Thursday, November 28, 2013

Polar Bear Cub Goes to the Dentist


Polar bear cub undergoes dental surgery in Winnipeg 


  1. The Cubs10:54:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie , the dentist is fixing the baby club teeth , that is so good so he can eat . Poppa say take care of your teeth they have to last you all your life .
    Jonny and Chris may get brace next year .
    Daddy told them it will make them have a pretty smile like mama . daddy got a pretty smile . poppa always smile , when he is mad he still smile , mama say poppa smile so you will not know what he is up to .
    Give uncle Brian and your mama some hugs from us , we love you very much . we love your mama and uncle Brian to.

    Wrote by Jenny


  2. Hi Jenny
    I think that cub has been eating too much candy. That's how she got that cavity. Poppa is right, you should take good care of your teeth. I wonder how often polar bears brush their teeth. Must be a very big toothbrush.

    Jake and Sam have braces and the girls still like them so tell Jonny and Chris braces are cool.
    I will give your hugs to Nana and Uncle Brian and thank you very much honey.
    I love you too...Aunt Jeannie


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