Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I wouldn't call him a windbag exactly, but .........

Image result for very funny Trump gifs about guns
He blusters about bombs, buttons and war
Image result for very funny Trump gifs about guns
 He backed off on  his own idea of changing the age (to 21) for assault weapons.  He bowed under pressure from the NRA.

 He keeps threatening the 'Dreamers' who have every right to be considered naturalized Americans. So far he just threatens and many cities have voluntarily become sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and dreamers. Big bully.

Then there is the wall ... and how Mexico is going to pay for it.

Image result for animated gif of trump and wall



  1. I would call him an Orange s**t head douche bag and that's just for starters .

    Oh great Orange Monkey , why don't you go back to your homeland the village of 'Idiots' .
    Love Witchy

  2. I like douche bag better than windbag. It fits him better...Hahahaha! Yes he is from Trump Idiotville ....population, one.
    Be a good WItchy, flutter those big eyes and smile. I won't tell the kids you said shithead and douche bag.
    Love Shadow
    Love Shadow


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