Friday, October 21, 2016

 Hillary Clinton
46.1%                                                                                                      40.0%


  1. Hillary will win ... Trump is a bully and a fool , it's his way or no way ... to be a good leader , you have to bend sometime .

    Trump set the Republican party back 3 decades or more ...
    I got your email , answer it ...
    Go to WAG .
    Love PIC

  2. PIC ,
    It's a comment on FTBB waiting to be moderated ... I left it there because it was commented on a Letter from Joshua ...
    I went to the site and I think you will enjoy it ... I told Dad about it ... It's clean jokes for adults ... some are so funny ... take a look you will like them ...2 Jokes ... jokes for adults but they are clean
    Love PIC


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