Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Ain't Love Grand"

There are so many things to worry about lately,global warming,endangered species,greenhouse gases,economy ,and now the damn swine flu , why do we wait for something to happen before we go into action , I guess it's just human nature . Now on a brighter note.....come on people lets take care of business so we can get back to the business at hand...and thats making whoopie,my main past-time.In times like these,we have to have a sense of humor,without the ability to make fun of ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in....if I make a list of things that make me happy,a very few of the items would be for now I will catch dad and sis,look out world here I come.......(GIGGLES).....So stay safe and well and I will see you next time.

Chuckles and Yuks

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Where's The Men"

Come join us ....we open a little country "Antique" store so we could meet some older men we could enjoy without their dangles bending in the middle....I know you ladies understand.....when you feel like being naughty,you don't want to pack it in,it kills the sisters and I have a grand opening once a month....Ladies ,let me tell you grabbing a nice dangle is a great "stress" reliever...boy is they right....(GIGGLES)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine flu

I don't believe these friendly little guys are responsible for the cross species strain of 'swine flu' that's terrifying North America.Well, maybe that one pig with bad hygiene, who lives in Mexico.

It's not pandemic yet, but at the rate it's spreading it certainly looks like a distinct possibility. The UN has called for all countries to prepare for a pandemic. The World Health Organization has raised the pandemic alert status to level four. While many countries have restricted travel to Mexico, Asia, Latin America and Europe are screening travellers arriving at their airports for symptoms.
There are 150 people dead in Mexico and a further 2498 suspected cases of swine flu. They have closed schools, businesses and restaurants are being asked to sell takeout food only, to stop people from congregating. Armed policemen in surgical masks monitor the entrances to the hospitals in Mexico City. Surgical masks are being handed out in the streets by the constabulary and volunteers.
Outside of Mexico there have been no deaths, in fact, the symptoms are quite mild. There are scattered cases across the US, all mild. There are eleven cases in California and Governor Scharzenegger has declared a state of emergency. Although he doesn't feel there is any need for serious concern at this point. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation is, even now, investigating the industrial pig farms in Mexico suspected of originating the virus.
Although most doctors are saying that surgical masks do not do much good, they do say that scrubbing your hands frequently is essential, especially outside of your home. If you need to cough use a tissue or cough into your sleeve. Better yet, if you have any symptoms like coughing or fever, stay home to prevent communicating it to others. This is a highly contagious strain. Take care. Be well......BTW-You can't get swine flu from eating pork.

DC is Back in Court and Back in the NE

David Caruso, the relationship challenged fifty three year old star of CSI Miami, is being sued by his former girlfriend and mother of his two toddlers, Liza Marquez. Apparently he reneged on a promise to take care of her after their four year romance ended.
Liza's allegations include insane and unfounded jealous rages, verbal and emotional abuse, insults (including claiming the second baby was not his and telling friends and associates that she was mentally ill, an unfit mother and that she disgusted him.) She also claims he tried to coerce her into having an abortion when he was told that she was pregnant with his son.
He apparently had no desire to be a father in his fifties. One has to wonder why she would allow herself to get preggers a second time when the guy was so unhappy with the first pregnancy. She also alleges his temper tirades lasted for hours, during which he berated and degraded her.
Their relationship collapsed when she was in hospital giving birth to their daughter. An attempt was made to serve her with paternity papers while she was in labor. Since that was unsuccessful, she was served the day she arrived home from the hospital. Nice guy,huh?
This is going to be very nasty. David, when will you learn your lesson? If you were not so cheap and if you were just a little kind to all these women, they would be a little kinder to you in court. How many women have hauled your ass through court now, five, six? Third wife Marg said she was tired of being an emotional punching bag. She took you to the cleaners. What don't you get Dave?

" So True"

When I rise in the mornings to face the day,I will think of positive things and leave the negative things hehind...the good in my life out weighs the bad...some days I feel especially good for no particular reason...I will not pick this feeling apart and analyze it away...I will just enjoy it...if I feel good,I'm going to count myself lucky and have a great join me in having the best day possible.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Out Of Gas"

My man's dad is a character...a very sweet and lovable character....he's semi-retired now,dad rather drive than fly,if possible....before dad retired...he had a chauffeur...I asked him said once he was on a long stretch of road outside of "RENO" heading home to see his wife and son....he was alone and ran out off gas....he had to push the S.O.B f*****g car about two miles before he got a lift into the next town...(GIGGLES) now I know why he doesn't travel alone and also why dad won't drive anywhere without his cell-phone.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Where The Hell Are We"?

Sis and Dad lost ....wonder what they are thinking.....I wonder if they were looking for a side road ....HMmmmmmm....those two are always into somethimg....I will catch them yet....wonder will my babies have to call my sister "grandmama sis" and my man's dad "uncle papa....Now I know what the meaning of keeping it all in the family means (giggles).Stay tune ,I will keep you up-dated as it unfolds.Just keeping it real...but hey thats's just me.

Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips(optional)
A small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug (microwave safe)
Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well.Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips ( if you want them) and vanilla extract and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
The cake will rise over the top of the mug,but don't be alarmed.
Allow it to cool and tip onto a plate.
This can serve two if you want to feel slightly more virtuous.
And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?
Because now we are only five minutes away from chocolate cake at any given moment.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"When Will It End"

Are there any relationships safe in "Hollywood",lets take a look at one of weirdwood hottest couples....well Angelina Jolie,how do it feel with the shoe on the other foot....chased another woman's husband....moved in together,all your's right , NOoooo...He just like to play like a lot of other men that are user's like so many of had a private conversation with "JEN" apologizes...Jen gets the last laugh.and Brad runs for cover...Jens spills Brads darkest secrets as her revenge on Angelina.
Angelina caught Brad giving the nanny a back-rub..I know that didn't go over well...Angelina kicked Brad out of her bed....Now he wants all the kids. One question,Angelina,how do it feel to be made a fool ...didn't Brad promise to love you til the end of time....(newsflash)Brad told Jen the same time Angelina try to find a man that's not commited to another......It's hard to be the odd woman out...but hey,thats just me.....


The bank of Canada, which had such a bright and cheerful prediction last fall, saying that Canada would see an upturn in the economy by spring, now has a much darker view. They have announced that the recession is worse than they anticipated and believe the economy will fall 1.30% this year.They also say we won't see signs of recovery until mid 2011.
In order to ease the pain of the economic chrisis they have lowered the key interest rate to 0.25% which is so close to zero,we may as well be there.In the last year the interest rate has fallen from 4%.This is good news for home buyers, especially if they can get a five year mortgage.However it spells disaster for people with disappearing investments and retirement funds.
If we continue to follow in the footsteps of the United States,I guess the next step is to print more money.I have a vague idea of what advantage that is supposed to give us,but I still have the feeling that it creates a false economy,which is even more fragile than the one that collapsed.At least they are also saying there will be Zero inflation this year And possibly next year.
It would be foolish to wish for a quick recovery now.It can't happen, but I wish the decline would slow to a stop and remain static until we could come up with better strategies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Lucius Moved"

Lucius,your master may have moved...the good times will keep rolling along,my mistress promised to bring me for visits often...tell your master to bring you for visits .I will miss the times we could cross the street to be together,we would dance ,oh how I enjoyed the times I would dance for you. Oh Lucius I will miss the times our master/mistress thought we was in the barn hunting mice....boy if they only knew what we was hunting....and found.
Lucius, will you have a private place for us,I so enjoy my little hideout here,my mistress told me not to be sad,I will be able to play with you each day....when your master gets settle in,he will bring you over....Lucuis I wish you the best in your new home and will see you are the only "CAT" in my life..........LOL....LOL...LOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Click to enlarge
Sometimes while I'm chatting with you Nee, I doodle.I found this one under a pile of sketches. I drew it several weeks ago (I colored it today so it would show better on the blog).Obviously, it was around the time of Vixen's arrest. We must have been discussing it. It is of interest because it shows how we felt at that time. We were feeling that she was very much the victim. Now that we know the depths of her deception and her past record, I wonder if we feel quite the same way.

I don't regret befriending her.She was alone,friendless,with nowhere to stay and she was being hunted and harassed.She was very troubled and I'm so glad she'll be receiving the treatment she needs.

I still like my depiction of Dodo.


"The Joy Of It All"

Oh the joy of spring,new life is popping up everywhere...what a wonderful time to be alive,to be born,to grow,to walk among the wonders of nature,and to come across people with great minds and insight,to live a life of dignity,humor and grace...this is a privilege we all should have.Today I will remember how extraordinary my ordinary life can may be quick to criticize...before you do,stop and ask yourself would you like for someone to do the same to you...those that I don't agree with I just move on...before you do or say something harmful to others .....stop and think ,I bet you wouldm't want it to happen to you ,but hey, thats just me.

The Odd Couple

My husband is a slob,not a regular slob ,the latest version of extreme,radical,
over the top slob.If there were 'Special Olympics For Slobs', he'd bring home the gold. If there were Oscars for slobs, he'd bring home a 'Lifetime Achievement
Award'.Why would a person like myself, who thrives on tidiness,whose comfort zone is calm, tranquil neatnesss and order,choose to live in chaos? I did not.I was deceived.

While we were dating he lived with his Dutch friend, Walter, who was a good housekeeper.The Dutch people are known for that. He kept the place spic and span.There was never a cushion out of place.When I visited the apartment, I was favorably impressed. I assumed they shared the responsibility for the neatness.
Certainly when he visited my home, he was all that was helpful, including clearing the dinner dishes.Naturally when one is courting, one is on one's best behavior. A person wouldn't think to mention that he had an insignificant bad habit like throwing clothes and trash around until every surface is obliterated.
So, we married and for a short while things weren't too bad.He tried to help clean up,even though he did it badly.It was endearing.He did leave his clothes on the floor,but I thought that was the extent of it.As we began to relax with each other, I noticed a very odd thing.If he accidentally dropped something he didn't pick it up right away.I'd wait until I couldn't stand it a moment longer,then I would retrieve the object myself, only to have him say."I was going to pick that up in a minute."

Soon,he started leaving a mess in the bathroom in the morning. Towls thrown on the vanity or floor, toothpaste left uncapped, water everywhere and toiletries all over the counter. I agonized over whether, or not, to make an issue of it. Then crumbs and jam, coffee rings and dirty dishes became the decor in the kitchen and spread to the living room along with scattered newspapers shoes and coats. As my husband walked into a room things seemed to fall from him on to any available surface.
If he did a repair job on a tap or on the car or on anything else, he would leave the tools exactly where they fell and the silicone mess or the black grease.I found tools beside the driveway that had oxidized and rusted almost completely away. I diligently and, I thought, patiently picked up and cleaned up. but I guess my growing stress and discomfort began to show on my face.He asked me one day,what my problem was.
Those fateful words.If only he hadn't said them.I snapped.The top of my head blew off and I screeched at him with my considerable lung power,"My problem?MY PROBLEM?"I informed him that the only problem I had was him and he had a big problem and he had better do something about it, or I was going to leave him wallowing in his own filth(that was a little unfair because he kept himself immaculately clean)
The man looked baffled and confused.I enlightened him."You are a slob,a walking, talking, garbage dropping, chaos creating slob." I added "You have no respect for me if you expect me to follow you around like a servant,cleaning up after you." I then proceeded to bawl my eyes out.
He stood very calmly,looking puzzled,as he looked around the room and said,"It looks nice and neat in here."
"Give it a minute.You haven't been here long."
"I don't expect you to follow me around,cleaning up."he said.
"But if I didn't, we wouldn't have these nice neat rooms."
"So?"he said."Just relax.Don't bother.It's not that important."
I knew then,that I had a long term struggle ahead of me.There was no neutral meeting place,no compromise.There was no means of communication.He didn't get it.He didn't get me,and I didn't understand the workings of his mind.Logic was not an option.
We had a marriage that had everything going for it.Love, passion, mutual likes, mutual dislikes and the same goals.We had the same sense of humor,the same love of children and family.We had hit a bump in the seemingly smooth road.
This bump in the road became the bane of my life.As the years went by I realized he could not change very much.He tried,but he never understood what a sense of order meant to me.I always thought ,if your home was chaotic, your thoughts probably were too.He would begin to chafe under my nagging, lose his temper and call me a neat freak. So, I had to change.I had to accept a certain level of messiness.When it got to be more than I could bear,I would clean up without complaining.It made me more tolerant in many areas of life so I considered it a positive adjustment.
The marriage was well worth the trouble.It was wonderful ,satisfying and fulfilling and my husband continued to be a fantastic guy.Our kids had two examples before them( they called us Oscar and Felix, after 'The Odd Couple'). They could emulate the neat freak or the slob.Guess which one they

Monday, April 20, 2009

"The Madness Of Building A Home"

I have undertaken a labor of love...I want to share and carry you along on the journey with me....I hope you enjoy the's a large job...but I am up to the task...Lowe's nursery personnel was out bright and early to dig the holes for the pecan trees...the gardener and his crew was tilling the spot for my garden,I am loving it...I know it will be a lot of hard work,the rewards will be wonderful...the contractor and crew begins bringing their materials in ...the contractor said if the weather will cooperate with us I should be in my home soon...but it will take time...
Dad picked out a spot where he wanted to put my "Barbeque Pit"...Dad heard me mention I wanted to plant dad and sis is gone to Lowe's to get a trellis for them to climb on... they come in six feet lengths,he is picking up two,and to ask "JEANNIE" if I needed more....Dad and Sis is mighty close, I will have to watch those two,Nan and I both believe there is something going on between the two for a while now..that is a story for another time....I am so thankful Jeannie told me about the Jumping Jolly for my little man,he loves the outdoors.....I am planting all kinds of you know I am just a plain horny old country gal....I don't know what all I will have ...I am just feeling my way,I am sure i will add a few things as I go along....Jeannie told me to give my big baby girl a spot for her very own...what a great idea that was.....until next time.....hey it's just me ..(GIGGLES)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


"Happy IVGLDSW Day". Today is 'International Very Good Looking ,Damn Smart Women's Day'. You may mention it to women who fit the description. Women who don't qualify, don't have to be informed of it. I,of course, have already been congratulated.
Life should not be just a journey to the grave.You don't have to arrive in a well cared for,well preserved body.Skid in sideways, wine in one hand, vibrator in the other,body wasted and worn out,screaming, "WOO HOO",what a ride!

On the Occaison of My Birthday(Okay,it's a grab for attention )

If you can't be a good example-- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
Inside every older person is a younger person-- wondering what the hell happened.

Inside me there is a skinny woman crying to get out,but I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies. When life hands you lemons,ask for some Tequila and salt and call me over.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Front Page ........Birthday Girl.....Jeannie"

Have a great day......You won't get another til next year.........(giggles) NEE

Happy Birthday "JEANNIE" My Friend

When counting the wonderful ways we've been blessed,the sweet gift of friendship is one of the best.
There is no greater blessing than an understanding friend,one who's there in times of trouble and whom we can depend.Who shares the happy moments and brightens cloudy days,one who is slow to criticize,and quick to offer praise.There is no greater blessing than a friend who's loyal and true---the very special kind of friend that I have found in are truly an "ANGEL" NEE

But, Hey, That's Just Me

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dad The Babysitter

Let me tell you about my day,I had a doctor's appointment this morning, My darling man fixed breakfast,blessed his heart,I have my very own built in babysitter...he's the best (GIGGLES) he's free and loves his grandkids,so I know they will be safe,I washed and dried a load of clothes...I left dad and kids clothes in the laundry room...dressed,kissed my baby and off I went,had a great check up...still early,so I decided to check on a few things before heading home,there is nothing I can do outside ,it's going to rain all weekend so says the weatherman.....all finish,heading home,I have accomplished a lot...feeling real proud of myself,wasn't worried about my baby-girl...her daddy was picking her up from school and carry her to the office with him,no worries right..DUD..home I go.,the first thing I hear is boy stay still, boy, you stay out of your pants more than your daddy do when he's after your mama....I walked in ,asked what was the matter,dad said Gilly keep taking his diaper off, well at least Gilly has on a diaper on,dad used to leave his butt naked.I picked up my baby to get a little loving....Guess what ...Gilly had on his diaper ,with a pair of his sister's panties over them to keep them up....I laugh my fool head off....remember I told you dad was good and cheap......I love my wild and wacky family, always something different to laugh at....That's my day and how was yours....see you on the upswing.

The Genie

A man and his wife were having an argument. Suddenly, the husband picked up a bottle lying near him and threw it at her.The bottle flew past his wife and crashed through the living room window of his new neighbor's house,scattering shards of glass everywhere.

Both husband and wife were very embarrassed and went to apologize to the neighbor.Upon reaching the house,they found a young man sitting on a couch with a smile on his face.

Before the couple could say anything,the man said,"I am a genie. I was imprisoned in that bottle for many centuries. You have set me free,so I grant you three wishes.Wish for anything you desire and it shall be fulfilled. All I ask is that you grant me one wish in return.

The couple was so happy,they didn't think twice and presented their wishes.
"I want millions of dollars in my account,"the husband said.
"Done,"said the genie.
"I want diamonds and emeralds and rubies,enough to fill a vault,"said the wife.
"Done,"said the genie.
"I want mansions and villas all over the world,"said the husband.
"Done ,"said the genie.

Now it was the genie's turn to wish."So,"the genie said,"I have fulfilled all three wishes.You must grant me mine.I have not slept with a woman in hundreds of years.All I want is one night of passion with your wife."
The couple was troubled, but the husband explained that it was only a genie,after all,not a real man.Besides, the genie had done so much for them.The wife finally consented.

The genie and the wife had a wonderful night of unbridled lust.

Finally, in the morning, the genie said,"thankyou sweet lady for the passion you showed me."

"By the way,how old is your husband?"
"Why,he is thirty-five."
"My God,"said the genie."Thirty-five and he still believes in Genies. Heh heh."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Octomom: The Truth Behind The Rumors

All I can say is the octomom knows how to work it....No matter how bad the economy gets,she will be riding the wave with the fat the expense of the California tax payers...I bet it feels good to live high on the hog (that's a saying we have here) we have heard a lot of Nadya is setting the record straight...lets take a look .Rumor(1) She's going to do pron...truth...offer was made for a $100 million,I wouldn't do's an insult to my values...WTF....Rumor(2)had tons of surgery...truth...she had a breast reduction from a d-cup to a c-cup before she had children..she says her breast have grown since then..WTF...Rumor (3) she used to be a stripper...truth..never worked as a stripper in my life,"Absolutely not."...WTF...Rumor(4) she over spends...truth..brought a $23.00 lip gloss...didn't buy a Jacuzzi,it's a regular bathtub..a friends father put it in for free...WTF...Rumor (5) wants to be a TV star..Nadya in talks to star in her own reality- TV series which will chronicle her life and the lives of her 14 children...WTF....
Nadya says she is a work in progress,as all human are...Nayda tells LIFE&STYLE...Nadya says she embrace all mistakes,without mistakes,you can't grow,so the more mistakes I make,the more I am growing as a human being.WTF....I guess she has a point...the more mistakes Nadya makes,the less money California tax-payers has in their pockets. Just my take on things,after 14 mistakes don't you think she should have learned? But hey thats just me......DUH....

Hope for Alzheimer's Patients

A new drug has been developed by UK scientists which shows promise as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports the drug,CPHPC, removes a protein from the blood which is thought to play a key role in Alzheimer's.

Tests at the University College London found the protein also disappeared from the brains of five Alzheimer's patients given the drug for three months.Longer and larger scale clinical studies are under way.

The protein - serum amyloid P component (SAP) is always present in both the sticky clumps (plaques) and the tangles of nerve fibres that are found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease and are thought to damage healthy cells.The protein prevents these damaging formations from breaking up and it also promotes the formation of the amyloid protein which forms the dangerous plaques.There is also some evidence that SAP itself can directly damage brain cells.

Two of the big potential advantages of CPHPC are that it is not broken down, once inside the body,and it has a very specific action.It does not interact with the cells at all ,thus reducing the risk of side effects.

Although researchers expected to see a drop of SAP in the patients' blood, they were taken aback at the dramatic effect the drug had on the brain.Laboratory tests revealed the molecular process underpinning the effect of the drug and the way SAP accumulates in the brain with Alzheimer's disease.

The study confirmed that use of the drug - and the removal of SAP from the brain , had no side effects on the patients.

Although longer study is necessary ,scientists are excited with what they have discovered so far.They didn't anticipate the drug entering the brain and affecting it directly and they are very pleased that there are no side effects.

There may be further encouraging results from a study of caffeine in relation to Alzheimer's.It appears that it helps to prevent Alzheimer's.Large test groups of individuals have been studied in several countries,including Canada.Those who regularly drank coffee had a lower occurrence of the disease.An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How important is size, really? Well, I took a poll of friends, family and acquaintances and the majority of women, (those who were really honest) said that a big penis (not toooo big) is exciting. It's visually stimulating. It's mentally stimulating. It's viscerally stimulating. In fact they said, it's kind of stimulating just talking about it'.

Those who had enjoyed intercourse with a man attached to a big penis had a wide variety of experiences to relate. I would say that over half had very positive experiences.

They enjoyed the deeper,fuller penetration and the increased friction. 'The friction factor', as I fondly call it, comes up quite often. A few of the ladies said it was a guaranteed orgasm. They climaxed more quickly than they normally did. Oddly,not many of these women were married to men with larger than average penises. WHY?

A couple of ladies who had been naughty in their younger years, told me that on a wild college weekend, they had actually shared a man, (or tried to) who had a VERY thick pecker. The first lady said she was very excited and couldn't relax her internal muscles enough to allow penetration. A couple of tubes of K-Y jelly and she was groovin. She said the friction factor was very intense. She didn't think she could tolerate it on a day to day basis, but,like chocolate, it was a wonderful treat.
Her friend stripped down to her panties, took a good look at the instrument of pleasure/torture and was so intimidated, she jumped back into her clothes, mumbled an apology and exited. She hop skipped down the hall trying to get her pantyhose crotch up higher than her knees and phoned her friend and scolded her for not giving her a heads up on the actual size of the thing.
SOOOO,conclusion? Some women can be intimidated and are not up to the job.

One or two ladies, who were willing to give it a go, had painful experiences and didn't care to repeat it. But, ladies, there's big and there's BIIIIG. Use a little judgement.
One of the 'no judgement' ladies said, the friction factor created so much heat, she thought it would burst into flames. Well ,she must have been dry as the Sahara. SALIVA girl, yours ,his,the dog's (scratch that last one).

Why don't they all grab these paragons of sexual perfection and marry them?
Well, because when a woman is shopping for a husband, she looks above the waist.
She wants to see true love in his eyes. She wants kind. She wants caring. She wants earning potential. She usually wants him to want kids. She wants him to be horny just for her. If he has a big thaaang, well,that's just a bonus.

We Pay and Pay and....

Despite the billions in taxpayer bailout money that many banks and credit card companies have received, they still continue their abusive practices, hitting customers who make their payments on time with sudden interest hikes and new fees.

In fact, CHASE,CITIBANK,HSBC,CAPITOL ONE and others have recently hiked interest rates, with the average card rate at about 14% at present. Meanwhile, the banks are paying as little as 0% for overnight loans.

It's ridiculous that Americans who are struggling with the collapsing economy have to foot the bailout and pay for these arbitrary hikes in interest rates and fees.

The Fed passed a rule cracking down on abusive credit card rate hikes,but it won't go into effect until mid 2010.That means that the banks who got billions in taxpayer bailouts have more than a year to hit you with higher rates and fees just so they can increase their profits and make up for their bad gambles.

We can't wait another year while the only ones enjoying the big breaks are the big money banks.We need credit card reform this year.Give us a break.

What can you do?Tell your lawmakers in Congress to push the credit card reform forward. Pass it now.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Who's Next"

Look's like all hell's breaking loose,I'm ready,the damn puter is still doing what the hell it wants to do....I can't find my skillet,I think my man hid it,that's o.k. I always keep my second weapon in charge seems like I will have to get another one....oh what the hell,needed a new one....see you at the mall.

Too Tired to Write a Post

I haven't tried this myself,but I hear,that if you get the urge to strip and run around buck naked at the mall,or at work,or even in the park,sniff some Windex.It'll stop you from streaking....
No,I don't suffer from insanity.I enjoy every minute of it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids Say The Darnest Things

One more holiday has gone by...I truly hope you and your family enjoyed getting together as much as I did.....this morning my sisters and I was talking about the good times we had down through the sister Emily,she's the preacher's wife(giggles) asked me did I remember when Jill was about three(3) years old at the 4th of July celebration...I asked why...she begin telling me between laughing her fool head off...
My darling little angel asked her dad for a cookie,he told her to ask sis....she was serving the kids....Jill walk over and asked for a cookie...sis said just a minute...she waited about a couple of seconds and asked again...sis said O.K. just a minute...oh no that was not good enough for my little angel.....Jill said loud enough for everyone to hear......"Aunt Shit" I want a cookie now....Sis asked her what did she say,Jill informed her she wanted a cookie,sis said what is my name....Jill said aunt shit,everyone was laughing so hard...she was trying to say sis.....Emily say my face was pink...then it turn red.....children are just like a sponge,you have to be careful what you say or do around them....My man ran for cover...Jill looked at everyone as if they had lost their minds.....then she repeated ...she wanted a cookie....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Day After

Signs the Easter Bunny is Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

--Keeps rubbing himself for good luck

--Neighbors describe him as quiet loner

--Filling next year's eggs with Prozac

--Apartment walls covered in pictures of shattered Humpty Dumpty

--Rotting corpse of Energizer Bunny found in his crawl space

-- Forcibly dragged from department store after screaming at Santa,"I'll see you dead before you get my job,fat man!"

--He's hopped up on crack

--He has a gun and won't come out of his rabbit hole in Waco Texas



--Tax write off?

--Who ever heard of Easter bricks?

--Plan to destroy the human race with cholesterol?

--Pressure from egg marketing people?

--If he gave you money,he'd be the tooth bunny?

--Would you rather hunt for waffles?

--The energizer bunny got the good job?

I still don't know why.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Very "HAPPY EASTER" to All

Happiness and joy comes with the enjoyment of families getting lets enjoy this time with family and friends.It take so little of your time to make a loved one happy,and now for your man be sure to give him a kind word,a little twist of the hips,not's forget the little shy and wicked can appreciate the small things your partner do to show you haw much he/she love and care for you,you can and should also show them..
A word to the wise...laugh whole-heartedly today,you are among family and friends remembering how extra-ordinary they are and how "BLESS" you are to be able to call them your own....but hey,thats just me......