Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Syrian kids Enjoy snow for the first time

Welcome to Canada, eh.
A family of Syrians refugees who fled the civil war in their country have seen and experienced snow for the first time in their lives. They took their first toboggan rides this month. The fun was caught on camera as the group flies down Armour Hill in Peterborough, Ont.
Ontario Provincial Police Const. David McNab, who shot the video, is co-sponsoring the family of four with his wife Kristy Hiltz, according to The National Post.
"The kids are amazingly grateful and excited about everything," the police officer told the newspaper.
"Every experience is just laughter, smiles and giggles."

Other Canadians have welcomed the refugees warmly into their hearts in various ways.
School supplies for Syrian children
Joe Woodsworth, a senior manager with Surrey, B.C.-based Options Community Services picks up dozens of backpacks, each filled with school supplies for Syrian children.
Dentists' good deeds 
A number of dentists have stepped up to the plate to offer free services to refugees who arrived with multiple oral problems from poor diet and hygiene in refugee camps.
For example, Malak arrived with her family in July after living in a Jordanian refugee camp for two years. Her teeth were so decayed the 5-year-old girl was kept up at night because of the pain until a local dentist stepped forward to help her and her family.
In November, the Edmonton Oilers captain gave $10,000 to Edmonton's Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to support their work in helping to resettle incoming Syrian refugees. Team members intend to donate more from their own pockets
Jim Estill pledgeed to sponsor 50 families. The Guelph businessman made headlines last month after stepping forward to say he intended to spend $1.5 million to privately sponsor 50 Syrian refugee families to come to Canada.
Estill explained he was tired of seeing refugee applications get snarled in long, bureaucratic processes.
'Everybody’s very excited' in one B.C. community. “It’s really good to know that we’re so compassionate and that we want to help,” said Darrell McLeod of St. Clare's refugee family sponsorship group. They are finding homes, building furniture and gathering provisions to get the families settled into their community. These acts of kindness are being repeated in many towns. "Everyone’s been really excited to make things happen.”
Westbank Developments founder Ian Gillespie is behind many of downtown Vancouver's glitziest skyscrapers. He made a pledge in November to furnish a 12-unit West End apartment complex and open it to incoming refugees. He also said he's exploring other ways to help Syrians.
Christine Youssef (pictured) greets newly arrived Syrian relatives on a bus near Pearson International Airport in Mississauga on Dec. 11. Youssef and her mother are sponsoring 43 of their Syrian relatives to come to Canada.
Random Acts of Kindness
When CBC News reporter Eman Bare interviewed Mohamed Al-Noury, 21, and Athar Farroukh, 23, she realized the Syrian refugee couple had no wedding pictures and had not had a proper wedding celebration. So Bare put a callout on social media to surprise the  sweethearts with a wedding. Her request spread and within 24 hours people came forward donating a venue, suit, dress, cake and reception. And of course, many photos of the occasion to treasure.
"Grateful for a community that makes beautiful things happen," wrote Bare on Instagram below a photo taken at the couple's Saskatoon ceremony.

Way to go Canada!


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