Thursday, February 15, 2018

Archie Bunker on Gun Control


  1. Archie is a kook but a lovable one . He would make a better Pres. than the orange monkey .
    tRUMP could take some points from him on how to be a racist .

    The top video I can't watch it here because of copyright laws in my country ... something about Sony and movie rights . I notice if it has Sony music or anything pertaining to Sony , it will not show on blogs .

    Now I go to Nanook .
    Love Witchy
    PS: You can see what they like to read ... Let me know

  2. It's too bad you can't watch the other one. His ideas on gun control were pretty primitive. I notice attitudes haven't changed much since then. Archie was really a horrible man but you are right we all loved him anyway. He was like a cartoon character, white supremacist, racist, male chauvinist.
    Later old pal
    Love Shadow


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