Monday, August 17, 2015

"Dear Mr Trump".......Thirteen year old writes song

What rhymes with “Trump”? Well, “chump,” for one.

Thirteen-year-old Molly Bergman of Southern California calls presidential candidate Donald Trump an embarrassment to America in an original song she posted to her YouTube channel.

The song, titled “Dear Mr. Trump,” begs the GOP candidate to drop out of the race, apologize to women and just go away.

“Dear Mr. Trump, stop being such a chump,” she sings in the first line of the song. “You’re embarrassing the nation — time to take a long vacation.”

“You don’t explain positions fully. Your first instinct is to bully,” she goes on. “You’re a bit of a disgrace. Time to pull out of the race.”

All the while, less-than-flattering pictures of Trump appear on the screen.
Her voice might be sweet but don't let that fool you her message to Trump is clear, "time to go, time to go."

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