Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy,
I have been going to  the same hairdresser  for the  past 12 years. Lately, I have received  some pretty bad haircuts  and I've noticed that the salon is not as clean as it used to be . There is often hair from  previous  customers  on the chair  and the floor .
I feel a strong connection  to my hairdresser  and we've developed  a friendship  over the years, but I can't  take another bad hairdo . I'm thinking of going somewhere else, but I don't know how to do it . Should I  just stop calling  for appointments  or must I "breakup" with her directly ?
Can Hairy Leave Sally

Dear Hairy ,
After  12 years, your hairdresser  deserves  to know why you aren't  returning . Might  she be ill  and unable to do the work she used to do ?  Inquire about her well-being  and then tell her  what's been bothering you . Give her  the opportunity  to improve  the situation  before telling her  you feel  it is necessary  to take  your business else where .

Dear Maxy ,
My job requires  me to use the Internet  to gather  information  for various  projects  in a timely manner; however, I find myself  logging into Facebook and Twitter to update my status  and to see what my friends are doing  all day long. I really want  to concentrate  and focus  on the  work I have  to do doing business hours . Can you help me  create  a strategy to help stay focused ? I could be a more  effective worker .
Easily Distracted

Dear Easily Distracted ,
What you can do is think about  your  career . Consider  the steps  that  you can take  to be successful  in your work life . Write down  a list  of what you can  do to improve your job . Imagine  how much  more efficient  you can be if  you stay focused  on the task at hand
Each day, make a written list  of what  you have to do . Write out each task  on a separate line  and check  off each item  when it has has been successfully completed .
Finally, think  about the  consequences  of continuting  to be  distracted  by your personal social media . You could  potentially lose your job  if you spend  too much time on those websites .

Dear Maxy ,
Recently, my husband  and I have gained  a lot of weight . I know why: We have been eating  rich food  everyday  and drinking wine every night  . We know  that this is causing  us  to bulk up , but  it makes us happy . We actually  have not been this happy  together in years . So , we don't want to stop . Obviously, this  is not rational  thinking . What can we do  to develop  healthier  habits  and stay happy ?
Fat and Happy

Dear Fat and Happy,
You can start  by moving  your bodies  . Why not  take a walk together after dinner ? Ease  into being  more active with each other . At the same time, you can begin  to make  smarter  food choices . Switch out starchy foods  for green vegetables . Cut back on butter  and bread . Eat dinner  earlier  than the normal hour . Do not eat before you go to bed . Reduce your alcohol intake . Start off by reducing  it to one glass  of wine per night  with the goal  of reducing  your alcohol  intake  to one or two nights a week .
Remember  to take  your time  in this process . Talk to your  husband  about it so he knows  you are looking  to do something to improve  your health . Ask him to support  you in this effort . Look for recipes  for healthier  meals . Invite  your husband  to help prepare special meals with you . What makes for a happy marriage  is great communication  coupled  with respect . If you travel  on this journey  to a healthier  life  together, chances are you can slim down and stay happy !

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