Tuesday, February 06, 2018

@realDonaldTrump explains climate change



  1. Aunt Jeannie
    In 2014 Mr. Trump donated money to fight climate change.
    in June 2015 Mr . Trump says it’s “madness” to call climate change our “No. 1 problem.”
    In 2016 Mr. Trump says his claim that global warming is a Chinese hoax was a “joke.”
    In 2016 Mr . Trump picks leading climate skeptic to run the EPA transition.
    In 2016 Mr. Trump denies saying climate change is a Chinese hoax. ( Mr Trump was campaining for President)
    On Jan . 20 2017 Mr. Trump told the White House climate website replaced with pledge to eliminate Obama’s climate regulations.
    On March 16 2017 Mr. Trump plans to cut to climate research because it’s “a waste of your money.”
    On March 28, 2017 Mr> Trump signs executive order gutting many of Obama’s climate policies, including the Clean Power Plan.
    I like your actual answer "REALLY"
    Mr. Trump would lie if the truth would save his life .
    Poppa told us to always get out facts straight as much as possible .
    Aunt Jeannie there are lots of lies Mr.Trump said that's on the internet , as mama call him 'The Great Orrange One' mama calls him other names , if I repeat them she will make me sat on the couch for hours .
    You can tell he is a very sad and silly man , he can not remember his own lies .
    Mama is waiting on me to finish , she is going to put the numbers down .
    Love you very much
    Jonny , Nanook's Knight

  2. I don't understand half of what the guy says. I wonder if he understands what he's saying. Here is another actual quote from your president, " If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." I think that is the only thing he truly believes.
    His attitude to climate change stinks. I bet you a donut that he has never read a single article on climate change.
    Just look at those dates. On every date, except one, he did something to set you back 50 years in climate research and science. He must have made that donation in 2014 to impress someone.
    Love all the Knights and hope you are all doing great in school.
    Love Aunt Jeannie


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