Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day three... Democratic National Convention


  1. What great speeches everyone is giving Hillary , Sanders thank his people and asked them to support Hillary .
    I did get a chance to do one on SHs, Cher photocopied Trump/ Putin in bed together , it's hilarious . Left you a note on Wag before going to bed at 12:30AM this morning .

    I don't mean to let you down with the blogs , I will try to get more done as soon as possible .... I know WB / SHs are suffering very badly , I try to put one on Maxy when I post WB .
    Hope you are better .
    Love PIC

  2. Thanks PIC
    Not to worry. As you always say....the blogs will always be here. Enjoy your holiday. Going to read your note now. Be a good little Witchy.
    Lots of love to all

  3. Hey PIC ...
    Want a good laugh . Go to WAG something special and don't blame me ... I almost fell on the floor ...Hahahaha!!!
    Love you PIC


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