Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cubs and Loyal Knights...This video is awesome

It's even got 'aliens'!


  1. Howdy PIC,
    The Cubs say they will watch the video tomorrow after school , they got in late from karate , had a ton of homework , they said to tell you they wanted to watch all of it at one time . Sha said it was about an hour long , they will write you tomorrow .
    Love PIC

  2. Cubs and Knights5:40:00 PM

    Aunt Jeannie the video had a lot of useful information , everything is so far away and will take a very long time to get there .
    Kepler is making a lot of discoveries , we discuss this in NASA class and it would take generations to get there unless they can find some way for warp speed . If time travel is possible it will be only for a select few . We think if they search as hard for a remedy for climate change , they would find a solution and save all of mankind not just a chosen few .
    Poppa said he will stay here because he do not want a lot of little green people probing in his butt . Chris asked poppa what he mean , poppa said wait until you are between 40 and 45 you will know . Poppa is so funny .
    We asked mama to leave you a comment that the video was almost an hour long and we got in late and had tons of homework . When we left karate class daddy took us to poppa to have dinner , we had a good time .
    Those aliens or whatever they are are sure ugly , one look like a hammerhead shark , one look like a big mouth catfish , one looks like a ugly worm . we would not like to meet any of them .
    We enjoyed the video very much , Jenny said they make sense if you want to believe in something impossible happening in our lifetime , maybe in our great grandchildren lifetime . Sha said if the people in charge would work at trying to repair some of the stuff they did the earth may have a time to repair itself , but that is wishful thing . Jenny said there was to many politicians running things and everyone has their hands in the pot for the money .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the video , we enjoyed it very much . We watch the boy in the bubble and the girls cried . Mama said you stayed in a white room something like a bubble and you illness has something to do with your immune system .
    We are sending love for you to get well real soon so you can enjoy doing the things you like .
    We love you and take care of yourself and all your family .
    Wrote by Jonny


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