Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Michio Kaku: Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens


If advances alien civilizations do exist, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku asks, why would they want anything to do with us? It would be like an academic talking to a squirrel, he suggests, and he has a great point. Hollywood and science fiction novels have conditioned us for years to believe that aliens either want to hang out on our intellectual level and learn from us... or destroy us. If alien life really does have the technology and know-how to make it all the way here, perhaps we should just play it cool and not assume that we are the top species in the universe. Besides, if we play our cards wrong and go all Will Smith in Independence Day on our smart new neighbors, it could be the end of us. Mankind's biggest folly, Kaku suggests, might just be in its insistence that we are an exceptional species.

Are we?? Sometimes I have doubts.

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  1. I think they only wants to observe us , they may consider us as nuts for electing an Orange Monkey with little hands . I agree we should play it cool , why would anyone with their high degree of knowledge what to hang out with us , what can they learn or maybe they think we have advanced enough to teach us how to time travel .
    I agree , some time I have my doubts .
    Love Witchy
    PS , The cartoons on the bottom of my note was hilarious ... especially the last one .


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