Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goodbye Glenn...We'll Miss You...Take it Easy

Glenn Frey
The Eagles

He  created a style which was a meeting of country, folk and rock music and  was  imitated by many artists who followed The Eagles. It was a defining decade (the seventies) in American music. He will create no more music for us but we have an impressive body of work to remember him by. Goodbye to another fine artist in a month which has bid farewell to so many.  Be at peace Glenn,
The PICs.


  1. Glenn will be sadly missed , he will be long remember by everyone by his beautiful music and his devotion to family and friends .
    Great post
    Love PIC

  2. Thank you PIC
    I have been listening to his music all day. Hope you are all doing okay. I am still trying to cope with family situation here and most of us have colds. Nana and I are doing okay but of course Brian is dying from his cold, as usual. Tis the season for viruses. But I think the cold weather will kill most of them. We have about 18 inches of snow and the temp right now is about 20 degrees below freezing.
    I will see you soon and I bet we will need several hours to exchange stories.
    Love you girl
    Be a good Witchy and kiss the cubs and Dad for me
    Luv PIC
    PS: The Eagles sing 'Witchy Woman'...she sounds like you.....Hahahaha!

    1. Howdy PIC ,
      Glenn's music brings back wonderful memories .
      It sure is a change from last year , it's almost like when we first met . I am glad you and Nana is doing okay ... I think all men turn into little boys when they are not well , give him some hot soup and plenty of liquids .
      You have been in my thoughts very much lately , I hope your family situation get better and soon .
      Love BAW
      I love Witchy Woman ... Gil said he would find it and buy it for me , Jon told him he had it and he clould have it . Hahahahaha!!!


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