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Steve's Flood

" O.J. Is Running Scared " WTF


Well ,now we have heard it all. O.J. Simpson is scared to death his prison cellmate is plotting to kill him. In a fit of panic, the fallen football hero --who's serving 9 to 33 years at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center--called a close friend, shouting that the inmate wants to strangle him.
"I have never known O.J. to be so scared", the friend said."He's terrified of his cell-mate".
O.J. says the guy is a murderer and a rapist, and he can't believe the officials have put such a man in with him. The guy in O.J.'s cell has been there for months.
"He has become increasingly menacing", a terrified Simpson complained. "He is a killer, and he hates me".
Simpson says the guy told him he was in prison for murder and rape." He hates my guts because I got away with murdering my ex-wife".
O.J. says his cellmate glares at him most of the day,he told his friend he fears bedtime because, "He's told me he is going to strangle me in my sleep the first chance he gets."
Simpson's pal, concerned after talking to O.J. placed a call to prison administrators and was shocked at what he learned.

"Lovelock prison does not house hardened criminals such as murderers and rapists. I was assured that all of the 1,680 inmates there are medium to minimum custody prisoners. That's when I really started to worry about O.J. Had he gone nuts? Was he hallucinating about his cellmate,who was described by officials as a model prisoner? Maybe the cellmate was just working O.J. up into a frenzy of fear".

"I confronted O.J. telling him what I had learned from the prison authorities,but he kept shouting over the phone,"the guy is nuts and he is going to kill me." 'I threw up my hands", said the friend, "I think O.J. is finially losing it.If he has to stay in prison a long time he won't make it."
Simpson was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges in the connection with a 2007 break=in at a Las Vegas hotel room where he tried to recover his sports memorabilia from two dealers.
Simpson is scheduled for an August 3rd court hearing to request release from prison on bail pending his appeal.
My take on this crap: What goes around comes around...O.J. is finally getting his due. You can run and hide but your wrong doing always catches up to you. O.J.'s own jealous, conceited and hateful ways were his downfall...I am sure Nicole's family wanted her to live to raise her children....but thanks to O.J. that's not happening.

Now let me tell you what would be a hoot; if the guards go in one morning and find O.J. strangled by his own hands. Just put him in a cell by himself and put mirrors on the walls and ceiling.That should rob him of what's left of his sanity. He'll think he is surrounded by enemies. He'll do the job himself..... Will keep you updated as news becomes available.


Maybe, (and I'm only speculating here),maybe OJ became someone's bitch in prison.
And he can use his experience to make a living when he gets out.

Good luck with that OJ.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hope for Brian - New Way to Repair Heart Damage

It was thought adult heart muscle cells could not divide. Scientists say they have found a new way to mend damage to the heart. When cells turn into fully-formed adult heart muscle they stop dividing, and cannot replace tissue damaged by disease or deformity. But a US team have found a way to coax the cells to start dividing again, raising hopes they could be used to regenerate healthy tissue.

The study, carried out on mice and rats by Children's Hospital Boston, appears in the journal Cell. If the same mechanisms identified by the researchers can be shown to work in the human heart, it opens up real possibilities for new and more efficient ways to treat people with heart disease

The researchers say their work could provide an alternative to stem cell therapy, which is still largely untested, and carries a potential risk of side effects. In theory, it could be used to treat heart attack patients, those with heart failure and children with congenital heart defects.
The key ingredient is a growth factor known as neuregulin1 (NRG1). The Boston team envisages patients going to a clinic for daily infusions of NRG1 over a period of weeks.However, researcher Dr Bernhard Kühn said more work to establish the safety of the therapy was needed before it could be tested in humans.

It has long been thought that the heart was incapable of repairing itself. Heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) proliferate during prenatal development, but were thought to lose that ability shortly after birth. However, recent research has indicated that the adult cells do have some ability to replace themselves at a low level. The latest study provides firm evidence that this is true - and that NRG1 can ramp up the process significantly.

The Boston team tested the ability of various molecules to spur cell division in cultured cardiomyocytes, including several factors known to drive proliferation of the cells during prenatal development. NRG1 produced the most significant effect, and it was repeated when the factor was injected into adult mice. When administered to animals who had suffered a heart attack, it promoted regeneration of heart muscle, and improved the overall function of the organ.
The researchers said it was not clear if NRG1 is directly responsible for the natural repair process - but their findings show it can clearly enhance it.

Writing in the journal, they said: "We have identified the major elements of a new approach to promote myocardial regeneration.
"Many efforts and important advances have been made toward the goal of developing stem-cell based strategies to regenerate damaged tissues in the heart as well as in other organs.
"The work presented here suggests that stimulating differentiated cardiomyocytes to proliferate may be a viable alternative."
The next stage will be to test the therapy in pigs, which have more in common with humans than rodents do.
Professor Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said: "This fascinating study shows, remarkably, that a significant fraction of adult heart cells in mice can be made to replicate and help to repair damaged hearts.
"If the same mechanisms identified by the researchers can be shown to work in the human heart, it opens up real possibilities for new and more efficient ways to treat people with heart disease."

My husband had a massive heart attack four years ago. His heart is 50% damaged and that part of his heart is useless.They consider it to be dead.We were told there was no hope of improvment.Well, looky here.

Hang in there honey.It's looking good.

"The High Jinks High Seas Cruise"

...Oprah & Gayle's X-rated Cruise...
Some of Oprah Winfrey's staffers behaved like they were on "Jerry Springer Show" when their bighearted boss treated them to a $10 million Mediterranean cruise!
Two couples were caught in "compromising situations" on guy celebrated to much and missed the boat back home...and another guy was found passed out near the ship's night club at 5:am--stark naked! There was also the no-show mystery of Oprah's long-time beau Stedman Graham--and back at work,the scandals had staffers buzzing. There is a lot of talk about the wild behavior' an insider told the Enquirer.
Oprah, 55, generously paid to fly nearly 2,000 people--her employees plus their guests --to Barcelona, Spain, where they boarded the luxury liner Norwegian Gem for a 10-day "Trip of A Lifetime".
The talk show Queen and her best friend Gayle King joined the group on the cruise that had stops in Athens, Spain, Malta and Istanbul. But Stedman was not there, and that set tongues wagging,said the insider.
The voyage got off to a racy start with the naked guy. He was found passed out--nude--- on a couch the first night, the crew members wrapped him in a sheet and put him in an empty cabin to sleep it off.
Two couples were caught having sex on the deck, and one guy missed the ship's sailing in Athens and had to catch up at the next port.But the trip's highlight was a fanastic bash that Oprah threw in a palace in Istanbul. The party must have cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of the other expenses,said the insider.There were huge food tables,belly dancers,whirling dervishes and a huge fireworks display. To make sure there were no uninvited guests, security teams patrolled the waters outside the palace. Oprah's staffers were curious to see whether she'd watch her weight on the cruise. But the media mogul wore loose fitting ,long dresses most of the time, and never showed up at the ship's pool, said the insider. Gayle worked out regularly in the ship's gym,but Oprah never joined her.
Despite her generosity,Oprah wasn't looking for thanks. She made it clear she didn't want thank-you notes from anyone--because she didn't have the time to answer them all,explained the insider.
Oprah was more or less saying, you're thankful-- and I get it . But there wasn't anyone on board that wouldn't have voted for her as the "Best Boss in the World".
My take on this: They know why Stedman wasn't there, you never see Stedman and Gayle with Oprah at the same time..Oprah followers said the rumors have been going around for a long time. On the up side: what a nice thing to do for her employees, I am sure she knew some were going act like asses. No matter how big a front someone puts on, a couple of shots of liquor will strip it away and show their true colors. But it was so nice for Oprah to show her employees she cared and appreciated them. A lot of celebrities should take note. But hey that's just me.

Mike, You Looked a Little Like a Sore Loser

ROME - The winner draped himself triumphantly on the lane rope, thrusting his right hand in the air to celebrate a world record.It's a familiar scene for Michael Phelps. This time, all he could do was watch.Germany's Paul Biedermann handed Phelps his first major individual loss in four years - and snatched his world record, too - with a stunning win in the 200-metre freestyle at the world swimming championships on Tuesday.

Virtually unknown outside his country before this meet, Biedermann has now erased Ian Thorpe from the record book with a win in the 400 free and knocked off the winningest Olympian in history - all in the space of three days.

"I'm not pleased," Phelps said, acknowledging he wasn't in the best shape after taking six months off to revel in his great haul of China.
But Biedermann's performance stirred up even more debate about the high-tech bodysuits that will be banned by the sport's governing body beginning in 2010. Biedermann wore an Arena X-Glide, one of those polyurethane suits that is considered faster than the Speedo LZR Racer, the once-revolutionary suit Phelps wore."The suits make a difference," Biedermann said. "Last year, it was Speedo. This year, it's Arena."I hope there will be a time when I can beat Michael Phelps without these suits," the German added. "I hope next year. I hope it's really soon".

Phelps passed on the chance to wear one of the latest-generation suits. He's been sponsored by Speedo since he was a teenager and wasn't about to abandon the company that paid him a US$1-million bonus after he won eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

Shortly before the race, FINA confirmed that a bodysuit ban will take effect by May 2010, making this the last major competition where buoyancy-aiding suits are allowed.
"It's not my problem," Biedermann said. "It's the problem of FINA. They should handle it really fast."

Phelps was ahead off the blocks, but Biedermann surged into the lead by the first flip and steadily extended his advantage. By the finish, he was a full body length ahead of Phelps.While Biedermann celebrated his time of one minute 42.00 seconds, which knocked off Phelps' world mark of 1:42.96 from the Beijing Olympics, the American stared at the scoreboard for a few seconds, then headed toward the side of the pool without acknowledging the swimmer who had just handed him his first big individual loss since July 30, 2005, at the world championships in Montreal.
"Theoretically, that was a pretty good swim for me, three-tenths off my best time after taking six months off," said Phelps, referring to his layoff after the Olympics. "I mean, I'm not happy, but I mean I know I didn't train much this year. For right now, I'll take it."

I just don't think he's satisfied with finishing second.That was obvious from the awards ceremony. Phelps started to walk away after the top three got their medals, then had to be motioned back to the top rung to pose for pictures with the winner and bronze medallist Danila Izotov of Russia.
Instead of being the centre of attention, Phelps had to stand off to the side, looking glumly toward the cameras.
As they walked around the deck, Biedermann danced in delight while Phelps managed a few forced smiles toward the stands.Finally, Phelps climbed toward the stands to drop off a stuffed mascot with his mother, Debbie, who leaned over to give him a consoling hug. Before her son even left the pool deck, he pulled off his silver medal, as if he wanted no part of that consolation prize.

Michael, you deserved a holiday after the olympics but six months honey,that's a little over the top. Of course you are going to lose your edge if you don't keep up your training, sweetie, and there was that little matter of the bong.

Microsoft and Yahoo Seal Web Deal

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a long-rumoured internet search deal that will help the two companies take on chief rival Google. Microsoft's Bing search engine will power the Yahoo website and Yahoo will in turn become the advertising sales team for Microsoft's online offering. Yahoo has been struggling to make profits in recent years. But last year it rebuffed several takeover bids from Microsoft in an attempt to go it alone.

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said the 10-year deal would provide Microsoft's Bing search engine with the necessary scale to compete.
"Through this agreement with Yahoo, we will create more innovation in search, better value for advertisers, and real consumer choice in a market currently dominated by a single company," said Mr Ballmer.
"Microsoft and Yahoo know there's so much more that search could be. This agreement gives us the scale and resources to create the future of search," he added.
Yahoo is bowing to the inevitable. It simply had neither the resources nor the focus to win the technological arms race for search supremacy

In return for ceding control of its search engine, Yahoo will get to keep 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales on its site for the first five years of the deal, and have the right to sell ads on some Microsoft sites.
Yahoo's search team, meanwhile, will have to brace itself for job losses over the next two years. Some staff will transfer to Microsoft, others can stay on with Yahoo, but redundancies would be unavoidable, according to Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz.

Yahoo said the deal would benefit Yahoo's users and advertisers.
"This agreement comes with boatloads of value for Yahoo, our users, and the industry. And I believe it establishes the foundation for a new era of internet innovation and development," said Ms Bartz.

January 2008: Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $44.6bn in cash and shares, later raised to $47.5bn
May 2008: Microsoft walks away from the table after the two sides fail to agree on a price
November 2008: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang stands down as the firm's boss
April 2009: Yahoo says it will cut 5% of its workforce after quarterly profits drop sharply
May 2009: Microsoft relaunches its own search engine, now branded
July 2009: After new speculation, Microsoft and Yahoo finally announce a web search deal.

The combined search engines should provide users with many more resources.I look forward to using it.

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Hope you enjoy it as much as I do
luv Jeannie

"Joe Jackson is in the Zombie Zone" WTF???

Joe Jackson's ghoulish plan to resurrect "Jackson 5"---with MICHAEL !!
Daddy dearest's newest horror show: Grinning like the dead-eyed zombie that Michael Jackson portrayed in "THRILLER", smirking shyster Joe Jackson --who shocked America with his child-abusive plan to push his grandkids Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket onstage as the so called Jackson 3--touched off a furious family battle with his latest ghoulish scheme: reuniting the Jackson 5 with Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon and Tito backing their dead superstar brother on un-issued vocals discovered in his vault.
A horrified source close to the family said,: unlike Natalie Cole's "Unforgettable" duet with her deceased dad "Nat King Cole" , now that was a labor of love.
Joe's spooky scheme is to resurret meal ticket Michael and enslave him as what he never , ever wanted to be in real life--a dumb-ass oldies act!.
The King of Pop's money grubbing brothers are surprise, surprise !- 100 % behind Puppet Master Pop, but it enraged sisters Janet and La Toya [WOW] they'll fight the old man's tacky exploitation of Michael's memory tooth and nail.
My take on this : Joe is an low down beady-eyed snake in the grass. Janet and La Toya take that old fool down a peg or two. Old Joe has no control over you any more. Just show the old fool who has the bigger balls now. Call your big sister Rebbie for help. You girls kick old Joe's sorry ass and your dead beat brothers will run for the hills. But hey, thats just me. ...stay tuned: the saga continues.

"Ryan O'Neal" Is He Profiting From The Tragedy?

Ryan may not be the loving ,doting partner he's portrayed himself to be,according to several of Farrah's friends and family members. They have come forward with surprising accusations including that Ryan became too close to her best friend "Alana Stewart". But a rep for both Ryan and Alana denies any impropriety. Javier Salazar, a hired companion for Redmond for the past year,also confirms to "In Touch" that he thinks ,Ryan and Alana's relationship was fishy. In fact Griffin O'Neal reveals that Farrah's father, Jim, once visited her from Houston, Texas when she was ill and walked in on Ryan and Alana together in a spare bedroom.It made Jim uncomfortable, so he packed his bags and went home.
Ryan and Alana are a little too cozy with each other, says a former business associate of Farrah's. It is raising eyebrows. They both stayed at Farrah's in the end. In May , family friend Dania Marin filed a restraining order against Ryan after he allegedly sexually harassed her for phone sex, he freaked me out, says Dania.
According to Griffin, Ryan was using Farrah for her money and fame, Griffin says Farrah is worth about $20 million, may not have left anything to Ryan in her will. Redmond will get most of that if he can keep it together.
Promoting the gripping documentary "Farrah's Story" about her battle with cancer the last few months, Ryan, 68,made it seem like the couple's bond was as passsionate and romanatic as his most famous movie "Love Story," which catapulted him to stardom in the 70's. But friends and family say their relationship was actually a complicated story. Ryan treated her terribly and put her down, Javier says. It was so sad. She was the most beautiful person..
Everybody grieves differently,but Ryan's behavior since Farrah's death has been very puzzling. Instead of being low-key, he been spotted frolicking on Malibu Beach.
Is he profiting from Farrah's death? See for yourself: He's back in the spotlight, granting interviews to many reporters because he wants acceptance from the public...Ryan wanted to do an documentary love story to be more about their relationship,but Farrah wanted it to be about her battle with cancer....Will he sell new photos?...An insider says that Ryan has a "cache" of never before seen pictures of Farrah in her prime... According to Griffin, Ryan is not getting anything from Farrah's will but will still make money from Farrah's death.Griffin believes Ryan made a lot of money from her documentary "Farrah's Story "and is planning a sequel. I am sorry but Farrah is dead, let her rest, says Griffin and he also says , Ryan wants to cash in on Farrah's legacy by turning her into an everlasting icon similar to Marilyn Monroe. Her friend Alana Stewart's book,"My Journey With Farrah", is scheduled to be released on August 11th--just a month after her death .
My take on this: It has been long rumored that Ryan and Alana have been going at it behind Farrah's back. With friends like Alana, who the hell needs enemies? Maybe that is why Ryan told his camp to get a certain fan-site of Farrah's shut down, he was afraid they were going to print the truth so all of Farrah's fans would know the truth about him,the fan-site is still up and running...not to worry Ryan, we as Farrah's fans know what a fart-ass you lets hope "Redmond" gets his act together and goes to live with his grandfather "Jim Fawcett" in Houston, Texas. But hey that's just me. Stay tuned: the saga continues.

Robinson Crusoe Was a Real Guy

A GLINT of metal in the soil marked the end of a 13-year quest by a Japanese explorer to locate the base camp of Alexander Selkirk, the marooned 18th-century mariner, whose real ordeal inspired the book 'Robinson Crusoe'.

As a teenager, Daisuke Takahashi read the classic novel by Daniel Defoe and when he discovered it was based on the life of a Scottish sailor, an obsession was ignited which has carried him across the globe to the island of Mas-a-Tierra, 416 miles off the coast of Chile, where Selkirk was abandoned in 1704.

An expedition led by Mr Takahashi has now uncovered clinching evidence of the location of Selkirk's base camp, where he spent four years and four months scanning the horizon in hope of rescue.Excavation of a site, high in the hills along an abandoned trail, has led to the discovery of a bronze tip from a pair of navigational dividers, which have since been dated to the early 18th century and are almost certain to have belonged to Selkirk, a ship's master."I have finally reached him," said Mr Takahashi, who previously wrote the Japanese best-seller, In Search of Robinson Crusoe."It's a peaceful site, with the sound of a nearby river and birds singing. You can see how Selkirk could have conquered his loneliness here."

Dr David Caldwell of the National Museums of Scotland accompanied Mr Takahashi and scientists from Chile on the month-long excavation which took place last January and was sponsored by the magazine National Geographic.He discovered the 16mm piece of copper while sifting through soil taken from the site. Initially Dr Caldwell was baffled as to what it might be, but the following day on the hike up to the site he suddenly realised that it was the tip of Selkirk's dividers. "Selkirk was known to have been carrying a pair of dividers with him when he was rescued and we can assume that a piece broke off, perhaps while he was using them for some other purpose," said Dr Caldwell."In archaeological terms, that is as good evidence as you are going to get.

"The site on Mas-a-Tierra, which is also known as Robinson Crusoe Island, yielded traces of a fire, animal bones and holes that appear to have housed poles used for building a shelter. Selkirk built two huts of wood covered with long grass and lined with goatskin. Carbon dating then confirmed the camp as from around the time of Selkirk's long exile.The story of Selkirk fascinated early 18th century British society and eight years after his return in 1709, the author Daniel Defoe published his novel, The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
Born in the village of Lower Largo, Fife, Selkirk was the seventh son of a shoemaker, and went to sea against his father's wishes and to avoid a summons to appear before the Kirk session accused of "indecent carriage" in church.In May 1703 he was appointed master of the privateer ship, Cinque Ports, but quarrelled with its captain, Thomas Stradling. After the ship underwent a hasty refit in South America, Selkirk declared the vessel unseaworthy and demanded to be put ashore on Mas-a-Tierra.He was landed on the island with suitable supplies, including a musket, powder and a Bible, but changed his mind as the boat prepared to sail. Stradling, however, refused to take him back and so abandoned him. Yet Selkirk was proved correct about the poor repairs. The Cinque Ports sank shortly afterwards, with the loss of most of its crew.

For the first eight months Selkirk was in despair. In an account published in 1712 he "had much ado to bear up against melancholy and the terror of being left alone in such a desolate place".However, he successfully built a camp of two huts high above Cumberland Bay, hunted goats, whose skin he stitched into clothes, and lived on fresh fruit, fish and goats' meat.On one occasion the island was visited by the Spanish, from whom Selkirk was forced to hide, as he would have been hanged as a pirate. However, on 1 February 1709, a vessel called the Duke, captained by Woodes Rogers, visited the island and discovered Selkirk clothed in skins and unable to speak English.

In Rogers' later account of Selkirk's adventures he wrote: "A man cloth'd in goat-skins, who look'd wilder than the first owners of them [who] had so much forgot his language for want of use, that we could scarce understand him, for he seem'd to speak his words by halves."Three years after his rescue Selkirk married a 16-year-old dairymaid, but the draw of the sea remained strong. He eventually died of yellow fever in 1721 and was buried at sea off West Africa.

The endurance of Selkirk inspired Mr Takahashi, who has dedicated more than a decade to following in the Scot's footsteps. He has spent time researching Selkirk's life in Fife and once spent a month alone on Mas-a-Tierra in order to experience a portion of what Selkirk endured.In his book, Mr Takahashi wrote that on his first evening on the island he was so frightened that he consumed most of the bottle of Scotch he had brought in case of "emergencies".Today, the island has been renamed for Defoe's novel by the Chilean government -(Robinson Crusoe Island).

I have always loved this book as have generations of children.We have all fantasized about being Robinson Crusoe or Huck Finn or some other hero who had to survive on his wits and his will.
I remember building a shelter in the woods and even building a raft, which fell to pieces with me on it. Those were golden days.

We all move on to reality as we grow up. Reality for Mr Selkirk was probably too horrible to contemplate,but I've seen pictures of the island.What a beautiful place it is. One could easily survive there.
Now it is inhabited by a few hundred people and is often visited by people looking for echos of Robinson Crusoe, But it remains relatively untouched and has such natural beauty that it now has a spot on my list of places I intend to visit (someday).

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" New Twist In Custody Battle"

Is the fight for Michael's three kids already over ???
As katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe , the biological mother of Prince and Paris, asked to postpone a custody hearing, new reports suggest that Debbie may not pursue custody after all--as long as Katherine vows to keep her husband "JOE" away from the children!
The last thing Debbie wanted was for those kids to be looked after by "JOE" and go through what Michael went through, according to a source
Joe seemingly had a similar upbringing in mind for the kids, who have been staying at Katherine's Encino, California mansion. In a Good Morning interview on July 10th, Joe ---whom Michael has accused of abuse and being a cruel stage father--boasted that his grandchildren could become entertainers just like their famous father. Blanket can really dance, Joe said.As for Paris , she wants to do something.
Luckily,Joe ,who was in Gary, Ind. on July 10th for a Michael memorial, has had limited contact with Prince/Paris/Blanket. But their former nanny,Grace Rwaramba has been with them at Katherine's ,and her love and support is helping them cope. They are basically happy children, adds an insider..and in the end survivors.
My take on this: Debbie Rowe might be an money grubbing air-head, but I will give her credit on this call...who know what old Joe will do, at his age he should be looking out fot the welfare of his grands, not trying to make money off them...Michael wrote a lot of how he missed his friends from his youth.They grew up and he didn't,a family friend reveals. Stay tuned: updates as they become available.

A Few One LIners Because I Can't Help Myself

-A doctor tells a patient,"I have some very bad news. You have Alzheimer's and cancer."
Patient says, "thank God I don't have cancer."

-Two old ladies were sitting on a park bench. A man comes up to them and flashes them. One old lady has a stroke. The other old lady couldn't reach that far.

-A skeleton walks into a bar and says,"gimme a beer and a mop."

-An elephant says to a camel,"Ha,ha! You've got two tits growing out of your back."The camel says,"very funny,coming from a guy with a dick growing out of his face."

-Guy says,"Doctor, I think I need glasses."Doctor says,"I think so too.This is a gas station."

-Guy says, "I got a teenage daughter growing tits and a menopausal wife growing whiskers.Can life get any better than this?"
-Why are they called hemorrhoids? They should be called asteroids.
-Early to bed, early to rise makes people suspicious.

-Yield to temptation; it may not pass your way again.

-Money is the root of all wealth.

-Don't judge a book by its movie..

-People who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses.

-Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it.

-Things are more like they used to be than they are now.

-If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice?

-A clear conscience is merely the result of bad memory.

-A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
My desk is a work station..

-If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?

-Women should put pictures of missing husbands on beer cans.

-Never agree to plastic surgery if the doctor's office is full of portraits by Picasso.
- My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was a God and I didn't.
-Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
-Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have

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Looks Like the Doctor Dunnit

Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep, and authorities believe the drug killed the pop singer, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Monday.
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, also provided a glimpse inside Jackson's rented mansion, describing the room Jackson slept in as outfitted with oxygen tanks and an IV drip. Another of his bedrooms was a shambles, with clothes and other items strewn about and handwritten notes stuck on the walls. One read: "children are sweet and innocent."
The official said Jackson regularly received propofol to sleep, relying on the drug like an alarm clock. A doctor would administer it when he went to sleep, then stop the intravenous drip when he wanted to wake up. On June 25, the day Jackson died, Dr. Conrad Murray gave him the drug through an IV sometime after midnight, the official said.
Though toxicology reports are pending, investigators are working under the theory propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop, the official said. Jackson is believed to have been using the drug for about two years and investigators are trying to determine how many other doctors administered it, the official said.
Murray, 51, has been identified in court papers as the subject of a manslaughter investigation and authorities last week raided his office and a storage unit in Houston. Police say Murray is cooperating and have not labeled him a suspect.
Using propofol to sleep is a practice far outside the drug's intended purpose. One doctor said administering it in a home to help a person sleep would constitute malpractice.
Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, has said the doctor "didn't prescribe or administer anything that should have killed Michael Jackson." When asked Monday about the law enforcement official's statements he said: "We will not be commenting on rumors, innuendo or unnamed sources."
In a more detailed statement posted online late Monday, Chernoff added that "things tend to shake out when all the facts are made known, and I'm sure that will happen here as well."
Murray became Jackson's personal physician in May and was to accompany him to London for a series of concerts starting in July.
He was staying with Jackson in the Los Angeles mansion and, according to Chernoff, "happened to find" an unconscious Jackson in the pop star's bedroom the morning of June 25. Murray tried to revive him by compressing his chest with one hand while supporting Jackson's back with the other.
It's unclear how long it took for someone at Jackson's home to summon paramedics, though Murray's own lawyers have said it was up to a half-hour. Paramedics arrived about three minutes after they were called and tried to revive the music superstar for another 42 minutes before sliding him into the ambulance and racing with lights flashing and siren blaring to UCLA Medical Center, where Jackson was pronounced dead.
Authorities arrived at the singer's house after the death and found a chaotic scene. The top floor had been all but sealed off, with only Jackson, his children and Murray allowed upstairs, the official said. Jackson's bedroom was a mess, with items seemingly thrown about and some 20 handwritten notes stuck on the walls.
A porcelain girl doll wearing a dress was found on top of the covers of the bed where he slept, the official said.
The temperature upstairs was stiflingly hot, with gas fireplaces and the heating system on high because Jackson always complained of feeling cold, the official said.
Police found propofol and other drugs in the home. An IV line and three tanks of oxygen were in the room where Jackson slept and 15 more oxygen tanks were in a security guard's shack, the official said.
Propofol can depress breathing and lower heart rates and blood pressure. Because of the risks, propofol is only supposed to be administered in medical settings by trained personnel. Instructions on the drug's package warn that patients must be continuously monitored, and that equipment to maintain breathing, to provide artificial ventilation, and to administer oxygen if needed "must be immediately available."
Dr. Zeev Kain, who heads the anesthesiology department at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, said he has never encountered a situation where propofol was given in a home to help someone sleep. Such a situation would constitute malpractice, he said.
Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who gave Jackson nutritional counseling and vitamins earlier this year, said he complained of insomnia and asked her repeatedly for Diprivan, the brand-name version of propofol. Lee said she warned him of the drug's dangers and rejected his requests.
Los Angeles police interviewed Murray twice soon after Jackson's death. Last week, detectives flew to Houston and, along with federal drug agents, searched a medical clinic he ran and a storage unit he rented. They seized a long list of items, including the contents of three computer hard drives, two e-mails from his administrative assistant at the Las Vegas practice Murray ran and various other documents.
A sealed search warrant approved by a Houston judge and later made public allowed authorities to seek "property or items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr. Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offense

"Griffin O'Neal Speaks...Ryan Betrayed Farrah"

Ryan's son estranged son Griffin O'Neal , 44, who was denied entry into Farrah's funeral service, says that Ryan wasn't really devoted partner to Farrah and that his main motivation for staying by her side while she was dying was not purely unselfish.There was no cudding or loving, Griffin says ,he didn't deserve to be around her. He was awful to Farrah, they agured,in 1983 , Farrah had to cancel a play performance at the Westside Arts Theater due to an injury,she said she fell of the stage,Griffin describes Ryan's relationship as volatile and conbustible,anything could have happen between those two. Ryan was not always there,when Farrah's cancer came back three years ago,Ryan went to Germany with her for her first treatment,but skipped the next five,he wasn't consistant ,he wasn't good at the day to day.Thats why she kept turning the marriage proposals down. Griffin claims Ryan has a wandering eye and had cheated on Farrah numerous times.Everyone wanted to see a fairy tale love story between them but thats not how it was..Griffin claims Ryan got Redmond hooked on drugs at a very young age. When they was arrested last September for possession of drugs,Ryan pleaded guilty and agreeded to enter a drug deferment program,Redmond pleaded no contest ,was sent to jail and then to rehab. When Griffin was 16 years- old, he punched his teeth out. The only thing you can rely on Ryan for is his unpredictability, the consistency of his temper and the severity of his rage,Griffin wife ,Joanna, says, he is violent..
Ryan ignored "Tatum"...Ryan and his daughter starred in the movie "Paper Moon" together in 1973. But when he learned Tatum was nominated for a best actress Oscar and he was snubbed by the Academy,It's been reported he punched Tatum in the face ,says Griffin.Tatum wrote she was a needy little girl and haunted by neglect,she wrote in her memoirs...He announced on the "Today Show"--I love her more now than I have ever loved her.. Griffin says my father the hypocrite.
My take on this: We as fans of Farrah have know for a very long time what a two-timing Jack-ass Ryan O'Neal is...Now he is trying to cash in on her death, what a horrible person, well I am
waiting to hear from Tatum and Redmond.. stay tuned: the saga continues.

" Octomom Is Up To Her Old Antics"

LOS ANGELES - Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman has signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day to star in a reality television show.

The contracts filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court guarantee the children will collectively earn about $250,000 over three years. The contracts require a judge's approval.
European production company Eyeworks has inked the deal with Suleman. Eyeworks lists "Breaking Bonaduce" and "The Biggest Loser" among its television credits.

The show is slated to begin filming Sept. 1, according to the documents.
The payments outlined in the contracts say Suleman's kids will collectively earn $125,000 for 36 days of shooting in the first year of production, $75,000 for 21 days in the second year and $50,000 for 14 days in the third year. Any extra shooting days will be compensated at the same rate.
The contract also states that 15 per cent of the gross compensation will be deposited by Eyeworks into a "Coogan Trust Account," as required by California law. The monies can't be touched until the children turn 18 or become legally emancipated.

A call to Suleman's lawyer Jeff Czech was not immediately returned Friday afternoon. He has said previously that the family has hired an entertainment lawyer and established a trust for her children, ages eight and under.

Suleman has faced allegations of labour abuses in recent months.
State regulators brought four citations against Web site RadarOnline for their video taping of the first two octuplets to go home from the hospital. The state Labor Commissioner said the Web site failed to get required state permits, videotaped the infants for periods of time that were illegal and failed to provide a child monitor during the tapings.

A hearing is scheduled on Monday in Orange County Superior Court, in the lawsuit brought by attorney Gloria Allred. Allred asked for a labour investigation and the establishment of a trust for the children on behalf of former child entertainer Paul Petersen, president of a group dedicated to the protection of child performers.

Suleman gave birth to the world's longest-surviving set of octuplets on Jan. 26, but the medical curiosity of their delivery turned to public indignation when it was learned all 14 of her children were conceived by in vitro fertilization.

My take on this: Wake up and smell the coffee or tea,whatever rocks your boat...can't you see this is a deranged person ...doesn't care about the welfare of her children, just the money and and doesn't care how she gets it,even at the expense of the children, she is a mentally ill and unstable person. ...It was reported here not long ago that her oldest son grabbed a knife and threatened his grand mother. Lucky she got away but he managed to knock her down and she injured her arm. That is one troubled child ,honey. See what you're creating, Nadya. It just infuriates the hell out of me. But hey that's just me....stay tuned: the saga continues:

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Movie and Music Trivia

In the film, 'Titanic', when Jack walks through the french doors for dinner with Rose and her family, a camera man's reflection can be seen on the glass.

During one scene in 'The Sound of Music', an orange box can be clearly seen stamped with the words 'Produce of Israel'. The film was set in 1938, ten years before Israel was founded.

Some of the chariot racers in 'Ben Hur' were seen to be wearing wristwatches.

In the 1985 movie, 'Falling in Love', a reflection of the camera can be seen in a mirror.

Esteemed actor Richard Harris was seen wearing an elastoplast on his neck when playing King Arthur in the film 'Camelot'.

Edward G Robinson's character in 'The Last Gangster' gets sent to Alcatraz in 1927. This was probably not as bad a sentence as you might imagine since the prison wasn't opened there until 1934.

In one scene from this movie a young boy who is nothing to do with the film is seen moving across the set. Later, when this was discovered, no-one knew who he was and rumours started to spread about a possible haunting.

Television aerials can clearly be seen on the roofs of Victorian London in the comedy, 'The Wrong Box'.

A red London bus can be seen in the background of one of the battle scenes from the Arthurian legend film, 'Excalibur'.

The song with the longest title is 'I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu Mama Doin' Those Beat-o, Beat-o Flat-On-My-Seat-o, Hirohito Blues' written by Hoagy Carmichael in 1943. He later claimed the song title ended with "Yank" and the rest was a joke.

Michael Jackson won the most grammys ever with a total of eight.

The longest piano piece of any kind is 'Vexations' by Erik Satie. It consists of a 180-note composition which, on the composer's orders, must be repeated 840 times so that the whole performance is 18 hours 40 minutes. Its first reported public performance in September 1963, in the Pocket Theater, New York City, required a relay team of 10 pianists. The New York Times critic fell asleep at 4 a.m. and the audience dwindled to 6 masochists. At the conclusion, one sado-masochist shouted 'Encore!'

Everyone knows that the Buggles 'Video Killed the Radio Star' was the first video to premire on MTV on August 1, 1981. The millionth video to air on MTV was 'Video Killed the Radio Star', aired on MTV February 27, 2000. It's also the 3rd most aired video in MTV history. Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer' is #1.

The longest rendering of a national anthem was 'God Save the King,' performed by a German military band on the platform of Rathenau railway station in Brandenburg, on February 9, 1909. King Edward VII was struggling inside the train to get into his German Field-Marshall uniform, so the band had to play the anthem 17 consecutive times.

'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson was the first video to air on MTV by a black artist. Initially, the channel did not want to air any music by black artists.

3-Day advance purchase tickets for the first Woodstock (1969), were $18.00. The price at the gate, $24.

Jim Morrison (of the 60's rock group The Doors) was the first rock star to be arrested on stage.

In 1976 Sarah Caldwell became the first woman to conduct the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Interesting, huh?

Forget Your Sugar Fix - Change Your Snacks

Consuming too many calories can foil the weight loss efforts of even the most dedicated walkers. These five easy food swaps will help you cut calories, eat healthier and make every stride count.

1. Choose a fruit and protein combo instead of your afternoon sugar fix.Switch your usual chocolate chip cookie at three o’clock for something that’s lower in calories, such as a combination of fruit and protein, suggests Samara Felesky-Hunt, a dietitian in Calgary, Alberta. “Once you start with a cookie, it turns into two or three and becomes mindless eating,” she says. “But if you plan ahead with cottage cheese and pineapple, yogurt and berries or almond butter and an apple, you can save yourself anywhere from 300 to 600 calories.”

2. Order green tea instead of a latteEven if you buy the smallest size, a latte contains about 150 calories. Green tea, on the other hand, has none. “It’s full of antioxidants, and you’re also increasing your water intake for the day,” says Ashley Hill, a dietitian in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (Just try and hold the sugar, too.)

3. Cook with olive oil, not butterOlive oil is made up of 75 percent monounsaturated fats, which are good for your heart, explains Hill. Butter, on the other hand, is comprised of only 28 percent of these heart-healthy fats. Canola oil is another great option, she adds, weighing in at 61 percent. Added bonus: These fats help to curb your hunger – a surefire way to reduce excess calories.

4. Pair your toast with jam, not margarineThe easiest way to cut calories is to reduce fat, since it has twice as many calories as protein or carbohydrates, says Angela Dufour, a dietitian in Bedford, Nova Scotia. At breakfast, replace margarine with jam on your toast to save about 8 grams of fat, or 72 calories.

5. Skip the pop, sip on H20 and fruit juiceWith activity levels increasing over the summer months, there’s a lot of confusion over what and how much to drink, says Dufour. “Cola has extra calories and few nutrients. Our best bet is water, or smaller servings of fruit juice.” Add a lemon slice to your water for an extra kick.

A granola bar packs a nutritious punch of energy and can hold your hunger at bay in between meals. But some bars can also be high in sugars and saturated fats, so before you stock up, make sure you’ve made the healthiest choice possible.

Our five faves:1. Kashi Granola Bars Kashi’s granola bars are low in sugar and high in fibre, which makes them a good snack between breakfast and lunch.
2. Nature Valley Fibre Source Fibre benefits our bowel health and, like protein, it’ll regulate your blood sugars, which makes it ideal for a pre-lunch pick-me-up.
3. Kellogg’s All-Bran Bite Size BarsThis controlled-calorie portion is a tasty snack for the afternoon, and its four grams of fibre hold you over until dinnertime.
For active women:4. Vector bars These 200-calorie bars contain about 15 grams of protein, making them an ultimate pre-workout snack.
5. Detour Protein Bar, Rich in protein (yet in the 200-calorie range) Detour should help repair some lost muscle after exercise.

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..............."Embrace the Spirit of the Night "...............

Sweet dreams are in the air tonight. No matter what your wishes may be, know that the Moon Fairy is ready to work her magic on your behalf. Wherever the moonlight shines, she is there--if you believe. Dressed in glistening colors of the night, she fills the dark hours with promises of a sparkling destiny, promising the moon and stars to anyone she embraces. Fall under her spell --her dreamy, incandescent beauty will make a true believer of you. Take a moment and look to the Heavens. Maybe, you will get a glimpse of this lovely sprite, and if you do , make your wish and it will be granted if you are pure of heart.

I don't want to miss the opportunity to be kind to those around me. There is so much sadness around lately, more than usual, so I feel like we all need a little pick me up.
My take on what and I how I feel:- We shouldn't wait for the perfect moment to give a compliment or to do someone a favor. Moments come and go to quickly. If we wait for them,we'll likely miss them altogether . We should always indulge an urge to do something nice for others. When the impulse hits, go for it , give the compliment, do the favor, say something that will cheer a friend...But hey that's just me.

" Morgan Freeman" All In The Family

Morgan Freeman plans to marry his step-granddaughter,family sources said. It's claimed that the actor has carried on a shocking ,nearly decade long affair with his 27 year old step-granddaughter, E'dena Hines. She is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife. He and his estranged second wife Myrna raised her since she was a young child.

The long, secret relationship led to the break-up of Morgan's marriage. Now Morgan and E'dena are planning to wed after Morgan's contentious divorce is over. Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal. She believes her wish has finally come true. There's been a bitter competition for years between the two women over who would end up with him. The jealousy exploded during Christmas 2006, while E'Dena was visiting Morgan and Myrna at their Mississippi farm. E'Dena screamed at Myrna ,"You're not even sleeping with him, but I am!" It was fierce and open fighting, said the source.

E`Dena has made no secret about her intention to marry Morgan, saying she wants to be his wife, not his mistress, Myrna admitted they have not shared a bed since 2001, and that they had an open marriage--with both she and Morgan having other partners for years. Morgan carried on an affair with former schoolteacher Mary Joyce Hays at the same time he was romancing E'Dena. Myrna was stunned when she learned a decade ago that Morgan had tried to sleep with E'Dena when she was still a teenager.She confronted him and he said he would leave her alone.

At the time Morgan chose to stay in the marriage,which infuriated E'Dena. Despite his promises to stay away from E'Dena , the relationship continued and is STILL going on. Myrna also wanted Morgan to explain to E'Dena that the relationship between them was wrong, but Morgan refused. Morgan says he can't do that, he loves E'Dena. "It would be like I don't love her." Now Morgan has convinced E'Dena that they will marry as soon as his divorce is finalized and she believes him.

My take on this crappy shit: Morgan and E'Dena are not blood related,but they are kin just the same. No matter how you look at's just wrong..wrong..wrong. Is she ready for an open marriage? If she is, then , she's just there for the money. If it's money, she may be in for a rude awakening.'All that glitters is not gold'. The body will build up a resistance to the little blue pills...and may the devil help her if old Morgan dies while in bed with her. I've heard the dangle swells up and you have to call the EMTs to carry you to the hosiptal and get it removed.Now that would be a hoot. Now would someone tell me please,what's wrong with these people? The woman/child has a college degree...I wonder what her MAJOR was, screwing old men for money?...But hey that's just me...

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Chuckles - PMS

Question: What do you get when you mix PMS with GPS?

Answer: A crazy bitch who will find you!

Western Yuk Yuks

A cowboy and his wife just got married and found a nice hotel for their wedding night...
The man approached the front desk and asked for a room.
He said, "We're on our honeymoon and we need a nice room with a good strong bed."

The clerk winked, "You want the Bridal?"

The cowboy reflected on this for a moment and then replied,

"Nope, I reckon not. I'll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it."

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FBI Sting - Corruption in New Jersey

Informant leads FBI sting operation

Those arrested included three mayors, two state legislators and several rabbis
A major FBI operation in New Jersey has ensnared more than 40 people - including politicians, lawmakers and clergymen - in a massive corruption scandal.

The investigation began two years ago into the sale of black-market kidneys and fake Gucci handbags, reports say. But it soon became a sweeping probe of political corruption on a scale that has shocked many in New Jersey, a state with a rich history of graft. Federal prosecutors said investigators at first probed a suspected money-laundering network based in New York and New Jersey with alleged links to Israel.

The network is alleged to have laundered tens of millions of dollars through Jewish charities with the help of rabbis, mostly from the insular Syrian Jewish community based in Deal, a wealthy oceanfront borough of New Jersey.
Prosecutors used an informant - a former real estate developer charged with bank fraud three years ago - to pose as a crooked businessman. The man allegedly approached the rabbis claiming to be bankrupt and in need of hiding his assets. He then convinced them to accept payments made out to the various charities they oversaw, which they then cashed and handed back to him, keeping a portion of the proceeds as their cut.

Millions are alleged to have been laundered in this way, with much of the money coming from Israel and a Swiss banker, prosecutors say. The New York Times says negotiations often took place in parking lots, diners and boiler rooms, with thousands in cash being stuffed into cereal boxes before being passed on.

But the investigation took on a more sinister turn when one of the men in the money-laundering network introduced the informant to a building inspector in Jersey City, who in turn referred him to a series of corrupt politicians who were known as "players". The informant then adopted a new approach, assuming a fake identity and pretending he wanted to build real estate projects in their city or county. He would then offer to pay $5,000 to $10,000 either as a campaign contribution or a direct bribe - if his projects got favourable treatment.He would sometimes allegedly pull the money out of the trunk of his car, or promise to deliver it via a middleman.

It is unclear whether the informant actually owned any buildings or if any of the developments he proposed were ever built but it is unlikely. If you can't trust your mayor, your lawmakers or your rabbi, who in the hell can you trust? Something like this undermines people's natural inclination to trust figures of authority or the clergy.
As for the criminals themselves how could they betray the trust placed in them by so many people, and continue on with their careers without conscience?

One of theThe Greatest Treasures in the World - Dead Sea Scrolls

A jar one of the scrolls was kept in

One of the scrolls

A picture of the cave

It was impossible to find the greatest treasure (singular) in the world. There are many, so I will introduce one every now and then, in no particular order and you can decide for yourself what the greatest treasure in the world is.

One that ocurred to me right away was the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. They are priceless, not because of their monetary value but because of what they have taught and continue to teach us.

The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

In the spring of 1947 Bedouin goat-herds, searching the cliffs along the Dead Sea for a lost goat (or for treasure, depending on who is telling the story), came upon a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts. That find caused a sensation when it was released to the world, and continues to fascinate the scholarly community and the public to this day.

The Qumran site and the Dead Sea.

The first discoveries came to the attention of scholars in 1948, when seven of the scrolls were sold by the Bedouin to a cobbler and antiquities dealer called Kando. He in turn sold three of the scrolls to Eleazar L. Sukenik of Hebrew University, and four to Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel of the Syrian Orthodox monastery of St. Mark. Mar Athanasius in turn brought his four to the American School of Oriental Research, where they came to the attention of American and European scholars.

It was not until 1949 that the site of the find was identified as the cave now known as Qumran Cave 1. It was that identification that led to further explorations and excavations of the area of Khirbet Qumran. Further search of Cave 1 revealed archaeological finds of pottery, cloth and wood, as well as a number of additional manuscript fragments. It was these discoveries that proved decisively that the scrolls were indeed ancient and authentic.

Qumran Cave 4.

Between 1949 and 1956, in what became a race between the Bedouin and the archaeologists, ten additional caves were found in the hills around Qumran, caves that yielded several more scrolls, as well as thousands of fragments of scrolls: the remnants of approximately 800 manuscripts dating from approximately 200 B.C.E. to 68 C.E.
The manuscripts of the Qumran caves include early copies of biblical books in Hebrew and Aramaic, hymns, prayers, Jewish writings known as pseudepigrapha (because they are attributed to ancient biblical characters such as Enoch or the patriarchs), and texts that seem to represent the beliefs of a particular Jewish group that may have lived at the site of Qumran.

Most scholars believe that the Qumran community was very similar to the Essenes, one of four Jewish "philosophies" described by Josephus, a first century C.E. Jewish historian. Some have pointed to similarities with other Jewish groups mentioned by Josephus: the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Zealots.
We do not know precisely who wrote those sectarian scrolls, but we can say that the authors seemed to be connected to the priesthood, were led by priests, disapproved of the Jerusalem priesthood, encouraged a strict and pious way of life, and expected an imminent confrontation between the forces of good and evil.

Apparently the scrolls were hidden in the caves just prior to the Romans' arrival for their safe keeping.Other noteworthy finds are the fragments of 14 parchment scrolls-including parts of the books of Genesis, Leviticus Deuteronomy, Psalms and Ezekiel-discovered at Masada, the site of the Jews' last stand against the Romans in A.D. 73.

More Joe Jackson - Evil Doings

As much as we hate giving this man any more publicity, he is largely responsible for the many quite obvious problems Michael had. Not just with his self image but physically as well, according to Paul Gohranson. If he is to be believed ,then Joe Jackson will probably rot in hell.

Michael Jackson feared he could never have children of his own because his abusive father kicked him in the groin.He suffered permanent damage. That's just one of the shocking charges made by the gay ex-lover of Dr. Arnold Klein, one of Jackson's doctors at the center of the police probe of the King of Pop's death.

The superstar trusted his Beverly Hills dermatologist with some of his most intimate secrets, Klein's former lover Paul Gohranson said in an exclusive interview. And in a bombshell that could rock the investigation, Gohranson who passed a lie detector test--also charges that Dr. Klein himself was an out of control pill popper.
What's more ,he claims Debbie Rowe --who used to work as Dr. Klein's assistant---was tricked into believing Michael donated the sperm for his first child,Prince Michael,now 12. He claims that Debbie didn't learn until halfway into her pregnancy that the boy was conceived by using another donor.
Gohranson said the doctor confided in him it was impossible for Michael to be a dad. He said "Joe" hit Michael in the groin area on a few occasions.The first time it happened was when Michael was a kid and Joe was beating him up. He whaled on him, accidentally hitting him in the testicles. Joe says it was an accident.When Michael got older, Joe did it again.But this time he 'kicked' him in the testicles, calling him a sissy who didn't need them anyway.

"Arnie [Dr. Klein] told me that Michael said his testicles were forever deformed from that beating and that's why he believed he couldn't have children of his own."
Michael told Arnie he was impotent.He blamed his father for taking his childhood and his manhood. And he said when Debbie was pregnant with his first child, she thought it was Michael's baby for several months. She didn't find out until mid-pregnancy that the baby, conceived through artifical insemination, was not Michael's--and that at Michael's request, the sperm came from a donor he personally selected.
In an explosive allegation, Gohranson said that Dr. Klein himself had a devasting drug problem. Gohranson stated ,"I've witnessed Arnie comlpetely out of it , sometimes practically passed out on the floor, from the multiple prescription drugs he was taking.
My take on this...beware of people with small beady eyes who can't look you in the eye when talking. Now we know why Michael ran away each time his dad was around. Hey folks....old Joe is at least eighty.The fool has an ear-ring and bling around his neck...WTF? What's he trying to prove? But that's just me, I notice these things...stay tuned : to be continued:

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"Michael's Two Greatest Albums "

After Michael Jackson's shocking death,the demand for memorabilia from the King of Pop has sky-rocketed , and so did prices. But now two lucky Enquirer readers will receive a rare personal keepsake from the singer thats worth thousands of dollars. The Enquirer obtained two hand-signed Michael Jackson albums---Thriller and Bad from one of the most reputable memorabilia dealers in the world, New York City -based Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia,Inc. Each personally autographed album comes with a " certificate"of authenticity.
Michael's 1982 "THRILLER" is the best selling album of all time with estimated sales of up to 109 million worldwide,the album earned Michael a record breaking seven Grammy Awards. "BAD" has sold more than 30 million copies since it's release in 1987 ,It is the only album in music history to feature five "Billboard" hits. The Enquirer will hold a random drawing to determine the two contest winners..

" Old Joe The Meanest Dad In The World "

Dancing on the casket department: ........Shocking even cold-eyed showbiz wheeler-dealers
Joe Jackson's vile brazen maneuvers to cash in on Michael Jackson's death just hit a new low.Even before his son's body was buried, say sources,he not only huddled with big-buck $$ financiers about buying Neverland back from mortgage holder Thomas Barrack Jr. of Colony Capital, he secertly set about soliciting advice from ex-inlaws Lisa Marie Presley and hard nosed mom Priscilla Presley on how to turn the ranch into a perpetual money-machine,like Graceland--which has netted the Presleys hundred's of $$$ of millions $$$. It gets worse:Betraying the wishes of his wife "Katherine Jackson",who blocked their son's burial at Neverland--and of Michael himself,who considered the ranch "Contaminated" after cops raids during his child molestation trial--evil child beater , Joe, wants Priscillia's advice on how to beat the zoning laws and eventually exhume the body from its final resting place,just as Elvis Presely's was,then enter it as an eternal tourist attraction. Joe tortured Michael in life, said a source ,if his scheme to bury Michael in Neverland succeeds, his son may never rest in peace.Turning Neverland into Graceland is one thing---imprisoning Michael's spirit in a hated place is a shocking betrayal:
My take on this: Joe Jackson is the most hated "DAD" in the world. Now we are learning the truth behind the very talented man, why he had so many facial many pills...well I will tell you what I think....Michael wanted to be as far removed from the likeness of his dad as possible. Can you blame Michael? Joe Jackson is a sneaky beaded eyed looking fool...Not to worry Michael got the last laugh..but hey that's just me: stay tuned: to be continued.

"Real Reason Diana and Liz Missed Jacko's Final Tribute"

The celebrity world turned out en masse for the final tirbute to Michael Jackson. But two of his closest pals ---Liz Taylor and Diana Ross ---were not there.
Liz thought it was a silly circus. And Diana who was named in Michael's will,was told that his family was angry about it.Originally, Liz intended to speak at the jam-packed Los Angeles memorial service on July 7th. Liz was crushed when she heard Michael was dead.'Michael was very dear to her,and she sobbed for days,'said a long time friend. His first show in London was going to be dedicated to Liz. She was in the middle of packing when she got the call.But as the event snow-balled,Liz became appalled at what she called the "silly" circus,it had become.
"My precious boy is gone and those "Jacksons" are turning it into another Woodstock".

Diana Ross--who introduced the world to the "Jackson Five" in 1969--anguished over whether to attend Michael's tribute. Diana was like a second mother to Michael.She was in New York when she got the news and collapsed with grief. Shortly after his death,Diana was floored to learn Michael named her as the #2 guardian to his kids,the source said.

Of course she was flattered he chose her over his brothers and sisters,but then she became overwhelmed--first by the media attention and later by the ugly rumors that the Jacksons were upset that she was in the will at all. In the end, Diana decided to stay away from the tribute so she would not distract from Michael's death.

Deepening her pain,the former Supreme still can't get a break when it comes to the Jackson's clan, revealed the source.
The latest buzz is that some of Michael's siblings are grumbling that Diana dissed them all as a no-show."Poor Diana"is going through this nonsense while her heart is filled with pain over losing her friend.. My take on this : Most of Michael's siblings are a bunch of greedy jackals/vultures . But hey , that's just me. stay tuned: to be continued: