Thursday, March 15, 2018

My hero - A Tribute

Heroes live among us, never seeking thanks or praise,
Living lives of deep commitment, through the passage of their days,
To find enlightenment through knowledge, which they gladly give away
For the betterment of human kind, and to guide the questing human mind.
You wouldn't notice when they pass you by, no shining armor nor steed of white.
They arm themselves with wisdom and we bask within their crystal light,
Find clarity from minds so bright.

 Such a hero  has been lost today, he fought with valor until called away,
A battle fierce, filled with such pain, he crossed over to another plane.
 His body, feeble, could not hold the mighty brilliance of his soul,
 So set him free at last to fly, unfettered, into starry skies,
To find the answers he has always sought, with freedom he so dearly bought.
 My hero has no need of limbs, the universe belongs to him.



  1. Your tribute speaks volumes and so true .
    Go to WAG
    Love Witchy

  2. Thank you very much Witchy
    Luv Shadow


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