Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Juno Arrives

For a second time, NASA has placed a spacecraft into orbit at Jupiter. The spacecraft operated exactly according to plan, and Juno successfully entered orbit at 02:50 today, July 5, 2016, UTC; a further 15 minutes of engine firing beyond that placed Juno into its desired orbit. The actual burn time of 2102 seconds was only 1 second off of the predicted value.
As of the moment I'm writing this, they hadn't yet downlinked telemetry (or if they did, they haven't told the media); they only received tones from the spacecraft's low- and medium-gain antennae that give the most basic information on spacecraft health. But so far, so good, for everything, and it was a pretty euphoric team at the post-orbit-insertion briefing.
Below is the JunoCam approach movie, 17 days and about 1500 images covering an entire Callisto orbit.


  1. My Lady ,
    I do not know if this is a bad or good time , I hope they find something to help our planet to survive and teach these idiots something .
    Jonny said daddy why did they name the spacecraft Juno , was it because the planet is name Jupiter ?

    His very wise daddy look off into space scratching his head , Harvey said this is going to be good . Gil said , son they name it Juno because that was Jupiter wife name and she wanted to know what he was hiding under those rings , Jonny said why daddy , Gil said that is what ladies do . Harvey said how do you know that , Gil said if you are over 20 you should know it ,Harvey said show him , Gil said look it up . Harvey said is that true G . I asked how I know , I never met the lady .

    Go to wag
    Hugs HB

  2. Hi HB
    I am in total agreement with you. I too hope whatever they learn will be of some benefit to us all.
    Gil sure has a way with kids. His answers are often tongue in cheek. But it makes it fun to learn. He is right about Juno being Jupiter's wife. She was also his sister (those gods thought incest was OK). I think Jupiter was considered sort of a sky god in Roman mythology. He is always holding a thunderbolt in illustrations. Typical Italian, always got a weapon on him.
    I found your note, Thank you, and will answer you tonight.

  3. Hi PIC ...
    I left you a note on WAG .
    Check out SHs ... I am so the damn fool only got 5 years , Witchy's drawers are really in a bunch .
    Love you sweetie
    Forever your friend ... BAW

  4. K...
    Can't wait to find out why Witchy's drawers are in a bunch. Thanks luv. On my way to WAG.
    Your devoted PIC


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