Thursday, January 28, 2016

Boy in the bubble

Hi cubs,
 The boy in the bubble had almost the same autoimmune illness that I do. Some things are a bit different and I am allowed to go out now if I am careful.  I didn't get sick until I was in my twenties. Paul Simon, the song writer, knew about the boy in the bubble and felt sorry for him and wrote this song dedicated to him in 1987. It has weird lyrics.
I lived in a bubble (but it was really shaped like a room) for three years (now that was really weird) . I was able to come out for several hours a day but had to live in a specially built house. I have had a strange life but I still had fun and lots of laughs and people who loved me. So I think it was a pretty good life.
The deep space telescopes have opened up the universe to us and we are learning new things every day about how we came to be and truly amazing things about our galaxy. Ten years ago we didn't know half this stuff. It's all good.
I do have to agree with you that we should be doing more here on earth to clean up our act. The trouble is we can't get everyone in the world to agree to do the things that are necessary. It is a very slow process. I get mad because in the last forty years half the species of wildlife on earth, have disappeared. Half in forty years!!! That is too much to get my head around. What is going to happen in the next forty years ? Whatever happens, I think it will decide the future of our planet.
I honestly think we will smarten up in time and stop the worst stuff from happening.  I have faith in the goodness of people and think they will do the right thing. They are just dragging their feet getting there. And we can't turn the clock back and cool the earth and bring back all those animals.

The latest solar system they have found has a planet that is 15 times the mass of Jupiter and is so far from it's sun, it takes a million years to do one orbit. Awesome! 
We may never get to those planets way out there but we can dream.
 Love you guys
 Aunt Jeannie

PS: Tell Poppa the little green people do not shove things up your butt. The wormlike aliens stick a straw in your ear and suck out all your juices.


  1. Aunt Jeannie , we are go glad you have had a good life , Mama always says never let your sickness get you down , because there is someone else that has more sickness to worry about . just learn all you can and learn about your body and what makes it tick . mama has diabetics and a lot of our family has diabetics and heart problems . Sheryl and I have a teacher with diabetics and she is always feeling bad , sometime she get weak and dizzy , Sheryl asked how long she had diabetics and she said about 6 years , I told her mama learn she had it when she was a little girl . Mrs.Jones said she just could not believe mama was a diabetic I told her to call mama and she will tell her how to join her group . I told her mama eat everything .
    Aunt Jeannie , we like the Boy in a Bubble by Paul Simon. Sheryl has the movie Boy in a Bubble .
    We hope you are feeling better and all your family is better Hope Sammy and Jakey is having fun working on their cars . Mama said Sammy wants to be a race car driver and a pilot and Jakey is taking prelaw in school . I know he will like it , we will take some classes in prelaw in high school we have to be in the 10th grade here. Daddy said if Jakey decide to be a lawyer he will have a jump on the others . daddy said if he do not decide to be a lawyer , it will be good for him to know about the law , because all lawyers are not honest .
    We hope you are getting better . all the cubs say they love you .
    Aunt Jeannie poppa say the aliens with the straws do not suck the the juice out of your ears , they put the straws up your butt and hook the straws to a machine , poppa is so funny .
    We love you very much and get well .
    Wrote by Sha

  2. Hello Sha
    Your mama has an excellent attitude about her illness and her life. I respect her for that and I always have. It's true some illnesses run in families. My grandson Zach, the one who makes movies, has the same illness that I do. You just take what life hands you and deal with it the best way you know how. And it's important never to give up even when things look bad.
    I have the words to that Paul Simon song and I still think they are strange...but he is telling a story about how the world is changing and advancing and if we can hang in there, anything is possible, even medical miracles. He still writes good songs and puts a lot of thought into them. He and his partner Art Garfunkel wrote some beautiful songs in the 1960's and 1970's. Mama or Daddy might play some for you.
    Sammy does want to design and build cars and maybe race them. He may change his mind, kids do that. And Jake wants to be a lawyer or a chef. I think he can do both. He wants to start his own company, like you, and have a taco stand in the summer to make money for his car and insurance. He is already a good cook and makes awesome tacos. You and Jake have some things in common. He love Pre-law and I think you will too. Jake likes to see everyone treated fairly and he believes in Justice. I think we should all know more about our laws just to protect ourselves.
    Poppa has been around for so many years, maybe he has met some aliens and has been attached to that machine of I concede that he knows more about it than I do :~)
    Thank you for your get well wishes and please tell those cubs I love them and think you are all very cool. Stay happy my pretty young lady, and stay away from squishy looking people carrying straws.
    Love and hugs
    Aunt Jeannie


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