Saturday, August 08, 2015

Aunt Jeannie --- Our Version -- 'Magnetic Hill' --'Spook Hill'

Aunt Jeannie , 
Poppa is helping us , daddy and uncle Chris took mama and aunt Anita  out  to have fun before we return home .
We could not solve the puzzle , here is an idea  and videos .
We decided Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion  like Spook Hill is in Lake Wales Florida .
Daddy  said it is a geographical anomaly  that makes it appear you are rolling back up the hill from the bottom . Daddy said he will take us to Spook Hill  on vacation  .
What you think ?
Magnetic Hill --- Moncton New Brunswick  Canada
Spook Hill --- Lake Wales , Florida

We love you ---The  Cubs
Wrote by Jonny

Dear cubs and junior scientists,
You are absolutely right. The Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion.  Because there are so many hills and valleys and ups and downs in the area, you can't see the horizon. When you can't see the horizon it is hard to locate yourself in relation to the earth and your brain can't process it properly. You start to think up is down. Make sure Daddy takes you to see Spook Hill. You have to experience it to believe it.
Now I have a scientific mystery for you. Why do boomerangs come back to you????? Did you know the oldest boomerang ever found was twenty thousand years old. It was found in Poland. Why do you think they were invented? I actually saw a boomerang owned by King Tut in a museum. Apparently he had a large collection of them ...different shapes and sizes.
Love you guys
Aunt Jeannie


  1. Howdy PIC,
    Check WAG ...
    I will put my Maxy answers on when I get up's 3:30 AM my time , I am so bad .
    Love you

  2. Howdy PIC,
    Maxy answers in draft , Gil said to tell you are a fabulous grandmother , you know how to keep little people minds busy , the cubs is getting their King Tut videos out ... they are determine to find the answer . they are watching the videos now and as soon as catch him off his computer ...sweetie they got it Hahahaha!!
    Love you girl

  3. Thank you guys,
    Love those cubs. They are smart as whips
    Your Friendly Neigborhood Genie


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