Monday, March 12, 2018

Did He Lie


  1. Hahaha Yes he lied and still lying out the other side of his mouth .
    I notice Pence / Ryan take a look at them ... Ryan seems to be bored stiff thinking this fool needs to shut up all he is good for is grabbing women / lying / acting a fool .
    Pence seems to be thinking ... hey old fat ass Orange Monkey , you need to resign , I can't take your bull shit much longer .
    I love the guy in the video , he is right on target .
    Love Witchy

  2. The guy in the video always does his homework and gets his stats straight. He does good job. I don't understand how Pence and Ryan can sit there smiling and applauding lies. I think you're right, They are thinking just the opposite...hahahaha! Probably thinking, shut-up Mr Tiny Hands... I bet my pee-pee is much bigger than yours. Pence is thinking, you're not presidential at all. I'm much more presidential. I should be the president, not monkey boy. In all honesty I bet you're right that they can't take his shit much longer.
    Love Shadow


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