Friday, March 02, 2018

Trump reportedly wants Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump out of the White House — and John Kelly may be the one to give them the boot

Business Insider         By   DAVID CHOI          Mar 2nd 2018 
President Donald Trump has reportedly grown frustrated at his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughter. Ivanka, both of whom work as senior advisers in the White House.

Though Trump reportedly told the two to keep serving, he privately asked White House chief of staff John Kelly for help to remove them, according to aides cited by The New York Times.
The two are believed to be locked in a power struggle with Kelly, who has also grown frustrated with them.

President Donald Trump has reportedly grown frustrated with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka, according to a New York Times report published Thursday.

The two senior advisers have also been on White House chief of staff John Kelly's radar, who has been trying to establish and maintain order in an otherwise chaotic West Wing.

According to two people close to Trump, he was particularly frustrated with Kushner, who was the subject of a series of negative headlines in recent days — from a possible violation of the Hatch Act, to a report that indicated four countries had sought to exploit his weaknesses. Trump's views on Kushner ranged from regretful to annoyed, The Times reported.

Ivanka was not spared from Trump's ire, according to the newspaper. But despite telling the two to continue their jobs, aides said Trump privately asked Kelly for help to move them out.

Kelly is also believed to be frustrated with Ivanka, whose recent diplomatic trip to South Korea during the Winter Olympics drew criticism. As a former Marine general who aimed to instill a military-like structure in the White House, Kelly reportedly found himself at odds with the freewheeling access Ivanka had with her father.

The feelings appear to be mutual, as the president's daughter was reportedly preparing for a "death match" against Kelly. A White House official familiar with the situation said that after an avalanche of unflattering news coverage about Kushner, members of Trump's family felt Kelly had inadequately shielded them.

"Iavanka and Kelly are locked in a death match," the source, referring to a nickname for Kushner and Ivanka, said in an Axios report on Friday. "Two enter. Only one survives."

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Listen up folks :
I thought Mr. successful business man was going to run Washington like a business. If he was CEO he would be long gone for incompetence and being in way over his head at all times and being all around bad for business.
And again he can't decide whether to defecate or get off the pot. So he sits and composes tweets as the house burns  , tRUMP  proves once again that he would fire his own mother. Loyalty is completely a one way street with him and he continues to show that he will turn on even his own family to try staying out of jail. Mueller has him right at the verge of going off the deep end. A couple of more turns of the screw and the  tRUMP stain experiment will come to its well deserved terminus and finally end the national nightmare and embarrassment. Putin won't like getting stiffed on all the money owed to him by  tRUMP  so it will be a truly frightening time for the entire Trump criminal cabal.
All this and Mueller is just warming up ...stay tune  the best is yet to come .


  1. He is running Washington like a business....'funny business', 'about to go under business', 'crooked as a snake business'. He loves firing people...look at the list of folks who have departed or fled the White House....It's a long one. He just doesn't have the guts to fire Ivanka or Jared.
    Trump was indeed an experiment, a departure from tradition(presidents with integrity, honor, altruism, patriotism and nothing to hide). People wanted to try something new. Something that would make the Obama administration look ridiculous, wimpy and a total waste of eight years. However, Obama is looking better and better.
    Mr. Mueller is doing a mighty thorough job. Slow and careful will clear this mess up and impeach the 'Orange Monkey'.
    Love Shadow

  2. It's call the business of funny tweeting monkey shines .
    He thinks he is King of the Hill . If something goes wrong fix it not tear it down . tRUMP is a pure racist , Obama was not white enough and his hair was not straight . Obama made his mark in the world and he's still call Mr. President / or Mr. Obama when the media is talking about him .
    Mueller / his crew is working slowly , Mueller is from old school and out to get him , tRUMP is losing ground , the tighter the screws get the closer to a breakdown for tRUMP .
    tRUMP wants to put tariffs on steel , he will be hurting the US , we get steel from China but most of our steel come from Canadian , both countries are our alleys .
    His mama should have put him is a flour sack when he was born and threw him in a river , it would have save the world a lot of misery and shoot the Orange Monkey daddy that would have saved the world a lot of pain. Hahahaha
    Love Witchy


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