Saturday, February 01, 2014

What happened Justin ??

Before this, he was a sweet innocent kid

 And he loved to play his drums. He is an exceptional percussionist.

He used to busk on the steps of his local mall in Stratford Ontario at eight years old
When he became famous, he still sang for his hometown folks on those same steps. He was always a friendly and humble kid
And then something went very awry for Justin Bieber. I hope he finds his way back. Maybe he should come home for a while and find his roots again.


  1. PIC ,
    Justin is a sweet kid and he needs to find new friends that care for him for himself ... not like the crap he has hanging with him now .
    His parents need to take a stand and give him some tough love , you have to be a parent first and friend second . It seems Justin mama has lost her way to , what a waste ... I do agree with you that he needs to just stop and regroup.
    The police stopped in jet at the airport today to search his plane for drugs ... they took the dogs on board , found nothing .

    As I said before , when you got authority looking down your back they will make up things to be a pain in your side ... Justin ... get rid of all your skanky friends .
    Just sayin'

  2. You're right PIC
    He needs parental intervention before he goes down the same road as Lindsay Lohan and countless others.
    The police will always be on his case now, guilty or not.


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