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Senator tells Ben Carson to stop blaming wife for expensive furniture

                                   Mr & Mrs. Ben Carson
HuffPost US            SARA BOBOLTZ          Mar 22nd 2018 
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Thursday slammed Housing and Urban DevelopmentSecretary Ben Carson for failing to take full responsibility for a series of recent embarrassments at the agency, including the decision to spend $31,000 of taxpayer funds on a dining room set for his office. 

Carson said at a congressional hearing earlier this week that his wife had been in charge of the redecorating effort, and he was “as surprised as anyone” to find out the furniture came with such a high price tag. 

“Instead of taking responsibility, Mr. Secretary, you seem to want to blame others,” Brown said in his opening remarks during a Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing.

“Blaming others seems to be the order of the day in the swamp,” Brown later continued. “Under your leadership, Secretary Carson, HUD has decided a wobbly chair in a private D.C. dining room requires the urgent attention of no fewer than 16 staffers and thousands of taxpayer dollars.”

Carson had previously called the old furniture “dangerous.”

A request to refund the purchase was submitted only after news outlets reported on the extravagant purchase, which a spokesman for Carson initially said would not be returned. Federal guidelines put a $5,000 cap on office decor.

Carson’s subsequent effort to replace the old furniture came out to $3,500.

The housing secretary defended himself at the hearing by pointing to his decision to direct Irving Dennis, HUD’s chief financial officer, to “lead an internal task force within HUD to combat waste, fraud and abuse.” 

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) also criticized Carson for failing to take full responsibility, confronting him with emails reported by CNN that appear to contradict a spokesman’s previous assertion that Carson and his wife were not involved in the $31,000 purchase. Carson later stated he does “not intend to be responsible for what anybody else said.”

Menendez called it “an extraordinary statement because everyone is responsible for what our spokespeople say.”

“If he was wrong, he or you should have had the record set straight,” the senator added. 

Following questioning by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Carson eventually admitted he was responsible for the chair incident.

“Even though I wasn’t aware of the $5,000 requirement I still take responsibility,” Carson said. 

The housing secretary also faced heated questions during the hearing over a proposed budget that would increase HUD-subsidized rent for low-income households.

President Donald Trump has reportedly considered replacing Carson in the aftermath of the chair incident. 

Witchy zez : The Sags continues  'As The Stomach Turns ...
Ben  Carson is proof that intelligence can be completely compartmentalized.  He’s a great surgeon, but can’t tie his own shoelaces.  He definitely needs to go back to civilian life.

The great Neurosurgeon made millions at his craft, but couldn't afford a measly $31k for the furniture his wife wanted. He could have donated it  to the government, but no, in truly inspiring greed, he had to charge the taxpayers, then weaseled out.  He doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing just like so many of  tRUMP's appointees. Now after today, better to pray to God for help. This is what we have wrought.

The annual HUD budget is $32.6 billion and the complexity of this organization requires experienced, tough managers to avoid wasting tax dollars. So of course Trump appoints Carson, who has zero experience and believes the Egyptian Pyramids were built for storing grain. The $31,000 furniture bill is chump change compared to the money that is undoubtedly lost with a "leader" like Carson.
Cheeto  put a Surgeon in charge of HUD ?????, and now the dude is blowing his budget on his own furniture....the money  was for US Housing & Development, not his own......GEEZ!!!

Is there anyone at all in this administration who is honest?  The lying is so disgusting.
It's funny as hell  old  Ben threw his wife  under the bus   Hahahaha!!!


  1. I will leave you a note Sat. I didn't finish it mu note to you .
    Love Witchy

  2. K Witchy
    Isn't there one person in the Trump admin. with honesty or integrity ? All are out to line their own pockets or glorify their image. I got the same impression about Ben. A good doctor but an idiot in all other ways. I bet his wife chooses his clothes and dresses him every day. He should not be in government or any position of trust. That pretty much goes for all of Trump's staff.
    Witchy is on the ball
    Love ya


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