Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Australian teens abused in detention center ... Victim speaks out

The methods used on at-risk children in youth detention in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Northern Territory corrections system has reportedly been plagued by accusations of mistreatment of offenders and a run of escapes from custody

A teenager who has become the face of a juvenile detention scandal has thanked Australians for their support. Images of Dylan Voller cuffed to a mechanical restraint chair drew widespread condemnation after they were aired on television.
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday convened a royal commission to examine treatment of juvenile inmates in the Northern Territory.
In a public letter, Voller said he wanted to make up for his past actions.
"I would just like to thank the whole Australian community for the support you have showed for us boys as well as our families," Voller wrote.
"I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the community for my wrongs and I can't wait to get out and make up for them."

Dylan Voller is hooded and strapped into a mechanical restraint chair in March 2015 for almost two hours.
Earlier, the video — recorded by guards on duty — showed Voller had chewed on his mattress and threatened to break his own hand after he was put in the restraint chair.
The use of mechanical restraints was legalized in the Northern Territory in 2016. ( barbaric)

April 7, 2011:
Fourteen-year-old Dylan Voller is being held in isolation after threatening self harm.
Three officers enter the room, grab him by the neck, strip him naked and leave him on the floor. The removal of his clothing is part of the centre's "at risk" procedure.

December 9, 2010:
Thirteen-year-old Voller is on the phone. When he refuses to hand it over, a guard rips the phone off him, knees him and knocks him to the ground.
The officer involved was found not guilty in court.
His casual contract was not renewed but a 2015 report found he was later re-employed at the Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre despite objections from the Professional Standards Command.

 October 20, 2010 :     
Thirteen-year-old Voller is being held in isolation again after threatening to self harm.
He is seen playing with a pack of cards before he is grabbed by the neck, thrown onto a mattress and forcefully stripped naked.
The officer involved was twice found not guilty of aggravated assault.

August 21, 2014:
Thirteen-year-old Voller is held up by his neck and thrown into a cell in the behavioural management unit at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.
The officer involved was charged but found not guilty of assault. The casual officer's contract was not renewed.

Voller was also one of six children are tear gassed in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. They were held in isolation in the Behaviour Management Unit for between six and 17 days before the incident.
 Royal commissions don't do much and they take forever to do it. These conditions will continue to exist. I am shocked and amazed time and again at the barbarism and cruelty of the human race to it's own kind.

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