Monday, July 18, 2016

Eternal Night - On Losing my Sight

The earth is an Eden of color and light; red and gold sunsets inspire awe and delight.
The sky is an ageless blue, so bright, you could weep with the beauty it lends to the night.
And still you can thrill to the subtlest hue and wake to each day with wonder anew.

The glow of a flame, a leaf you discover, the glint of jewels, in the eyes of your lover,
The blush of an apple, the glimmer of stars in the vast unknown are all priceless gifts,
Every shadow and tone, every layer of pearl, every grain in a stone.
Be my eyes for a moment; I want you to see the dazzling landscape that is speaking to me.

And to capture it all can be such a yearning; a privileged few are blessed with that burning.
To paint what is true takes a lifetime of learning. I have far, still to go; there's so much I don't know.
To channel the colors that whirl in my brain to flow through my fingers is rapture and pain,   
And giving life to a vision is a joy to attain.
The rich mélange of life is my muse, but the shadows grow closer and I have much to lose.
How bitter to be so enchanted with light, to marvel at every vivid new sight,
And watch the light slowly fade to eternal night.

The Genie


  1. Oh Jeannie ,
    Such a beautiful poem and also sad ...
    I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better , you seem to be in such pain ... things will get better ... have faith and believe , I always told you that , you have to have faith even in the darkest hour never give up or doubt yourself for things you do as long as you know you did the best you could with what you had .
    Go to WAG .
    Love you my friend PIC

  2. Okay, thanks Pic. I hope your quest is going well. You must be meeting literally hundreds of people. Your face must ache from smiling.
    This poem was written about four years ago when my retinas were detaching and I was going blind. They told me there was no way to stop it happening. The naturopathic doctor I knew in Waterloo told me she could help me and, by gosh, she did. She put a long list of herbs and homeopathic medicines together in capsules and told me to take four a day. After about three months, another exam revealed the retinas had stabilized. No better but no worse. I still take the capsules and the retinas are still stable. I don't know for how long but I ain't complaining. It was a priceless gift and I happily accepted it. But at the time back then, I was terrified.
    Weather is fantastic here and we are enjoying our summer.
    love to all
    and especially you, my friend.

  3. My Lady ,
    I think the poem is very touching , it makes us appreciate what we have .
    Hope you are relaxing .
    Go to wag
    Hugs G.


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