Sunday, March 04, 2018

So how do the Mexicans feel about that damn wall ???



  1. The President of Mexico were to visit tRUMP this month , they got into a heated discussion about the wall , Mexico President said they were not going to pay for no f**king wall.

    I think it meant tRUMP could stick it up his a** and sharpen it . Hahahaha!!!
    I am so bad .
    Love you Witchy

  2. Trump has made an enemy of Mexico. That will be hard for the next president to fix. The next Prez is going to have a huge clean-up job just like poor Obama who has never gotten the credit for it.
    I thought the video was a cute response from the Mexicans.
    Glad you liked the pencil sharpener. I may send you one.
    Love you


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