Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Things I learned on my vacation.... Show and tell

20 - A fear of Dolphins
 I learned to be scared of dolphins for the rest of my life

17 - Photobomb
 I learned there are photo bombs....and then there are photo bombs

16 - He Wants to Suck Your Bank Account
I learned Mickey Mouse is a pedophile.....Oh Nooooo!!

15 - To the Mothership
I learned aliens have landed in New York and the Statue of Liberty is their leader

19 - A Pain in the Butt
I learned the Leaning Tower of  Pisa cannot be shoved up some guy's ass

18 - Ocean Surprise
 I learned that earthquakes do not cause tsunamis

I learned that some photos do not belong in the family album

I learned that Daddy gets real tired on Mom's souvenir shopping trips

I learned something about walruses I never wanted to know

I learned daddy loses his fashion sense on holiday

I learned you should check the background before you take a family photo

I learned that it is actually possible to get sick to death of Disney World

awkward family vacations funny 2 Really awkward family summer vacation shots (34 Photos)
I learned that some of Daddy's ideas really suck

awkward family vacations funny 4 Really awkward family summer vacation shots (34 Photos)
I learned if Daddy has a few beers with lunch, he can't remember where he left the baby

awkward family vacations funny 3 Really awkward family summer vacation shots (34 Photos)
I learned that llamas like to eat my baby brother

awkward family vacations funny 29 Really awkward family summer vacation shots (34 Photos)
 I learned that if your lederhosen is too small, it will rub your *** raw

On the other hand, tie and dye is a beautiful thing

 I learned that sometimes your elephant ride can go south

 I learned that a cold beer really goes down well at the beach

 I learned that grandpa poops his pants if you put him on a zip line

I learned that mommy and Daddy have a really weird sense of humor

 I learned that cousin Willie will buy anything on vacay

I learned never to let Uncle Billy Bob touch me

I learned Nana's invisibility cloak does not work

I learned that people get really tense if you bury your brother and don't tell them where

I learned you should get Nana her own room at the hotel

I learned that those handles on the inner tube actually have a purpose

 I learned there really are sea monsters and they look a lot like cousin Willie

I learned you should never let Uncle Billy Bob near your little sister either

I learned Aunt Winnie could not swim. Unfortunately, it was too late to save her

Grandpa learned you can be in the wrong place at exactly the right time

 I learned that my  sister Julie has weird taste in boyfriends

I learned Nana doesn't shower much on vacation

awkward family vacations funny 30 Really awkward family summer vacation shots (34 Photos)
 I learned that when you get bored and run out of things to do on your vacay,
you can take a refreshing ride over the falls

In conclusion...It was a real learning experience. But I think I'll go to camp next year

I had a lot of fun putting this post together


  1. PIC;
    I also had a lot of fun reading this post ... always wondered what elephants did when they got horny Hahaha! The man on the beach is a hoot with his poker and nuts showing . You are so bad ,

    Fun post

  2. Hi PIC
    I left the funniest stuff out. It was hilarious. I didn't want to scare or offend too many people . Looks like I am losing a few pictures so I will have to fix it later. See you soon old pal.
    Take care


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