Wednesday, February 21, 2018

First Lady's parents fall under scrutiny for residency in US

Amalija and Viktor Knavs, the parents of first lady Melania Trump, are reportedly legal permanent residents in the US.
It's likely that the Knavs used America's family-based immigration system to obtain their green cards, putting them on a path to citizenship.

The Trump administration is pushing Congress to enact major cuts to family-based immigration, which they call "chain migration."

First lady Melania Trump's parents reportedly obtained green cards and are on track to become US citizens, raising speculation over whether they took advantage of an immigration process that President Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate.

The Washington Post on Wednesday reported that Amalija and Viktor Knavs have become legal permanent residents, according to people familiar with their status. But their attorney declined to explain how or when the Knavs immigrated.

It's likely that the Knavs, who are from Slovenia, used America's family-reunification process to immigrate, according to immigration experts. One of the main methods of legal immigration to the US is family-based sponsorship, as citizens may sponsor their parents, children, and siblings for green cards.

Some hardline conservatives, particularly the president, call this process "chain migration" and have vowed to eliminate it and slash the US's overall immigration levels.

A representative for the Office of the First Lady declined to clarify the Knavs' immigration statuses to Business Insider, saying they were not part of the Trump administration.

The Knavs have long drawn speculation over their immigration status — they are occasionally photographed in the US, and multiple news reports have said they live with the Trumps. But the White House has not confirmed whether they lived in the US permanently or just visited frequently.

The issue became particularly contentious last week amid immigration negotiations in the Senateto address the fate of young unauthorized immigrants known as Dreamers, whose protection from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is set to end soon.

The president and hardline conservatives insisted on overhauling family-based immigration and the diversity visa lottery program in exchange for extending protections for Dreamers, but Trump's favored immigration proposal was shot down by 60 senators in a vote.

White House officials previously declined to go into specifics on the Knavs' immigration statuses when a reporter asked about them earlier in February, but they also argued that such immigration policies should not continue indefinitely just because they have existed in the past.

Let's hear from  Witchy :
What kind of s**t is this  HUH???  tRUMP  wants to end chain migration to get rid of his in-laws!!!   
tRUMP  You pissed and moaned about Obama's birth certificate! Show us Melania's (and her parent's Green Card!)
Trump likes nothing better than  to cause chaos! What he's doing is killing programs that help people, so it will pay for the rich people  permanent tax cuts. Medicaid   is almost gone. Medicare and Social Security is next!
tRUMP's Presidency will never be viewed as legitimate, regardless of all the  his  hooting and hollering no collusion.  Whatever the outcome of the Mueller investigation, there will forever be a asterisk by Trumps name in the white house.  Sorry trolls  but your boy is a joke.  You and the Russians can go cry together.


  1. Yay Witchy!!!!
    That's telling them. hahahaha! It would be hilarious if Mr T. ends chain migration just to get rid of his in-laws. I wouldn't put it past him...HA!
    Do we know if Melania is an American Citizen??
    I can't even imagine what teachers will be telling their students about Trump's administration in the future. Worst president in history??
    I regret very much the loss of respect The USA has suffered because of the buffoon in the White House. Your country has a very proud history. And people forget the integrity Mr Obama had.
    Great post
    Love Jeannie

  2. It's all over the web that Melania father is a known commmunist , tRUMP had business dealing with him .
    Some say Melania has a green card . If I were Malania I would grab all I can take my son out of that hell hole , that's a train rolling to a wreck .
    I can only imagine what her son is going thru at school , he seems so sad . Kids telling him his daddy is a crook and his mama is a gold digger .
    Ivanka / Melania is both 5'11" tall and they are so skinny , they are not small they looks unhealthy . Models has a little meat on their bones .
    Thank you
    Love Witchy


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