Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Slim Victory in Iowa for Hillary...Ted Cruz for Republicans

Key Points

  1. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic contest by a whisker - 49.8% to 49.6%
  2. Fiery conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz sweeps to victory in Iowa's Republican caucuses
  3. A humbled Donald Trump comes second and Marco Rubio an impressive third
  4. Candidates are campaigning in New Hampshire for the next contest

The race for the White House has now shifted to New Hampshire. A new state means new voters, giving the candidates new strengths and weaknesses.
  • Less religious: New Hampshire voters are typically less socially conservative than those in Iowa. Abortion and gay rights, major issues among Iowa Republicans, take a backseat to economic concerns in the Granite state. Evangelical voters - a major source of support for Ted Cruz - make about 20% of the New Hampshire electorate. (In Iowa, the figure is 50%.) Advantage: Donald Trump and seen as more moderate on social issues, the establishment Republicans (Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Chris Christie) are betting on a strong finish here.
  • More affluent: The median income in New Hampshire is $65,028, making it one of the richest states in the US. Iowa's median income is $52,229. In polling and in Iowa, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have drawn support from less affluent voters. Advantage: Hillary Clinton and the "establishment" Republicans.
  • Even whiter: One area where Iowa and New Hampshire don't differ much is race. The Granite state is 94% white while Iowa is 92% white. Hillary Clinton's deep support among minority voters will not help her here. Advantage: Bernie Sanders. 


  1. Hillary and Cruz has won Iowa , they still have a long way to go ... the fight has just began .
    They are now ready for the campaign trail and they the conference of delegates , this is just to see who have the best chance .
    Obama lost Iowa to Hillary and Obama did't carry the southern states .
    Now , Iowa is in the past , the republicans will bring up all kinds of crap about Cruz . Remember when they said Obama was not suppose to be president because he was not born in the states . People are saying Cruz do not know enough about foreign affairs .
    Things can change from day to day ... as they say new Hampshire is 94% white and Iowa is 92% white , the world is made up now like a bouquet of flowers all colors .
    Now they will hit the campaign trail and may the best person win .
    Great post .

  2. We sure hope Hillary wins. She will continue with what Obama started and improve on it. And she has some good ideas of her own.
    Mr Cruz has some pretty dangerous notions. But I would laugh if a Canadian got into the White House.
    I think Hillary may shine in New Hampshire.
    Love PIC


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