Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amazing Plane Landing in Severe Turbulence

The weather is so insane around the world right now that even planes are struggling. This scary footage shows a Boeing 767 landing amid turbulence at Birmingham Airport in England. It was uploaded on Sunday to YouTube. The video shows the plane struggling as it nears the runway to make a relatively straight landing, but failing to do so because of tumultuous winds. Kudos to the pilots who safely landed the plane in the turbulence that nearly takes out its landing gear.
This video is not a young fledgling's first attempt at flight — it's actually a veteran pilot attempting to control a 767 with winds gusting at 65 km/h as the jet touched down.
The plane, seems to have trouble stabilizing itself as it approaches and looks as if it might be in for a crash landing, when it miraculously lowers itself safely onto the ground .

The landing gear, however, is definitely in worse condition than the passengers, as one of the wheels looks as if it almost blew out completely. You’ve got to hand it to the pilot; it could not have been easy to land this giant aircraft safely in those conditions. Just imagine what the passengers are feeling as the weight of the plane shifts precariously from left to right, and with the possibility of mass panic on board, this pilot deserves a real pat on the back. I think the crew deserves a raise!

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