's a story for another time,(the boot-leggers)
The men had their special ladies,if they didn't pay...they got a free one way trip to the bayou to visit the gators (GIGGLES) there were gala got so good Josie open two (2) more houses of ill repute.....she divided the ladies up between the three(3) houses,she kept the mulattoes that was born on the plantation with her,after all they were her family...her hubby's children,her kids sisters/brothers....I guess she wanted to keep all her hubby's pussies together...The men came from everywhere.....the ships would make sure they pulled in the Port of New Orleans.....One captain would stay with Josie,when he was in town,you wouldn't see her until he left port...Guess what Josie had a baby girl....boy I am glad....I might still be a tadpole wiggling in some man's dangle.hahahaha Just giving you a preview the good stuff will come...we are told Josie was a horny bitch...that I believe,hell all my family is some horny be continued....

My Friend

I miss you my friend.I hope you are being treated gently and with compassion.
You have an ordeal to go through.It will hurt you and shame you and make you want to give up.I understand.Endure it if you can.It will pass and you will find peace again.
You have so many more years ahead of you to find your place in the world,to discover why you are here.You are a good and worthy person.Tuck those words deep inside somewhwere and don't let anyone take them from you.
I always knew you were living on time that didn't belong to you,enjoying an uneasy freedom,looking over your shoulder.I knew it wouldn't last.I'm sure you knew also.Lately,I think you knew your stolen time was coming to an end.You seemed to grow a little more desperate.I felt you reaching out to me.
I think of you often,I hope and pray you survive this difficult time and I'm sending you strength and courage and dignity.I hope you receive them.
Goodbye Heidi.

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Lifted-My Favorite Pixar

This is my all time favorite Pixar short film.If you haven't seen it,please enjoy it,with my compliments.
Sorry,I posted the wrong"LIFTED" .It was just a short clip.The correct one is now in place.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"To A Fallen Comrade"We called friend

Bad things are going to happen.Painful,ugly,frustrating events are going to take place.There are no way around getting your feeling hurt,having your ego bruised,your trust weighed,your heart broken...believe me my friend I have been there,I am so very thankful I had a strong belief in God and a strong family unit,from the understanding you gave us,you had neither.There is not much you can do while you are going through your challenges,and difficulties,but there is something that you can remember that will make it a bit easier to bear.
Guilt says,there is nothing wrong in what I have done,shame says,"there is something wrong with me".
You can eliminate guilt by making amends for what you have done.You cannot eliminate shame until you atone/repent for the heartache you have caused others.We are glad we got to know you,you was opening up to us....You needed a smile a kind word...because we don't know what troubles others have....I wonder was you trying to tell Jeannie/I goodbye,I truly think you was.....we might be down by one,but honey we are still here..."The Partners in Crime".
You know I always said flowers meant friendship....well old friend these are for you from Jeannie/Cupcake.You will always be remember with fondness...Its time now to write the book the three(3) of us talked about. Jeannie said you could do it...But hey that's just me...(GIGGLES)

Global Warming Protest

Thousands showed up for the GLOBAL WARMING PROTEST.The attendance far exceeded expectations.Special interest groups strongly recommended that the government address climate change as soon as possible....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Guess Who Froze His Toes in Canada???

President Obama made a whirlwind visit to Canada on Feb.19.He was welcomed with enthusiasm by Canadians.He lapped up the love and returned some,by stating,"I love this country".This is his first trip outside the US since becoming president.
He promised collaboration on troubled economy issues.He also agreed to work together with Canada on combatting climate change(YEA!!)A"Clean Energy Dialogue" will be created,aimed at reducing green house gases.
He addressed the sensitive issue of Canada's continuing mission in Afghanistan.He did not ask Canada to extend the mission beyond the 2011 pull-out date.The president paid his respects to the soldiers who have given their lives for the mission and praised Canada for the amount of foreign aid we give to Afghanistan.
He went on a walk-about in downtown Ottawa,visiting the historic Byward Market.He was charming and gracious to all he met,calling out,"I love Canadians".He shopped,and bought presents for his daughters.
Y'all come back Mr President.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Educate the Loon!

We all know that knowledge is power. And we also know that when you attack someone unjustly you better have the facts right. Otherwise you are in grave danger of making a complete fool of yourself. I know Jeannie and CUPCAKE will agree. Riiiiight, ladies?
Well, it happened yesterday . Resident nutcase and owner of looney central, Sara, threw a stone at Keyser. It didn't take long and Keyser buried her under a landslide of (verbal) rocks.
Sara - eager to explain Odysses to better educated people - made a few huge bloopers. So huge that Keyser felt the need to rebuke her.
And boy, that was funny! Enjoy:

For those whose required reading never included Homer's Odyssey, a google search will provide as little or as much background you will need. Written around 8 B.C., the Odyssey is a mythological adventure whose protagonist is Odysseus........

Well, this just goes to show that a little Google does not in fact go a long way. Or at least not if you can't understand simple information. First off, the Odyssey is not a "mythological adventure" (whatever that may be), but an epic poem. It was not written around "8 B.C.," and only a person with absolutely no knowledge of the ancient world could say such errant nonsense. The Odyssey was written in a tradition of oral poetry that goes back to the Mycenean Age, but was apparently drawn up in its final form in something like 750 B.C., that is in the eighth century B.C. So, the Loon is off by only about eight hundred years. Certainly says something about the keen analytical skills of this arch-hunter of David Caruso stalkers...
BINGO....That is just too good to miss. I know, fellow alumni Jeannie and Cupcake will chuckle upon so much stupidity from Sara. Needless to say, dumb dr. dodo rushed to Sara's defense - to no avail. No use to to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted, sweet cheeksa.
Once again, Sara has proven that she not only is a complete loon but an ignorant one.

No wonder, that they call David Caruso Icon of Idiocy.

Pole Position

Anyone remember Amy Fisher? The Long Island Lolita? The 14-year old girl who shot the wife of her then lover JimmyBatafuoco? According to New York Post Page Six Amy - now all grown up - has found a new calling:

..THE inevitable has finally happened: Amy Fisher is hitting the pole. The Long Island Lolita - who went to prison for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head and recently started a porn Web site featuring herself - plans to tour the country as a high-paid stripper. "I love to dance, and I'm an exhibitionist," Fisher tells "I am going to take this road until my fans tell me, 'Dear, please put your clothes back on. You're too old."
Additional links:

We do remember the case. She was a cute girl back then...

What Do We Know About Men?What Do They Know About Us?
We know that men are all about action.They would rather show you how much they love you,than talk about it.If they see a problem,they want to fix it,not discuss it.
Heart to heart discussions disturb them,even frighten them.They are not equipped for them.They have a problem accessing their emotions and displaying them.As for discussing them in detail,they find that horrifying.
They can separate emotions from sex.Sex is just sex.They don't understand why they can't just fuck you without making it anything more than that.
They have a problem saying,"I love you".It's that accessing thing,but they will move furniture around for you,paint the kitchen,put gas in your car and run to the store to get you some soda.In their minds,that's saying," I love you."
They also find it difficult to say, "I'm sorry."Men are very competitive.Everything is a test of their skills,a competition.So,saying they're sorry is like losing the contest.They don't like being losers,even if they know they are wrong.
There is also an ego factor.They don't like to lose face,or feel they have lost stature in your eyes,their own,or their contemporaries.
They find it more difficult to commit than a women.They like to keep all their options open.
Finally,men don't understand women.They would like to .They try,but,so far,we baffle them.We're too emotional.We don't fit into neat little pigeon holes.We defy logic,their logic,not ours.They like things labelled and orderly.Keep it up ladies,that's our mystique.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life At The Edge

On The frontier of a frozen ocean,rising temperatures imperil wildlife whose survival depend on ice.
Lagoons of melted water cover ice on "Canada's Beaufort Sea'.Over the past thirty(30) years,Arctic Sea Ice has thinned as much as 40%.
The possibility of an ice free arctic,as least during the summer,creeps closer each day.Not only the "POLAR BEARS" is in danger,all wild life that depends on the ice.
Ice is a part of the biology of every creature that lives in this frozen vastness.
Have you watched the movie starring" Kevin Costner"? The name is "Water World"...we need to get the word out.Is that the world you want your children/grandchildren to look forward too?
It's not to late...we can't do it over night..we can start,I know everyone is worried about the economy...It don't take a lot of money,just tell your family/friends....we have a goal here to tell at least two(2) different people a day.
Come on join us in this fight to save the Polar Bears,they are not the only endangered species out there .
Mankind is also in danger of Global Warming.There are things you can do...write letters to your leaders in your community...City/State level.,your congressmen...there are so many places you can go.So join me

GWB's new challenge

WE ALL want to know what GWB is doing now. Where George Bush works after leaving office.
After a long tedious search we finally found him. And people, you would never have guessed WHERE...desperate times ask for desperate measures. However, we think this is the perfect job for him....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hell Won't Freeze Over as Long as......

Gil and Gilly in eight years
No Gilly,I distinctly said that you can HALVE
your allowance,if you mow the lawn.That's
why we ask for things in writing.


In economical tough times like this everybody goes to great lengths to attract new customers/business. Northwest Airlines apparently has a new tactic to attract customers: Bag the nuts and push That's what CNN is saying, so it has to be true......

For the video go to:

The Vixen

Kiss that,Dodo.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yuk Yuks

Brain Teaser

Optical illusion

Winter By Sam

This is a guy who left his wife outside overnight and she froze so he made her into a snowman,according to Sam.

Bluff package

Well, we all know most men prefer a flashy "wrapping" over what is inside (a person) - like David Caruso. It is a widely known fact that he likes them young and dumb.
However, sometimes what you get is NOT what you see. And those who are fooled by outward appearances are in for a rude in this picture. LOL.
(Source: - Click on picture to enlarge!)


This is a picture of guy who put too much fertilizer on his flower,according to Jake.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

WI-FI sharing

We all have been there. We all have done that. Here are a few interesting things you should know...

Every techie we know says that you shouldn't use other people's networks without permission. Every techie we know does it anyway. If you're going to steal—no, let's say borrow—your neighbor's Wi-Fi access, you might as well do it right. ...
Step one: Lose the guilt. Using someone's connection to check your e-mail isn't like hacking into their bank account. It's more like you're borrowing a cup of sugar. (Unless you hog their bandwidth by watching lots of streaming video—that's like hijacking a sugar truck.)
If you live downtown or in a suburb where the houses are close together, a few minutes of laptop gymnastics will probably reveal several Wi-Fi networks. Certain names are a giveaway that a network probably won't be password-protected.
Look for "linksys," "default," "Wireless," "NETGEAR," "belkin54g," and "Apple Network 0273df." These are the default network names for the most popular wireless routers. If a network owner hasn't taken the time to change the default name, that's a good clue that they probably won't have a password either.
If you do get prompted for a password, try "public"—that's the default on many of Apple's AirPort units. You can also try common passwords like "admin," "password," and "1234" and "1234567890"— or just check out this exhaustive list of default passwords. You should also try using the name of the network in the password space.
A generic password could mean that the network's owner didn't have the sense to pick something less obvious or that they've decided to welcome outsiders. But who cares? You're in. And again, there's no specific law barring you from guessing the password, as long as you don't crack an encrypted network and read other people's transmissions.
You can tell that you've successfully joined a wireless network when your laptop's IP address changes as it's assigned a local number by the network's router....

So happy surfing and keep in mind EVERYONE DOES it...even if nobody would never admit to it. Besides, there are worse things than borrowing your neighbours Internet access......

Bite Me

As I've often told my friend Vixen;sometimes,the finer points of certain computer programs elude me.Often times,she will patiently explain the correct way to do the task and I go away confident,only to screw it up again,and stare,befuddled, at my screen."BITE ME!!"She is something of a computer Wiz,which makes me feel like even more of a dummy.

I am reasonably intelligent,well educated,and do passably well at most things.So,why do I let it defeat me and make me want to throw it against the wall?Because it's inanimate,you can't reason with it.One tends to forget ;thinking the computer is all powerful and can anticipate our every wish and correct our mistakes.No!It just does exactly what one tells it to do.

Even when you make foolish mistakes and give bad commands,it does what you tell it.When it can't perform the task,it will politely tell you so and stop functioning.No amount of begging or threatening can make it change it's mind,and stubborness always irritates me.

Some people don't have a technological bone in their bodies.I'm one of them.I can do other things,but understanding technology is like looking at ancient Sanskrit;just a bunch of confusing symbols and gobbledy-gook.There are computer books for dummies.I have them.I've read them and didn't understand a lot of it.So there's no help for me.I'll just have to keep replacing the mouses I throw against the wall when I cuss.

At least the damn thing doesn't swear at me or throw stuff back.So,if this post is not square or the graphics are a bit lopsided...BITE ME!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Passing Fifty

When you pass fifty and watch it recede into the distance,
in the rearview mirror of your mind,you re-prioritize.You
mellow,you're not so serious about everything.You find
humor in things that used to upset you.You realize you
can't achieve all the impossible dreams you thought you
could.Turns out,you just don't have time and some
dreams,you just don't give a fuck about anymore.

You learn that the most important things in life are family,friends,a little security,being the best you can be and maybe doing a little good in the world.

You tend to take stock of yourself in a different way.If you have a little middle aged spread,you might say,"I am not over weight.I am a nutritional over achiever.I am in good shape.Round is a good shape."
I always say to my daughters,"brain cells come and brain cells go,but fat cells stay forever,so practice safe eating,girls,always use condiments."

You definitely get comfortable with your body,comfortable in your own skin,even if it sags a little.Life may begin at forty but it certainly starts to show at fifty.Time is a great healer,but it's a lousy beautician.Still,I don't get frantic over a little cellulite and a few grey hairs.You must accept me as I am or you
will bounce the needle on my,'Give-a-Fuck-O-Meter'.

You do get a little philosophical as you pass fifty and your conscience bothers you more,because somehow,you've picked up a few scruples and deeply ingrained principles along the way.Here's a bit of philosophy;'conscience is what hurts when everything else feels good.'
I've also learned,'there will always be death and taxes,however,unlike taxes,death doesn't get worse every year.'
Ah,yes,the wisdom I've acquired.It's frustrating when you know all the
answers,but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.

Youth is gone and middle age is humming along nicely.I plan on living forever.
So far,so good.If it turns out I don't,well,it's just a couple of blips on my,'Give-a-Fuck-O-Meter'.