Sunday, February 04, 2018

Wax figure Donald Trump paraded outside new US embassy in London


Donald Trump arrived in London to visit the new US embassy - well, sort of.
The wax figure appeared on Friday morning to pose outside of the new American Embassy

A Madame Tussauds waxwork figure of the US President was paraded outside the future home of American diplomats in Britain in a humorous and typically British stunt on Friday morning.
It came after Mr Trump cancelled plans to visit to the UK , cut the ribbon and open the building in Nine Elms, south London.  

Contractors who worked on the embassy posed for pictures with the president
    The president graciously posed for photographers but refused to answer questions about the Russian investigation.

Delighted construction and office workers posed for photos with the 6ft Trump model next to the nicknamed 'Giant Cube' building on the banks of the River Thames. The hugely expensive and ultra modern embassy will definitely beome another iconic Thames landmark.
Clad in a trademark black suit, white shirt and long red tie, waxwork-makers Madame Tussauds said they took their replica down to the Nine Elms site for "a bit of fun" when all the people involved in designing and building the embassy and the people destined to work there were so disappointed by Trump's abrupt cancellation.
Trump said the building was in an 'off location'...whatever that means

The president gave the 'evil eye' to a curious journalist who asked him if he intended to fire Mr. Mueller. Trump did not comment.

"We woke up to the news as everyone else did in the country and thought it would be a bit of fun," Tussauds  executive Claire Treacy announced with a chuckle.
She said the company decided to  put a jovial spin on Mr Trump's announcement he was pulling out of visiting the UK and opening the new home of American diplomats in Britain.

The 'cube' is a piece of architecture you either love or hate and has been called by a number of nicknames, including a 'bread box on stilts'. I admit it looks a little wobbly and ungainly even to my failing eyesight.

 The wax models are very delicate and the staff who chauffeured Mr Trump to the embassy literally treated him with kid gloves and saw to his every comfort.
Mr Trump said he was cancelling the forthcoming trip because his predecessor Barack Obama sold the old Grosvenor Square embassy for "peanuts" and built the new one in an "off location".
Despite the claims, it was actually the George W Bush administration that initiated the building's move to Battersea.
Battersea Labour MP Marsha De Cordova said Mr Trump was "scared to come to London because of all the protests he would face".
My dad always said, " You can make a negative into a positive, if you really want to."
Well done Madame Toussauds!  By the way, your Trump was more charming and polite than the other one.




  1. Claire Treacy and most of the UK woke up chuckles because they were so happy tRUMP wasn't coming Hahahaha!!!
    I must say the was figure is better looking .
    Tell me please , what's with tRUMP's ties , the all are so long , what is he trying to hide , oh I know his little dangle , I see they put his tiny hands in his waist band . Hahahaha!!
    Good one
    Love Witchy

  2. You are so right about that tie. Someone told him if you wear a long red tie people will think you have a long red dangle. I heard he even wears it to bed.
    Do you think Melania would like to have the wax figure to play with ?? What a horrible image. ((Yuck! I think I just threw up in my mouth )
    Love Shadow


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