Friday, July 08, 2016

Mom stops kidnapping

A would-be-kidnapper from California is in custody after a shocking attempt to snatch a toddler from her mother's side in broad daylight. The crime happened about 2:30pm late last week in Victorville, California, while the mother, laden with a baby, was doing some shopping.
Her older daughter, 4, stood less than two metres away, near the door of the shop.
This proved enough of a temptation for 24-year-old Terry Ransom. Police say it is Ransom who was captured on CCTV stepping over the threshold of the shop, grabbing the kid roughly by the arm and jerking her out the door.
The mother, clutching the infant to her chest, bolted after the kidnapper and apparently gave him enough to think about that he lost his grip on the girl.
As ABC reports, the youngster was badly shaken up but not physically hurt, while Ransom came quietly when the cops picked him up. He was charged with kidnapping and child cruelty after a psychiatric assessment.
Congratulations to a brave mom.


  1. I join in with congratulations to the mom ... don't mess with a mom about her babies , she will bare her claws and flash her fangs and then you are in for one hell'va fight .
    Great post
    Love you PIC

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  2. Howdy sweetie ,
    today is Sunday , hope you got some rest and feeling a little relaxed .
    Go to WAG about something else .
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