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Aunt Jeannie :Let's play a little choose your own adventure.

Here is the Muir Glacier and Inlet in Alaska.
The black-and-white picture is from Sept. 2, 1892. Guess when the color photo is from.
Aug. 11, 2005.

Below, the black-and-white photo of the Muir Glacier and Inlet is from the 1880s or '90s.
The color photo? Aug. 11, 2005.
Here's a slo-mo of another shot of the Muir Glacier from 1899 to 2003.
And again the Muir Glacier from 1899...... to 2003.

Don't these all now look like summery destinations!?!

Oh wait. These are GLACIERS? In Alaska? 
Yeah. :(

Let's play a little choose your own adventure.

Adventure A :

What happens if we, the Earthlings of Earth, do nothing?

Let's suppose that climate change is either happening or not actually happening (despite overwhelming scientific consensus, BTW).

1. If climate change is not really happening ... we're fine. (Even though there is overwhelming scientific consensus that it IS happening, so it might seem a little silly for us to think that it's not happening ... but we're doing a thought experiment!)

2. If climate change is actually happening and we do NOTHING ... we have economic, social, political, environmental, and health catastrophes the likes of which have never been seen on Earth. :( Basically, the world as we know it is dunzo.

Adventure A's choices: We bet against overwhelming scientific consensus in the hopes that overwhelming scientific consensus is wrong ... or we suffer economic, social, political, environmental, and health catastrophes the likes of which have never been seen on Earth. Not to be all tree-hugger here, but it's kind of a no-brainer for me.

We do not choose this adventure!!!

Adventure B :

What happens if we, the Earthlings of Earth, take action? 
1. If climate change is not really happening ... we'll have spent lots of money investing in clean energy that has been proven to create tons of jobs. It might strain our economy, but there will be more jobs because we'll be investing in new industries. So we'll have more jobs and the air will at least be nicer.

2. If climate change is actually happening ... we'll have spent money in exactly the right place, breathing will be awesome, people will have jobs, and we'll be fine. It's a simple adventure because it's simple. Doing something about climate change simply prepares the world for easy livin'.


The way I see it, there's a choice to invest money in not having a catastrophe + jobs and happy people, or there's a choice to roll the dice on catastrophe, not invest in jobs, and make it harder to breathe.

What's your choice?
I know mine. It's so. so. SO. clear.
Thanks to this magical YouTube video by wonderingmind42 for the action-versus-no-action on global climate change inspiration.

Aunt Jeannie ,  we asked daddy to post this for us ,   Jenny  says she  know what adventure you will  choose  because you started mama  on her adventure . 
Aunt Jeannie  hope you had  a  good Valentine Day , we had a good  one  , Daddy took mama  out  dancing  and  a little gambling . We love you very much and  hope you  are  getting better .
This post is from all the cubs .
Wrote by Sha .

This post was written by concerned , die hard environmentalists, who are trying to save the planet we abused so badly....none of whom are old enough to drive. That makes me feel ashamed of my generation. How about you??


  1. Fantastic post cubs, and extremely well written Sha. I loved the changing images which compared the glacier then and now. Just look at all the ice we have lost since the 1890's. The proof is right there under everyone's noses. We shouldn't have any non believers at this point. But some people still persist in wearing blinders because they don't want to change anything. I am all over adventure 2. I own adventure 2. And I am a proud tree hugger.
    We have no choice really. If we don't take affirmative action, the weather will become so violent we may have to take cover underground; even that won't protect us from earthquakes. It will be too hot to grow crops above ground. There will be world drought and world starvation. When people are starving and their kids are starving (which has already been happening in central Africa for many years)law and order go out the window and we have a world in chaos.
    You are absolutely right Sha, we have to spend money to get this clean new world up and running and that is the stumbling block right there. The other stumbling block is the countries who don't want to participate and clean up their backyards. They don't want to strain their economies or slow down their industry and they think that the rest of us should take care of it. The negotiations waste precious time, year after year. Like you say they keep rolling that dice.
    The new green industries would certainly create jobs. It's all so logical and clear to you kids. You see the situation without all the politics clouding the issues. The politics are created by all the old geezers who run the world.
    The quickest solution is to gather up all the old geezers and maroon them on an island and let you kids take over running the planet. I know you would do a far better job. We'll let Mr Trump be king of the island.
    The sad thing is that they know how to slow global warming and so far nothing has been done.
    Great article and well done. I am going to post it on Maxy too. Right now I am going out to get a Tee shirt with "Adventure 2" on the front.
    I am so proud of you all' love Aunt Jeannie.
    PS: Someone please buy that confused looking little girl an ice-cream.

    1. The Cubs4:53:00 PM

      Aunt Jeannie ,We are so happy you like this post , we all knew you would . When you started mama on her adventure , lot of people said she has lost her mind , they are seeing the how important it is to learn how they can help .
      Aunt Jeannie, we can tell the difference in the weather since Jenny started helping mama and we all joined her . I held a meeting last Friday , it went well , Poppa said I was a chip off the block and we all learned well from watching mama .
      Daddy said this is an uphill battle and we should keep climbing the mountain because it is an up hill struggle , daddy said we can lick it if we keep trying .
      Daddy hug me and said little woman that is why you are our miracle baby , your mama and I kept trying and here you are .
      What a good idea , we asked poppa to get some T shirts and we can wear them to mama meeting . Poppa said he will get a few more and see if Nanook can sell them .
      Aunt Jeannie thank you for putting it on maxy more people see it the better .
      PS: Poppa said the little girl is mad because people do not understand about climate change , he said it remind him of Jenny when she first started the cubs .
      Thank you aunt Jeannie and we love you . The Cubds
      Wrote by Sha

  2. Sha,my pretty young lady,
    I had such a beautiful Valentine's day. Four of my very handsome grandsons took me out to dinner. I got roses and a heart cake. Of course I cried. I have been friends with your mama too long, because I'm getting just like her.
    I wonder if you got a valentine from your sweetie.
    Luv aunt Jeannie

    1. Aunt Jeannie , I am so happy you had a wonderful Valentine Day . I bet all your grandsons is very handsome . We gave mama roses and breakfast in bed , MeMa made a cake for us to give her . Mama say they are tears of joy , and we make her happy .
      I got 2 cards and some candy . Jenny got 4 cards and a boy brought her some candy , poppa open the door and invited him in daddy was in the hall and poppa said this is Jenny daddy the boy gave the candy to poppa and ran out the door , we asked him at school Monday why he ran , he said he wanted no part od daddy , Sheryl asked him why . he said he asked daddy could he take Jenny to the movie and mall . Daddy said sure and what you do to jenny daddy was going to do it to him . daddy said you kiss her , I will kiss you , you hug her , I will hug you and any place you put your hands on her I will put them on you . Jenny told daddy no boys will want to come see us , daddy said little woman that is my idea . Daddy is so funny , aunt Jeannie I do not think Harold will be back soon .
      We love you , Mama said she love to chat wednesday .
      Love from all the Cubs

    2. Oh my gosh, Sha,
      I am still laughing so hard at your daddy. He is too much. That poor boy probably ran for miles before he stopped to breathe. Daddy might have to lighten up a bit but he will always be very protective of you and Jenny. My dad was like that and he scared off quite a few boys. He was a real tough guy, but he always made me feel I was very loved and I always knew he would keep me safe. This is something dads have a hard time with. I think protecting daughters is kind of instinctive with them. I just hope Harold doesn't have nightmares about Daddy kissing him.
      I look forward to chatting with mama. We usually talk about you guys or about my kids and grandkids. We are both proud mamas.
      Take care sweetheart
      Luv Aunt Jeannie


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