Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Jen Betrayed By Best Friend" WTF

When Brad Pitt split up with Jennifer Aniston and started dating his Mr. & Smith co-star Angelina Jolie in early 2005,no one was more loyal to Jen than Counrteney Cox.She comforted her pal as any best friend would and shunned the man who broke Jen's heart.Even though Jen and Brad claim to have made peace,the tenison the exes was obvious at this years Oscars,where a visiably nervous Jen stood only a few feet in front of Brad and Angie while presenting an award---where she carefully avoided a direct run-in.Even Courteney's husband,actor David Arquette,took Jen's side and bad-mouthed Brad,telling Howard Stern in a radio interview " that Brad did some stuff that hurt our friend,David also implied that Brad and Jen would never have divorIt's got to be hurtfulced had it not been for Brads romance with Angelina Jolie. But Courteney and David's attitude toward Brad seem to have softened recently,May 3rd, the couple got chummy with Brad at a dinner party of a mutual friend before meeting up backstage at a Chris Cornell concert at LA's Wiltern theater where the group reportly spent time laughing about the old days."it's got to be hurtful"notes psychologist Jean Cirillo,(who dosen't treat Jen)So she's understandably crushed that Courteney is getting friendly with Brad again,Jen seems like a sensitive person,and Courteney should know that, an insider says they believes Jen is freaking out over this.Also adding to the strain,jealously over new friendships .Recently Courteney has started spending more of her time with other Hollywood moms(including Isla Fisher) who can bond with her in a way that Jen can't,the insided says Jen has every right to feel left out....Question?
Can their friendship be saved....I will keep you updated...saty tuned: to be continue:
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"Maybe Midlife Crisis" DUH !!!

Well,my darling husband of many years,after all the lean times and kids ,I have given you the best years of my life.If you have a mid-life crisis,I will cut your dangle off and you will have to sit down and pissed the rest of your life.....HA!!! My twist on this ladies ,you have to start somewhere,so why not the little head,when they are going through mid-life crisis,hell that's where the brain is,but hey that's just me.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Brad and Jen" What's Next?

The secert is out ,Brad has been texting heartfelt messages to Jen,In secerts texts and e-mails Brad finally apologizes to Jen.He told her he know he made mistakes.Brad told Jen there is nothing he can do to alleviate all of the pain he caused her,but ask for her forgiveness.Jen cried when she read Brad's apology,but struggles with being a shoulder to cry on now that his relationship with Angelina is in trouble.Sources say there was other reasons they split,lets take a look,in text and e-mails conversations,Brad has admitted that he was going through mid-life crisis when he left Angelina,he said he went a little crazy when he hit 40,he created this crazy life and now it seems his whole world is crumbling.A source reveals the former couple have also communicated about real-estate deals,career moves and,most intimately details of their life the end of their nearly five year marriage.In a heartbreaking e-mail to Brad,Jen,40,finally typed to Brad,who left her for Angelina in 2005."You broke my heart",Jen wrote.The e-mail wasn't nasty,just honest,she said she has forgiven him,but it has been a long hard journey.Brad wrote back he was "torn up with regret"about what he had done.Thats's exactly what Jen wanted to hear from Brad,but it is a pity it came four years to late.As brad's relationship fizzles with Angelina,his friendship with Jen is getting stronger.A pal of Angelina reveals that Angie isn't going to give Brad up easily.Angelina will fight to the last breath to stay with Brad.If anyone is going to get dumped,Angie will make sure she dumps Brad.A pal says Brad regrets leaving Jen,he wants her to be a part of his life.For now Jen is just enjoying reconnecting with Brad,especially at Angelina expense,Jen admitted that it would be hard to resist getting close to him again,Brad was more than a husband and lover---he was also her best friend.....Angelina is going to do everything she can to keep Brad,Angie is livid about Brad's communication with Jen,she refuses to let Brad's ex-wife drive a wedge between them without a fight,Angie says Jen never put up a fight to save her marriage to Brad,she will never make that mistake.Angie has staked her claim on Brad and she knows how to play dirty,if Jen wins Brad back,Angie will be publicly humiliated,her image as this beautiful femme fatale would be threatened. My spin on this: The guys should learn a different tune...use another excuse besides having a mid-life crisis... stay's just getting interesting,wonder who is going to win.To ge continued:
news:Cover Story.....In Touch Weekly

Yum! Fermented Cabbage

South Korea's spicy fermented cabbage dish, kimchi,helps to cure bird flu, according to researchers.

Scientists at Seoul National University say they fed an extract of kimchi to 13 infected chickens and a week later 11 of them were recovering. The researchers said the results were far from scientifically proven. It is unclear why the extract has the effects they observed.

Love it or loathe it, once you have eaten it, you will never forget it. Kimchi is made of fermenting cabbage, with red peppers, radishes and a lot of garlic and ginger. It may sound a little dubious but the theory is being put forward by some of Korea's most eminent scientists.

" We have found that the chickens recovered from bird flu, Newcastle disease (?)and bronchitis. The birds death rate fell considerably and they were re-energized."

There was an increase in kimchi consumption two years ago when thousands of people contracted SARS(severe acute respiratory syndrome). Kimchi was reported to have helped prevent SARS. The claim was never scientifically proven but Koreans swear by it and claim people in other countries are coming on board the kimchi train, following their example and chowing down on Kimchi.

One Korean man said he visited China and noticed all the Korean restaurants kept selling out of Kimchi. So, one of Korea's specialities may soon find a much bigger market. Is it a real and effective remedy? I guess we'll soon find out. Until then, I'm getting a Korean cook book and making my own. My family may gag a little at first, they are fussy eaters, but I'll tell them, "eat up. It's for your own good." Seconds anyone?

Say it Isn't True

Kris Allen was shocked and disbelieving when he won 'American Idol'.He seemed to think it was too good to be true. He may have been right.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has reported that AT&T provided more than thirty cell phones, as well as instructions on "power texting" (sending in 10,000 votes at once) during a party at the Peabody Little Rock Hotel on the night of 'Idol's' final performance. The company also made 50 text ready phones available at Conway's Estes Stadium.

Unbelievably, fan Bobby Kierna actually voted for Kris 10,840 times on a phone provided by AT&T,the only cellular network on which American Idol viewers can vote.

Fox is , of course is denying these allegations as nonsense. The network released the following statement.

" Fox and the producers of American Idol are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verified. Kris Allen is, without a doubt,the 'American Idol'.

AT&T also, denied responsibility.

" A few local AT&T employees, who were invited to attend 2 local watch parties, organized by the commnity, caught up in the enthusiasm of rooting for their hometown contestant, brought a small number of demo phones with them, providing texting tutorials to those who were interested."

But if one person managed to vote 10,000 times, others could also. How many 10,000 vote texters would it take to swing the results ?You be the judge.

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Yep That's Me" Jeannie Told Me So HA!!

Well you can tell what I've been up to,my little man is cutting teeth,he wants to bite on everything and anything he can get his hands on and put it in his mouth,trying to give him the bottle,he wants nothing to do with it,he wants the real thing.My Partner in Crime told me to go to bed and get some rest because babies wants a lot of attention and loving when they are teething, but Noooooo, I know it all,yeah right.I asked my man to get him this morning,my little darling daughter ,who was having breakfast at the time,pipes up to inform me that my little man didn't want his daddy because his daddy has no jugs.It turn out to be a good day after all,my little man is in a good mood,thank goodness. My twist on this ...breast feed your babies if it's possible...they will have a healthier immune system.But hey,that's just me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Adam Lambert's future

Adam Lambert has been asked by the legendary band Queen to be their new frontman. He is very flattered because he is a huge fan of the group, once fronted by the late Freddie Mercury. But the twenty-seven year old "Idol" runner-up says that he feels torn about joining the band.
"How do you say no to being in Queen? I mean that is unbelievable, but at the same time, I have my own thing to do. If I could, I would do both. I would love to perform with them any time they wanted me to but I also have my record to do. So, we'll see."

Lambert a former theater actor, has ambitious plans for his post "Idol" debut album."My album will be a kind of rock-pop-electronic-dance thing.,"he said." I don't know how to describe it. I think it's gonna take on a life of it's own, as far as genre goes." The album is in it's very early stages and Lambert plans to write much of the material himself.

On "Idol", Lambert was the resident glam rocker, staging elaborate over-the-top performances and daring to don goth inspired outfits (with guyliner) on a basically family-style show.

"There's a way to take the glam rock of the '70s and the classic rock of the '70s and kind of modernize it....I want it to be produced in a very current, almost futuristic way.We're going to come up with something really fresh."

"I want to communicate that liberation is being comfortable in your own skin and is being your own person. And, the spirit of being different, and how strong it can make you feel."Lambert doesn't speak of his personal life, yet on his website he makes it obvious that he is gay, with pictures of himself in an open mouthed kiss with another man and in full drag among others.


"Madonna would be amazing,"he gushes. "I'd love to work with her - I think she's a genius.She has such great ideas. Lady GaGa is brilliant. She's got her finger on the pulse. She's the hot thing right now. Katy perry is amazing, absolutely amazing."

His dreams may come true. Who knows? But, will he, will he rock you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"The Three Sisters"

Now we know what the sisters do doing the day.....they tell me that is a good way to meet likes yard sales too...the sisters say the men are older gentlemen....but some are take on matter how old you are,age is just a number....I wonder if they go prowling at night...(GIGGLES)but hey that's just me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Midlife Crisis" or just "Plain Stupid"

Sean Penn spent the last weekend of his marriage to his Princess Bride,Robin Wright Penn,drinking and flirting with other women in a luxury hotel room,a source close to the couple told Star Magazine.What was supposed to be a romantic vacation at a four -star resort in Squaw Valley area of Lake Tahoe,California,turned into a disaster.Instead of cozy cuddling by the fire,Robin exploded in angry fireworks after Robin found two women in Sean's room...Sean didn't spend much time with his wife---he booked her a separate suite,when Robin got fed up with being alone,she went over to Sean's suite and found him drunk with two Russian girls,said a source.Sean had already finish a couple of bottles of champagne...Robin,41,went nuclear,but Sean just told her to leave and continued drinking,Sean,47,even flirted with the women in front of Robin,whom he married in 1996 after the birth of their children...daughter Dylan 16,and son Hopper14..he was acting like he just didn't care...after the fight Sean tried to keep the party going,trying to order more champagne from room service at 3 a:m...when he was refused, he had a friend drive him to a local 7-Eleven...when the clerk told him it was illegal to sell alcohol after 2 a:m,Sean told the clerk they were just going to walk out with it.Robin was not seen for the rest of Sean's stay,when asked where his wife was,he answered...who cares...the split comes as no surprise to many close to the was learned Sean picked up an attrective brunette at Hollywood Chateau Marmont...He was flirting in the lobby bar...Sean approached a table where David Spade was sitting with some girls and struck up a conversation with one,they didn't try to hide that they were going to his room...they left together ,hand in take of this ...hey sean...did you pick up your bad habits from (1) "Madonna.......(2) Mel Gibson.......(3) David Caruso".... I bet it was old Dave who has no respect for ladies.....when will you old guys learn partner in crime was talking ...said when the dangle starts to bend in the middle ,a sweet young thing can't fix it...your libidos is just aging like the rest of your body.....Is it the water? No it's just some old fart asses scared of getting older...but hey that's just me..
news:Evan Matthew...Star Magazine

Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Susie

Susan Boyle's second performance on 'Britain's got Talent' was more stressful for her than the first. As Simon Cowell said, it was the biggest night of her life. She had to sing even better than before, to top herself, to win the semi-finals and move on to the finals.
He said, "Get yourself together, Sweetheart, for the big one. Choose the right song and shut the door to all distractions."
Susan is getting worldwide media attention. This makes it difficult for her to keep her focus and concentrate on her performance.

As you will see on the video, Susan is a little nervous and the first note of her song is a little pitchy and quavery. But,then she finds her range and her confidence and soars through the rest of her performance. The audience voted her performance best of the night.


"PATRICK SWAYZE" A Real Gentleman

As the realization set in that he would soon lose his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer,actor Patrick Swayze bid a loving farewell to family and close friends,Patrick- who has spent the last 16 months under-going grueling cancer treatments and endless nights of pain and suffering---has lost his hair and nearly half of his body weight...but not his strengh in character or his undying message of hope.Patrick would like to live for many more years,he says he has had a life that most people only dream about...Patrick chose to fight and try to beat the odds,he said he didn't have a play the cards you are dealt and go on...unable to speak because of the sores in his mouth and throat caused by his chemotherapy treatments...Patrick communicate with his wife of more than 30 years,"LISA", and brother Donny by pointing or writing notes.Patrick has never stopped showing Lisa he loved her and was happy they had this time together...Patrick also let Donny know----by squeezing his hand ---that he loves him and wrote a note asking him to please look after Lisa...His final days are filled with simple pleasures...sitting outside on his patio during the day and sleeping near a window at night so he can look at the moon.Work was done at his New Mexico ranch so he can stay there in his frail condition.Those close to Patrick say he will likely want to die there at his beloved ranch...his favoriate place on "EARTH"......Patrick is a class act, and people coule learn a lot from him on how to live life to the fullest and how to die with dignity....his fight is certain to inspire other cancer sufferers---anyone faced with a life threatening with hope ...not take on this...A gentleman to the end....Patrick your journey here is just about ended...we ...your fans know you will "WOW" them on the big stage.....What a great actor and also a gentleman.

"Calf Born With Seven Legs"

It's an unlucky #7 for a calf born with a few extra legs in Steamboat Springs,Colorado.The Steamboat Pilot & Today of Steamboat Springs reports that a veterinary hosiptal helped deliver a seven-legged calf Thursday.The staff at the veterinary hosiptal said the Black Angus calf,which was delivered by cesarean section,had two spines but one head.One leg also had two hooves.The calf lived for only about 10 minutes.Veterinarian Lee Meyring says the birth was an incomplete splitting of the embryo into twins....he says he had seen a calf with a fifth leg,but the seven-legged calf was the most bizarre he has ever seen....the hosiptal says the calf's owers do not want to be identified.....My take on this...the owners know they would have no peace,because of the media attention....

Susan Boyle

Susan on the left before her makeover ~ Susan in the centre and on the right, after her makeover.


Singing sensation Susan Boyle breeezed through to the finals of the television show,"Britain's Got Talent"after the audience on Sunday voted her semi-finals performance the best of the night.
Her performance of "Memory" from the musical "Cats"earned her a standing ovation and a spot in next saturday's finale. The forty seven year old Scot wiggled her hips and did a little jig when she heard the results.

During her audition she drew snickers from the crowd at her appearance and a bit of eye rolling and scowling from the judges during the brief interview before her song. However when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables"Cowell's eyes bugged out and he looked shocked , as did the other two judges.

Knowing that the audience was eagerly awaiting her semi finals performance, the producers of the show saved her till the end of the show. When the applause subsided the judges showered her with praise. Piers Morgan (one of the judges) said,"When the world was going through a pretty tough time and was looking for a bit of hope and inspiration, along came Susan Boyle to provide it. Simon Cowell called her "one special lady."

Susan has already appeared on the Larry King show and on Oprah Winfrey. The legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber is very interested in being part of her future.

Doesn't pay to be English

For those of you who watch what you eat,
Here's the final word on nutrition.
1) The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English
2) The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English.
3) The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English.
4)The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English.
5) The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English.
Conclusion: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.
The Italian Pasta Diet ~ It really works
1) You walka pasta da bakery.
2) You walka pasta da candy store.
3) You walka pasta da ice cream shop.
4)You walka pasta da table and da fridge.
You walka pasta da mirror, you lika what you see.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Most Functional Word in the English Language

The most functional word? SHIT - That's right - SHIT.
You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit.
Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola .
There are lucky shits, dumb shits and crazy shits. There is bullshit, horse shit and chicken shit.
You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit or duck when the shit hits the fan.
You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle.
You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit.
Some days are hotter than shit and some girls are shit hot.
Some music sounds like shit, a lot of people look like shit and sometimes you just feel like shit.
You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a lot of weird shit.
You can carry shit, have a mountain of shit or find yourself up shit creek without a paddle.
Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit and other times you fall into a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose.
When you consider all the facts, shit is the basic building block of the English language and once you know your shit you don't need to know anything else.
I hope you enjoyed this shit and have a great day without a bunch of shit. But, if you happen to catch a load of shit from some shithead, weeell...just remember........SHIT HAPPENS!!
A tribute to George Carlin.We love him and miss him.Thankyou George.

Dear Mr President

This was an article from the St. petersburg Times several weeks ago, but it still sounds like a good idea to me. The business section asked readers for ideas on how to fix the economy. This was definitely one of the best.


Dear Mr. President,
There are about forty million people over fifty in the work force.
Pay them $1 million apiece severance pay with stipulations:
1) They leave their jobs. PRESTO! forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.
2) They each buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered -
Auto Industry fixed.
3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage -
Housing Crisis fixed.


Sandra bullock Honored by New Orleans School

Sandra Bullock has been honored by the New Orleans school she's been supporting since hurricane Katrina. The actress was inducted into the Warren Easton High School hall of fame this month.

The star said,"I feel honored to have been a small part in rebuilding the city I have loved since I first discovered it, and, like so many, have taken all it has to offer.
"It's only right that I give back to ensure It has a future. I have, fortunately, seen some of that future."
Reports suggest that Bullock has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the school since Katrina ravaged the area in 2005 .
Arthur Hardy, the school's hall of fame commitee chairman, told 'Entertainment Tonight',"Sandra did not attend Warren Easton High School, but we very proudly claim her as one of our own."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whatever happened..........

I guess he's still hanging around............Ha!

The Best Sex

The best sex lasts from seven to thirteen minutes, according to a recent study. And you thought you had to make it last all night.Well, relax macho boy, it ain't necessary. Researchers have interviewed a large number of men and women about the ideal duration of sexual intercourse. The following data was obtained during the study published in "Journal of Sexual Medicine."It appears that sex lasting less than three minutes is considered too short (oh, really?), while more than thirteen minutes was regarded as too long. Seven to thirteen minutes was the most desirable length of time according to the majority of participants in the study.

That all night sex marathon, you thought was the ideal to aim for,was only a myth. It means ( gentlemen of short attention spans and somewhat premature ejaculations) that it is possible to find a partner who can be satisfied in seven minutes. Oh, joy!
One feels obligated to ask, who took part in the study, who was able to calculate the length of the sex correctly ? Can one watch the seconds ticking by on the clock, while having sex, and still achieve genuine satisfaction?

Anyway, each couple said that knowing your partner and what pleases him/her and what positions are most satisfying, plus, a little practice, are essential ingredients in this race to orgasm....Rock on.

Accidental Millionaires

When two New Zealanders became aware that their bank had mistakenly deposited 10 million dollars into their account during a routine application for overdraft protection,they absconded with a big chunk of it. The couple who are owners and operators of a gas station in the northern New Zealand town of Rotorua asked their Westpac bank for a 10,000 dollar overdraft for their business. Due to a computer glitch or perhaps human error, 1,ooo times that amount was transferred to their account.

In the space of a second they became millionaires. Instead of bringing it to the attention of bank officers right away, as I am sure you or I would do,being the good citizens that we are,the couple withdrew a very considerable (undisclosed) amount and then disappeared.

Local authorities believe the couple has evaded all search efforts and fled the country. Under those circumstances they felt Interpol should be involved in the case. The identity of the couple has not been revealed. The bank released a statement, saying that they were pursuing vigorous criminal and civil action to recover the money. In case you didn't know,the fugitive couple committed a bank robbery. Just because the money was in their account did not make it theirs. In this case, possession is not 9/10ths of the law.

A banking representative and ombudsman stated that it was definitely a criminal offense and that she has been involved in up to twenty similar cases in her fifteen years at her job. I wonder how many of them got away with it....Just asking.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"What ? Mel goes with the "FLOW"

Mel Gibson has a billion-dollar divorce hanging over his head ,Mel Gibson has found a new way to relieve stress--a wacky device dubbed the"flow Machine".The bizarre 53-year-old actor is crediting the $100,000 contraption for making it easier to face the grueling pressure of his marital collapse,a family friend told the Enquirer.You look at the machine and you would think Mel has lost his mind.You lie on this machine and strap your feet in...the device then emits some kind of "forsion"field waves,that are suppose to unblock clogged energy which eases phychological tension. He is going to need it when Robyn finish with his ass .From telephone healing sessions to therapeutic foot baths,Mel's tried them all.The Gipson family is in the midst of a fortune-grabbing free for all since Mel's wife Robyn filed for divorce April 9th.Mel's shocking romance with 39-year-old Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva who is said to be pregnant with his baby has cause several family members to support Robyn's attempts to secure a hefty pay-out in their divorce..Now get this ----some in Mel's camp are shaking their heads and saying Mel is getting weirder with age,they think the "flow" machine is just another part of his mid-life crisis..."WTF"my take on this shit...Mel's marital troubles is because he didn't keep his dangle in his pants or at least put a muzzled on the damn thing...tell me mid-life crisis to blame becuse an old fool wants to play's just an excuse when they get caught...well Mel when Oksana get what's left of your money...she will be on to the next rich old dude,before her biological clock stops.Is that a trend now..stay be continued...

Things Not to Say During Sex

* I have to poop.
* Smile for the camera.
* Get off me, I'll do it myself.
* This is your first time...right?
* You're almost as good as my ex.
* When is this supposed to feel good?
* I thought you had the keys to the handcuffs.
* I was so horny tonight, I would have taken a sheep to dinner.
* Keep it down. My mother is a light sleeper.
* Hey! My friends were right you are good.
* On second thought, let's turn the lights off
* I'm sobering up and you're getting ugly.
* Oh well, everybody looks funny naked.
* Do I have to pay for this.
* No! You're too fat to be on top.You'll kill me.
* Actually, your sister likes it like this.
* What's your name again?
* Hold on, let me change the channel.
* It's nice being in bed with someone I don't have to inflate.
* Uhhh...I think the condom broke 10 minutes ago.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Tex-Mex Fish Fajitas"

Prep Time:15 minutes.....Cook Time: 15 minutes
4 (6oz) fish fillets...or the catch of the day,or meat of choice
2 green bell peppers,halved and seeded
2 medium onions,peeled and sliced
2 tbsp.olive oil
1 (14.67-oz) pkg. fajita dinner kit(10 tortillas,salsa,seasoning mix)
Shedded cheese,chopped tomatoes,guacamole,sour cream(optional)
1.)Coat grill rake with non-stick cooking spray..pre-heat grill to medium high direct heat350 F to 450 F)
2.) Brush fillets ,bell peppers and onions with oil,lightly rub with 1 teaspoon of seaning mix from fajita mix
3.)If using grill basket, coat with non-stick cooking spray,place fillets in basket .Grill over direct heat for 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a folk, turning once halfway through cooking.
4.)Meanwhile,place bell peppers and onions on grill rack,grill until solf and slightly charred,remove and season to taste with additional fajita seasoning.
5.) Wrap tortillas from fajitas kit in foil,warm on grill 5 minutes,turning once
6.)To assemble,flake fillets into chunks,cot peppers into strips,separate onions into rings:Spoon fish,peppers and onions into tortillas,top with salsa from kit...serve with cheese ....tomatoes...guacamole and sour cream ...if desired..
We do a lot of camping and fishing...I decided to scale some recipes down for camping out...they are gone to prepare any and adults alike love can use any meat you have on hand...I find it great for left over meats that I want to give a different taste to and to be lets go camping.
stay be continued....


It was said that a black man would be president when pigs fly.
Guess what? It's been a hundred plus days and 'pigs flu'.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ribavirin - Hope for Leukemia Patients at Last

A commonly used antiviral drug that is already used to fight hepatitis C and HIV could also be used to treat thirty percent of cancer types, according to a new study conducted on patients in Canada.
Doctors in Montreal tested the antiviral drug Ribavirin on 11 patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), who had undergone several other types of treatment which had failed. Nine of the patients saw their conditions improve within a matter of months, with one achieving complete remission and two achieving partial remission.
Frank Klamph, was weak and ill with AML only two months ago. After taking part in the study to test the experimental treatment, he achieved complete remission and left hospital to go scuba diving in Florida.
The researchers, led by Dr. Katherine Borden,at the Institute For Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Universite de Montreal, say that Ribavirin works by suppressing activity of the eIF4E gene, which becomes overactive in 30% of cancer types and over produces a protein that turns cells cancerous.
"We had remissions in several of our test patients...which is completely unheard of with their type of cancer. And,in another subgroup of patients, we had dramatic drops in the number of leukemia cells, including patients where we could no longer or barely detect any leukemia cells in their blood." Dr Borden admitted she is excited at the possibilities.
Dr Brian Leber, also involved in the study,says the results are exciting because Ribavirin is already an established drug. It has been available for a decade.So unlike other promising, untried cancer therapies that are in early stages of development,this is a drug we could use right away."These are remarkable results for people with very advanced leukemia. It is a convenient oral treatment that is well tolerated and can be taken at home. That is an exciting development."
Dr Borden says the next challenge is to combine the drug with chemotherapy to improve it's effectiveness even more and work on ways to combat possible development of resistance to the drug.
On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere,'WELL DONE' and thankyou.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Robyn Hang That Fool By His Balls"

We've learned Mel Gibson's girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is pregnant with his child.....sources say Oksana is in her second trimester...Robyn filed for divorce April9..By the way ,Oksana is living in a house Mel got for her and her 12 year old son...and guess what else?Until recently,Oksana was living in a house purchased by "Songwriter/Producer" David Foster with whom she also had a relationship...WTF...
Now folks,lets take a look at this we see a pattern here? Old rich farts going through mid-life crisis...makes you wonder ..huh...Robyn had the old fool almost 30 years-eight(8) children,she was there when the times was lean...Take a look at her picture she is still a beautiful woman.Don't you think?Mel called his kids together to tell them about the new sibling..WTF..they was not happy campers,he wanted it to be just him and his kids--a father having a heart to heart talk with his kids...the announcement seem to take them by surprise,said a friend,Mel's older children,Hannah,28,William,24,Louis,21,Milo,19.and the twins Edward and Christian,26..Mel assured them the pregnancy was not question is why didn't he wear a condom...or was he on one of his drunk binges...they are furious with him,and they are taking steps to protect their inheritance which they feel is in jeopardy.The twins Edward and Christian is getting their own attorneys,this crap is not going to be pretty....Well Oksana we all guess you should be may have the man for now...but it never lasts...there is someone on your heels and she is coming full steam after the way did you know when Mel moved you into the Malibu beach house ...Mel was also dating Leslie Hamel...Oksana you better be on your guard..."Donna D`Errico is hot on Mel's coat-tails..she is an ex" Baywatch Babe" and a former Playboy Playmate and a memberof Mel's Holy Family Chapel and has been cozying up to him for the past year,but she drew the line because he was married...Mel is fair game now.Now since Robyn is divorcing Mel,and Mel went public with his Russian girfriend,Donna is about to make her move...Donna is not put off by Mel's New romance,even after talk of Oksana being pregnant...Donna thinks it's unlikely that Mel will settle down anytime soon....Now Mel is technically on the market my take on this shit....let the wives keep their old worn out husbands...having babies won't keep them and there is a lot of free choochie out there that keeps getting younger and will always lose .But hey thats just me.stay tune be continued...
news:Michael glynn & Sarah Cordes...mglynn@

Cautious Optimism

I'm not going to get carried away and do a happy dance and click my heels,but I'm going to allow myself to feel a little cautious optimism.
US shares rose sharply in Monday trading, with positive news about housing and banking, reviving investor confidence in economic recovery. Bank shares rallied after Wall Street analysts took an upbeat view on the battered sector.
Better - than - expected results from home improvement company, Lowe's triggered hopes that the housing market might rebound.
The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up at 2.85%, or 235.44 points , at 8,504.08.

"There's a realization that things are actually going to get better,"said James Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group.


Lowe's Co rose 8.1% to $19.94. Shares in rival Home Depot rose 6.6% to $26.02. Lowe's net profit totalled $476 million in the three months to May 1st compared with $607 million for the same period last year - a smaller fall than analysts predicted.
Bank of America rose 9.9% to $11.73 after Goldman Sachs analysts advised clients to buy the stock and Citigroup analysts said the bank would return to profit in the second quarter.

JP Morgan climbed 6.7% to $37.26, while Citigroup added 4.6% to $3.64.The market's renewed optimism was cautiously shared by the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Mr Geithner said that the US economy had "clearly stabilized" but warned that the recovery would be bumpy and fragile.
"Even as growth starts to turn positive, which will happen's not going to feel better for a long time for millions of Americans."

Monday, May 18, 2009

...."Men Start Young"

On the lighter side,I want to share a little humor with of my man's associate's gave him this card...the man is a grandfather...told my man he didn't have to worry anymore,it was his son's problems now....My man came home in a twitter....Now mind you my baby girl is only five(5) years old....I was raised on a man is a big city niece and I watched the animals and my brother when we could...we both said we would never let a boy poke up...we lied...prom night ..oh I guess he remembers when he was that age.... my man will more than likely keep her locked up until her brother get big enough to watch her ... mind you my baby boy is only seven(7) months old , this is going to be fun to watch .hahaha....

"Huh" Dark Secrets "WTF"

If you have skeletons in your closet,nail it shut,put bars on it,especially if you are a public figure...a lot of people make their living digging up dirt...look out Angie...Famed biographer has set his sights on Angelina Jolie---He's got lots to spill ! So does her former bodygaurd.Just in case Andrew misses any juicy scandals,Angie's ex bodygard Mickey Brett is also penning a book of his own."MORTON"----who was handpicked by princess Diana"Diana: Her True Story---In Her Own Words",Morton is already researching every aspect of the 33-year-old actress life,including her stint in an L.A. mental institution in 2000.Just hours after her release,she married Billy Bob Thornton.That period in Angie's life is still a mystery,even to the people close to her..Morton says he wants the truth...Angie is very dramatic,she carried knives and drugs,Billy thought it was possible she would harm herself,thats why Billy agreed to tie the knot...what about Angie and Billy Bob wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks? That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Angie's taste for blood,she was captivated by vampires,she asked her boyfriends could taste their blood...she even wanted to become a mortician...Morton flew from London to L.A. to separate the truth from all the fiction and hype that follows Angie everywhere,he tells Star he'd love to sit down with her and he's made an approach to her...Morton may also revealed that Angie had a brief but steamy affiar with a guy her mom knew.As Angie grew older ,her taste in sex partners expanded to include women...Angie checks into hotels by herself,and Brad asks no's Angie's affairs with men that causes her the most pain---and she 's most worried about having the details exposed in a new book. Whit his knack of digging,sources tell Star that Morton,55,could reveal the truth about the babies Angie lost when she was younger..another secert Angie is determined to keep out of print is her ongoing scheme to destroy Brad's ex-wife,Jennifer Anniston.Angie meant to take Brad from Jen and Brad went the summer of 2007,Angie began cheating on Brad with a blonde female rock star , the bodyguard knew all about the details.They're pretty lasted from 2007 til September 2008...they hooked up on the beach in Malibu.Now Angie considers her a friend and doesn't want to tarnish her image with this coming out...go for it Andrew will make a fortune....My take on this...Angie kicked Brad out of her bed for giving the maid a back-rub..Angie ,you can dish it out ,but you can't take it...we have a saying...what's good for the goose is good for the gander..haha stay be continued...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Chuckles

Paying Mexico back for what she so generously gave us.

The Home Depot Scam - As Told to Us By Tony

A 'heads up' for those of you who may be regular Home Depot customers.

This one caught me by surprise.Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies from Home Depot turned into a traumatic experience. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.

Here's how the scam works: Two seriously good looking 20-21 year old girls come over to your car while you are packing your shopping into the trunk.They both start cleaning your windshield with rags and Windex, with their breasts almost popping out of their skimpy tee shirts. It's kind of impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say 'no thank you' and ask you for a ride to McDonald's instead. Of course, you agree and they climb into the back seat.

On the way, they start undressing. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over you, while the other one steals your wallet.

I had my wallet stolen March 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, 24th, & 29th. Also April 1st, 4th, twice on the 8th, 16th, 23rd, three times last Saturday and very likely again this upcoming weekend.

So tell your friends to be very careful.

P.S. Wal-Mart has wallets on sale for $2.99 each.

Your friend Tony.

The Male Brain

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Susan Boyle" A Great Voice

It is said "Idol"judge is determined to control singing sensation's career.WTF...War has erupted between overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle and the man who brought her fame-"Simon Cowell".Realizing "Boyle-Mania" may not last,Susan and her family are clamoring to release a single in the U.S. and go on tour so she can make a fortune while still hot...Ryan Seacrest begged iron-fisted Cowell to let her travel to America to be a special guest on "America Idol"...Cowell controls Boyle's contract with an iron fist-ordered her to stay in Britain...he insists the Scottish singer stick to the agreement she signed when she was a nobody auditioning for :Britain Got Tatent.Cowell told her to go home and close the door until she appears in the semifinal..Cowell closed door policy has infuriated Susan's brother John,who blasted;Finally she has the chance to show the whole world her amazing talent,she is not being allowed to.Every entertainer wants to crack America...Susan audition clip has created a worldwide sensation-attracting more than 120 million YouTube hits.And glamorous actress Catherine Zeta-jones has asked Cowell for the chance to protray 47-year-old Susan in a movie.After rumors flew that Susan was about to break her contract and quit his show,Cowell finally extended the olive branch saying; O.K. if you win the british show,I'll guarantee you a spot on "America Got Talent" you tell me ,what's a poor boy to do when his gravy train is about to hit the rails...that's showing him Susan,you go girl.

Friday, May 15, 2009

More Brains- More Orgasms

Great news ladies! Intelligent women have more orgasms. You don't care for sex?? Maybe you ain't so bright.
Did you know that about one third of the female population has difficulty achieving orgasms? Neither did I. Turns out it's true.
A study of more than two thousand female twins showed that those with greater emotional intelligence had a larger number of orgasms. What is emotional intelligence you ask? It's the ability to monitor one's own feelings and emotions and also those of a partner. It makes a woman sensitive to any sexual situation and to her partners needs as well as her own. Emotional intelligence also includes having more than an average imagination which allows a woman to fantasize better and communicate better to her partner exactly what she desires and expects. It can also give a woman the feeling that she has some control over the sex act.

The study was conducted by King's College in London and the findings were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. All of the 2,035 participants completed questionnaires giving details of their sexual behavior and performance and also answered questions designed to test their emotional intelligence. The research found a very significant association between emotional intelligence and the frequency of orgasm during intercourse and masturbation.

Professor Tim Spector of King's College said,"this study will help enormously in the development of behavioral and cognitive therapies to improve women's sexual lives."
The conclusion of scientists? Emotional intelligence has direct impact on women's sexual functioning and can influence other aspects of their lives.

Gentlemen...Sex is not just about the right technique or environment. Bring a little intelligence and sensitivity to your performance and try to be as tuned in to your partner as she is to you.

At some point you will have sexual problems that are situational, for example, if either of you is tired or stressed or if you are having relationship problems. In that case ladies and guys, a little understanding and a cuddle goes a long way to proving your emotional intelligence.

The Ugly Kid

I wasn't a portrait artist per se, but I did one now and again upon request. I think I did them just to prove to myself that I could.When a lady, that I was slightly acquainted with, asked me to paint her eleven year old son, I accepted the commission. I had never met him but I knew Linda doted on him and thought the sun shone out of his eleven year old butt.We set up an appointment for me to meet my subject and take pictures of him from every angle. Because he was in school all day and had many extra curricular activities, it would be difficult for him to sit for me. I would be working mostly from the photos.

They arrived on time and as they walked into my living room I got a visual shock. He was the ugliest kid I had ever seen in my life."Well, here's my Chandler. Just call him Chan. All his friends do," his mother said proudly. Friends? I don't think so. Not only was he an ugly little lump of humanity, he was sullen,in fact angry looking. He did not want to be there.

He slouched and hunched his shoulders. He had a strange kind of rolling gait like a sailor. He rolled over to my couch, threw himself down and slouched and hunched even lower. He said not a word. Linda talked for both of them. She garnered an occaisonal grunt from him. I got my camera ready and studied my subject while his mom twittered on like a hyperactive sparrow. Eleven year old boys the world over are awkward and gangly, all elbows and knees and big feet that try to trip them . Somehow,it's endearing, charming and you can always see the potential beauty of the men they will become.

This fellow had no potential beauty. He had huge ears and one eye was bigger than the other. He had heavy eye brows that grew into each other. The way he hunched over and hung his head I couldn't help thinking of Charles Laughton's classic portrayal of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. I had to find something to work with. I started snapping head shots and talking to him to put him at ease. I asked him to sit up a little straighter. He obliged by uncurling just a bit. I got no response until I mentioned hockey, then his eyes slewed sideways at me. I chatted about a couple of the Toronto Maple Leafs players, the only ones I knew about and he started mumbling something.With a little coaxing he became more animated and I got a smile. He had perfect white teeth. Probably had cost his mother an arm and a leg. I thought, very uncharitably, that the money she was spending on the portrait would be better spent getting his ears pinned back. He had very thick, dull looking hair but it was an interesting color,a reddish blond, strawberry blond I think it's called. At that point I ended the session.

I sat looking at two dozen photographs,spread out on the coffee table in front of me,in the room I dared to call my studio.The ugly kid looked worse on film. He would not translate well to canvas. I had to get out of this commission. His mother would hate anything I produced. No matter how I handled it , he would end up looking like a troll.You had to make an attempt to make a portrait true to the person. It had to be accurate unless they specified you could use a little artistic licence. The portrait would be hideous. I felt sorry for the poor kid.
Later that evening as I was running over all the excuses I could use to get out of the commission, I had a sudden, brilliant revelation. In my case, that is a rare occurrence. His mother did not see him as ugly. To her he was beautiful, the heart of her heart. If I made the portrait true to the subject, she would see it as beautiful also. Although, she would likely be the only person in the world to see it that way. I would make a few very subtle improvements and smooth out a line here and there, without compromising the integrity of the piece. I COULD DO THIS!
I set to work the next day and really threw myself into the project. I improved his posture,slightly. I gave him a glowing , healthy complexion. I made his hair thick and glossy and made the most of it's unusual color. I made his eyes appear luminous, sparkling and intelligent. Finally I put a slight smile on that naturally sullen face. I stood back and critiqued the work. The kid was still really ugly but he had taken on an elusive quality. He seemed to be full of vitality and promise. It was the best I could do.
When Linda came to pick up the portrait , I had it set on an easel in a flattering light. I was nervous. She came into the room, stopped short and looked as if she had been gob smacked. I could not tell if she was pleased or horrified.The silence stretched into minutes. I cleared my throat in preparation for an apology or an explanation of my reasoning.
I needn't have worried. She was enchanted with the work. She thought it was a wonderful likeness and so real that she wouldn't be surprised if it spoke to her. She had tears in her eyes and she thanked me so effusively for successfully capturing Chan's soul that I was becoming embarrassed. But I also felt gratified and flushed with success. I sent her on her way, feeling I had really earned my fee.
I sat down with a cup of coffee and pondered the vagaries of mothers and their feelings for their offspring and once again, I was convinced that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Stress - Why It's Making You Sick"

Like many of Americans,we are anxious , troubled by uncertainties of the faltering economy.and that stress is making us have trouble sleeping...high blood pressure and bouts of depression.While certain amount of stress can increase productivity,too much can be mentally and physically damaging.Not only does stress provoke negative behaviors such as bingeing on junk food,smoking or excessive drinking,it can also lead to ailments ranging from colds and flu to depression,high blood pressure and memory loss.Stress rarely causes disease,but it creates conditions that makes the body more vulnerable to disease."Sheldon Cohen",a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh say,if you are already sick or have a chronic illness,stress can make it worse.....Try these...they are proven stategies for beating stress....socialize...see friends..stay connected...this is angry...hell,let it all hang a healthy,balanced diet...remember past hardships and problems you've in the moment through activities you movies at home with someone you care for ..try yoga or may not be the answer for everything...but it will sure help...look on the best side..we have been here before and beat this ...and we will beat it again...we just have to believe in ourselves and keep on pushing....folks the proof is in the pudding..but hey,that's just me. See you on the upside.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Grilled Salmon With Dill Cream" Camping Time

Prep Time:7 minutes......Cook Time: 8 minutes
Be sure to have a "salmon Fillets for each person

4oz.salmon fillets,thawed if frozen
1 tbsp olive oil..
1/2 cup sour cream...(your choice)
1 tbsp chopped fresh dill weed
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
fresh dill weed sprigs
1. Coat grill rack with nonstick cooking spray...pre-heat grill to medium heat(300^ F to 350^ F)
2. Brush fillets with oil,and season with salt and pepper to taste.
3, Grill fillets 6/7 minutes per side or until fish flakes easily with a folk,turning once
4.For dill sauce....mix sour cream,dill and lemon juice.Season to taste with salt and pepper
5. top each grilled fillet with tablespoon of dill cream and fresh dill sprigs...
....Make a large bowl of salad...lettuce ...tomatoes.....cucumbers....bell peppers and anything else that strikes your fancy......if you have more than 4 fillets,make more dill sauce...
my family and I fishing and camping out....I have a portable coleman stove and barbeque grill that is just perfect.....I have one that the kids of all ages in your family will love....coming soon ....Tex-Mex Fajitas.......stay tune...more to come for the summer...

New Carjacking Scam

Last Friday night we parked in a public parking area to go to a restaurant. Later, when we drove away I noticed a piece of paper stuck to the rear window of the car. My friend told me not to get out and remove it until I got home because it could be a trick currently used by carjackers.
Coincidentally, a day or two later I received this email.

Police Warning (applies to men and women)

Beware of paper on the rear window of your vehicle - new carjacking trick

Heads up everyone! Please circulate this warning....Hypothetically,you're walking to your car in a parking lot.You unlock your car and get inside.You start your engine and shift into reverse.When you look into the rearview mirror to back out, you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. It's obstructing your vision. So, you shift into park, unlock the doors and jump out of your car to remove it.When you reach the back of your vehicle,carjackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your still running car and burn rubber out of there.You'll be lucky if they don't back into you first to disable you.
And, guess what, ladies? Your purse is still inside the car with all your money, credit cards and ID, not to mention your address and house keys, if they feel like a little burglary later or perhaps an identity theft.Your home and identity are completely compromised.

If you spot a piece of paper on your window,drive away and leave it there until you get home.Be safe... and pass this information on to your friends and loved ones, especially the women.Their purses contain all their personal information and they are the preferred targets....BE ON GUARD.

Your concerned friend Jeannie.