Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Emails may be nail in Hillary's coffin

Trump's daughter-in-law predicts 'nail in the coffin' for Clinton

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law said the GOP nominee forced the FBI's hand after the bureau announced it was examining newly uncovered emails in Hillary Clinton's email server investigation.
"I think my father-in-law forced their hand in this," Lara Trump said in an interview with Rita Cosby on WABC radio. "You know, he has been the one since the beginning saying that she shouldn't be able to run for president, and I commend him on that."
"And I think if he had not put that pressure on, I don't even know if we would be seeing this happening right now."
On Friday, FBI Director James Comey revealed in a letter to lawmakers that the bureau had uncovered additional emails that are likely pertinent to its investigation into Clinton's private email server and said the agency would take the proper steps.
Lara Trump called the new information the "nail in the coffin" for the former secretary of State.
"I just think she's had a big problem on her hands, and this is going to be, you know, the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned," she said.

Someone stop this runaway train. The emails had nothing to do with Hillary. They belonged to the husband of one of Hillary's aides. What the heck does that have to do with anything? The FBI has confirmed they were not Hillary's and represent no security threat of any kind. The FBI had no right to make public this finding 11 days before an election. They know any new ripple on political waters can make voters forget everything else they have learned about the candidates previously. I do believe Trump pushed this issue and I wouldn't be surprised if he greased a few palms to get it done. And he is screaming about justice.

Video: Trump hopes "justice will finally be done" in Clinton email probe


  1. Jeannie ,
    Hope you don't mind me ranting a bit. I am a businessman , CEO of seven properties across five states between 18,000 /or 20,000 employees give a take a couple of 1,000 . I consider myself a very smart businessman , I would be the first to tell anyone , I can't run a nation , there are so much to know and do , you need to have tack and know when to keep your mouth shut and not let the other person know you are a bubbling fool .

    I hope Trump's supporters will feel the same way when Trump is convicted of rape during his first term if he's elected President. And I hope they enjoy the many cases being brought against Trump for his many illegal acts. They think Hillary is a crook then they obviously believe that rape should be forgiven, fraud and theft by Trump is ok.
    Trump doesn't have the qualifications nor the temperment to carry out the responsibilities of the most important job on earth.
    So now the facts are a lie? I knew Trump had brainwashed his followers but watching the things people say still astounds me. Every single thing Trump come up with is completely fact-less. Trump's supporters quote things not based on facts but based on Trumps comments. Once it's 'PROVEN' not to be true, they question the facts instead of the idiot who told the lies?? The fact that they're allowed to vote is really scary.
    Trump has literally stolen from contractors, tradesmen, and the state of New Jersey (owes 25 million in casino taxes), for starters. Besides that, there is plenty of evidence that he has committed sexual assault (he said so) and several women have corroboration for their claims.
    The news media should never impose its bias opinions, just report the truth as it is.
    I know Hillary is shady, but let's not get hysterical over this. I don't think there is a politician that don't have a few shady skeltons in their closet is it not so ?
    The newly discovered e-mails didn't come from Hillary. There is no withholding of evidence from Hillary or her campaign and the e-mails came from outside Hillary's server.
    Trump has the rape case, the University case and about 100 lawsuits. He is not able to run the nation so I guess he'll hand it over to Putin.
    Sure, because Trump's supporters dislike people who spend their lives doing public service to help children, families and the disadvantaged.
    They like the wealthy who use their lawyers to stiff working people out of their wages.
    Got it.
    Trumps supporters speak from your mouth, but have an empty cavern operating it. No brains!
    Just my humble opinion

  2. You tell them LA Hahahahaha!!!
    Go to WAG .
    Love PIC

  3. HA! That was a pretty good rant. I will turn that into a post in Mr Humble's revered name.
    Do you get that sinking feeling that Mr Trump is going to win by hook or by crook, lies and trickery, obfuscation and mumbo jumbo ? Me too. And as you say, his supporters can completely overlook the facts in favor of his rhetoric or "Trumpery".... as I like to call it.
    I wish that lady who was raped at thirteen would come forward but I imagine her family was very well paid to seal their lips with Krazy Glue. Thanks for giving me a post from an outraged citizen. You know I will not let it go to waste...hahahaha!
    Your friendly resident Genie

  4. I like it when LA gets PO'd in a good cause. hahahaha!
    Luv ya


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