Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jeb takes aim at Hilary....Hillary shoots back

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has hit back at one of her Republican rivals, Jeb Bush, over who is responsible for instability in Iraq. Earlier this week Mr Bush accused the Obama administration of a "premature withdrawal" of US forces from Iraq in 2011, with "grievous" costs.
Mrs Clinton replied by saying it was Mr Bush's brother George W Bush who, as president, negotiated a US withdrawal.
The US-led war in 2003 has been followed by years of turmoil. Mr Bush called the withdrawal of US forces in 2011 a "fatal error", destabilizing the nation and setting the stage for the rise of Islamic State militants.

"So eager to be the history-makers, they failed to be the peacemakers," Mr Bush said of Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton, who was Obama's secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
"Rushing away from danger can be every bit as unwise as rushing into danger," he told a rally in California.
 Rushing into a dangerous war, of course, is the critique often laid at the feet of Mr Bush's brother, President George W Bush, the man who oversaw the invasion of Iraq in 2003. When your last name is Bush - talking about Iraq is always fraught with peril.


                        Hardballs at the Iowa State Fair: Republican hopeful Jeb Bush

So when Jeb Bush blasted Hillary Clinton for "losing" the Iraq War, it probably suited her just fine. The challenge for the Democratic frontrunner since she first declared in April has been to generate enthusiasm from the party's rank and file for her seemingly inevitable march to the Democratic nomination. The more she mixes it up with Republicans, however, the more her faithful are likely to close ranks behind one of their own.
That, at least, seems to be the outcome for which the Clinton campaign is hoping. And so, at the Iowa State Fair the day after Mr Bush made his rounds among the fried food stands and carnival rides, Mrs Clinton loaded and returned fire at the Republican.
A war of words with Mr Bush could end up being the best way for Mrs Clinton to move on from the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state and the recent surge of fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont in some polls.
On the campaign trail in Iowa on Saturday, Mrs Clinton responded by saying Mr Bush "should present the entire picture. That includes the agreement George W Bush made with the Maliki government in Iraq that set the end of 2011 as the date to withdraw American troops."
"I can only wonder whether he really did not know that or thought that other people would not be reminded of it," she went on.
Earlier in the campaign Jeb Bush was ridiculed for struggling to say whether he would have approved the Iraq invasion "knowing what we know now".
At first, he said he would, then he said he wouldn't engage in "hypotheticals" and finally he announced he would not have.
Mrs Clinton herself voted in favour of the invasion in Iraq in 2002, and has since both defended the decision and acknowledged she "got it wrong".

Perhaps Jeb should do a little more homework before he opens his mouth. My guess is that he did not know, or had completely forgotten the George W Bush agreement to remove troops by 2011. I'm not saying the Bush brothers are not very smart....I don't have to...everyone else has been saying it for years.


  1. PIC ,
    Love your come back on the clown brothers ... G.W. was as dumb as a door nail in hell could he promise to bring the troops home in 2011 , the fool left office in 2008 .
    He went to sleep on the toilet stool eating a cracker , fell off and chip his teeth ..HeHe.. Hillary has a lot of baggage and the republicans are digging ...well cussing Joe may throw his hat in the ring .

    At least Trump keeps people laughing at his antics...everyone knows he is not a politican just a big dumb baboon Hahaha, shit I'm bad .
    Good post ,
    Love ...PIC

  2. Hi PIC
    Hillary's baggage is really not serious stuff. They just find a little dirt and exaggerate it and build on it. I don't think there is anything serious enough to hurt her chances of winning.
    Look at some of the stuff Trump is doing, offending everyone on the planet. He is an arrogant, boorish, ignorant, sexist racist.....and he still has supporters.
    I don't think the Bush boys can rely on their past performances to recommend them. They remind me of 'Dumb and Dumber.'
    Luv PIC

  3. Howdy PIC
    Hillary is a tough cookie ... she would make one hellva good president ... old baggage that can be very dangerous with a lot of our lying media .. especially FOX news ...there is the Vince Foster scandal .. Whitegate... lots more involving Hillary before Clinton made it to the White House . [they are going back 35 /40 years.]But Hillary is the best we got and I will be volunteering to help on her campaign here . Next in line is cussing Joe ... it would be good if one get the nomination and they both work together as Joe and Obama do Pres. / V. Pres.

    The Bush boys was the inspiration for the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' .
    Their mother said we don't need another Bush in the White House .
    Love PIC

    PS: Just watch out when FOX news find out God is woman Hahaha !


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