Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Aunt Jeannie a mystery for you ----Mysterious disappearing waterfall in Minnesota baffles geologists

There's a mystery in Minnesota that has geologists and nature lovers scratching their heads. Just where is all the water going that plunges from a waterfall and gushes into a large hole underneath? Where does it come out?

It involves a section of the Brule River in a state park in northeastern Minnesota. At that point, the river divides, and one waterfall takes water down the mountain. The other, Western Branch, goes into the hole.

It's called the Devil's Kettle. The hole is too deep and dangerous to explore. Researchers have tried pouring dye, ping pong balls and logs into the hole but they have never been found coming out somewhere else.

Aunt Jeannie ,hope you can help the geologists solve the mystery.
Love you very much . The Cubs

Hello My Dear Cubs,
What an interesting mystery !  I have heard of the Devil's Kettle. The answer lies in the title. I think the Kettle is a portal to the underworld, where the devil and all his minions live in fire and brimstone, which is just how they like it. But the water from the Kettle keeps pouring into H.... ( bad word ) and putting out the fires. This makes the devil very angry and he sends his minions up to the surface in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes. So you see, I have solved two puzzles.....Devil's Kettle and climate change.
But seriously guys, I really believe that the force of the water and high velocity pebbles eroded and hollowed out the rock over thousands of years and gradually formed a channel under the river from which the water bubbles upwards and rejoins the river. The sand and gravel in the underground channel filter out the dyes and the Ping-Pong balls. And the larger objects just stick on the rocks at the bottom of the hole. I wonder how many skeletons are down there. Some scientists have thought the Kettle water takes a different direction and forms an underground river, through caves, that comes up somewhere under Lake Superior. I find that harder to believe.
The best solution may be to encase a radio transmitter, like they put on whales and sharks, in a container of very thick plastic, neoprene or maybe Kevlar and send it down the Kettle and track it. Technology is pretty sophisticated now. Another thing occurred to me. They could engineer a way to divert the water away from the kettle for a while and let a scientist repel down the hole to see what's down there. They actually diverted Niagara Falls, literally turned it off so the edge of the cliff could be the Devil's Kettle would be easy.
Here's a mystery for you:
The 'Magnetic Hill' in Moncton New Brunswick
Drive down to the bottom of this world-famous hill, take your foot off the brake and be prepared to be amazed. Your car will roll, in reverse, uphill, even as your brain is telling you it's simply not possible! And it doesn’t just work on cars. Vans, trucks and even tour buses roll upward in total defiance of natural law.
Magnetic Hill has been puzzling tourists for decades. This is a completely natural phenomenon - unique to this area. Is it magnetic or is it magic? You decide.

 Love you guys and thank you for the fun
Aunt Jeannie

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