Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chris and Jonny and Cubs....Aliens

Hi Cubs. Here are a few images of what some artists think aliens might look like:

 Here's Jenny's one eyed girl

My favorite


Love from Aunt Jeannie


  1. Jonny and Chris and the Cubs5:37:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie those are some ugly aliens , we hope they stay away ,if I meet one and he said take me to your leader we would take them to Mr. Donald Trump we know Mr. Trump would pee in his pants .
    We like ET the best , we have his movie on video the rest is just ugly and if they come we will hide in the hills , poppa say go to the desert they are scared of the desert , the aliens like water and mountains . Sha asked poppa way , poppa laugh and said they know we bury people or aliens we do not like out there . Poppa is so funny , Uncle Harvey said they know where a lot of things are buried .
    Man and Bubba said if they see a girl alien at the mall that look like her we had to get her ourselves .
    Jenny likes her one eye alien girl , Jenny said when we go to the beach she will have a hard time finding her some sunglasses for the one big eye .
    We all agree that we like Mickey the best because he smiles and is happy and we do not have to be afraid he will eat or kill us .
    Chris said we do not have to worry about the aliens killing us we are doing a good job of that ourselves .
    Mama said you have lots of snow and it is below zero there , stay inside if you can and stay warm . It is cold here with lots of rain , we are lucky we do not have any colds , some have running noses , lots of kids is out of school because they have the flu , Man told daddy he hurt and had a fever daddy asked him where and Man pointed all over and daddy said get your stuff for school or you will be hurting on you butt . Man told daddy he will tell mama and he went to mama and told her , mama told him he had to go to school to help Bubba take care of CC and RJ .
    Aunt Jeannie we thank you for the aliens and we will make copies to put on the walls in our clubhouse .
    Daddy said Robert had a guy that could pass for twins with number 6 , aunt Jeannie he looks like the alien but he is not as ugly , daddy is so funny .
    Thank you so very much aunt Jeannie and they did make us laugh . Hope you are feeling better , We love you very much .
    Wrote by Jonny

  2. Dear Jonny and Cubs
    I think Mr Trump is an alien. He says some very offensive things that most people wouldn't say. So, that would make him a bad alien. A nice alien would be more polite.
    I hope the aliens don't have one eye like Jenny's because you would never know if they were blinking or winking at you. Jenny's right, the poor things would never find sunglasses....hahahaha! They would go sun blind.
    Sometimes people up here can be temporarily blinded by the snow (actually the sun shining on the snow) The Eskimos make special masks that have little slits in them to look through. This stops the snow blindness ( just a little piece of Canadian trivia).

    Right on point Chris...we don't need any help to kill ourselves. We perfected that.
    Man sure is funny. He makes me laugh. I don't blame him for trying to get a day off. Every kid tries that at least once. I confess, I faked a stomach ache when I was in grade five. There was a math quiz that day. I still hate math.

    I like ET the best. He has kind blue eyes. Steven Spielberg, who wrote the movie, said ET's eyes were just like his mother's. And ET's face was inspired by the faces of Carl Sandburg, Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway.
    I took a look at number six and by golly, he does look like a few humans I have seen. I can tell he has a bad attitude, miserable and mean. And he has no sense of humor. That mouth has never smiled.

    It sure is cold right now and there is some more snow on the way. Also, tell Poppa the coy wolves are back and boy, they are big this year. Last night we watched two of them playing in our back yard. And ten minutes ago, Uncle Brian saw a very large one sniffing around the garden. They can smell our two little dogs and they are licking their lips and just waiting to catch them. I better teach my dogs to use the toilet.
    You are welcome for the aliens. It was fun. Hope you all stay well and keep smiling
    Lots of love
    Aunt Jeannie

    PS: I sure would like to see the inside of that clubhouse


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