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You have probably never heard of Unit 731 ... Prepare to be shocked .... It's part of Earth's history

  The man who ran Unit 731...General Shiro Ashii


We owe understanding the most effective way of treating frostbite to Unit 731—not to rub the affected limbs, but to immerse them in water between 100 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. A huge price was paid for that information, which could have been discovered another way.
Unit 731 was the administrative center of the top secret biological warfare project of the Imperial Japanese Army. Located in rural Manchuria, at that time a puppet state of Japan, and known by the codename “the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department”, Unit 731’s purpose was, in fact, to cause epidemics and contaminated water—for the enemy. The Imperial Japanese Army was fighting multiple wars and needed to win all of them. To do so, they turned to biological warfare.

The Geneva Protocol of 1925 banned biological and chemical warfare in international armed conflicts in order to prevent the outbreak of another war on the magnitude of World War I. The Japanese delegation in attendance at the conference had signed the agreement, but since the Japanese  did not ratify the agreement, Japan was not bound by the Geneva Protocol. Several countries who had ostensibly agreed to the Protocol were developing their own weapons in secret, and Japan was no exception.
Unit 731
Humans were also used as test targets for several different weapons. Live individuals were used to test
 grenades, bombs, and even flamethrowers.
The human test subjects of Unit 731 were criminals, political prisoners, Communists, or civilians—usually pregnant women, children, and the elderly—who were considered useful for experiments and were rounded up under trumped-up charges. Seventy percent of these victims were Chinese, while others were Korean, Mongolian, and Russian, and a few might have been Allied prisoners of war. They were called marutas by the researchers, or “logs”, because the local Manchurians were told that the facility was a lumber mill. Research findings discovered at Unit 731 were occasionally published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, where the articles claimed the experiments had been performed on Manchurian monkeys.
Whether these prisoners were called logs or monkeys, their human suffering was immense. One of the most common experiments at Unit 731 was the vivisection of diseased bodies. Researchers found the most virulent strains of disease by infecting prisoners, usually by injecting them with “vaccines” or feeding them contaminated food, and killing those prisoners who recovered quickly from their illnesses. They then injected the more potent bacteria and viruses from the sickest prisoners into the next “generation” of victims. For researchers who wanted to view a more natural progression of disease, some prisoners were kept locked in cages in the same room as plague-infested mice and fleas to see how long it took for them to become infected. The prisoners were then sliced open so that researchers could see how the disease affected living organs. This vivisection was done without anesthetic, to ensure results untainted by any external factors. Vivisections were also commonly performed on pregnant women—many of whom were pregnant by rape.
The researchers were especially interested in the pregnancies of women with syphilis. The Japanese military was struggling to combat the syphilis sweeping through its ranks, likely due to the rape of civilian women and of the comfort women forced to service the military. At first the researchers tried to inject prisoners with syphilis, but seeing that this yielded few results, they turned to raping them. Two prisoners, one infected with syphilis, were placed in a room together along with armed guards and made to have sex with each other. Once the previously healthy partner contracted syphilis, they would be inspected periodically to see the progression of the disease, culminating in a vivisection to see what syphilis did to the organs and—in the case of pregnant prisoners—the baby. Vivisection was practiced on Chinese citizens at many other government-sponsored research facilities besides Unit 731. For a time, it was considered the most effective way to train young Japanese medical students to perform surgeries correctly.
Unit 731 researchers also experimented with methods of treating frostbite. Prisoners were taken outside in freezing weather, sometimes after being dipped in water, and kept there until their limbs were frozen solid. Artificial cool air currents accelerated the freezing. A Japanese officer who watched one of these experiments stated later that frostbite was considered achieved if, when struck, the prisoner’s limbs made a sound like a wooden board. Sometimes prisoners were left to thaw, their arms and legs turning gangrenous until they rotted. Usually, however, frostbite victims were immersed in water at various temperatures to see which temperatures cured frostbite the fastest. It’s from these tests run by Unit 731 that the world knows the most effective way to deal with frostbite—not to rub the affected limbs, but to immerse them in water between 100 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
But the main research aim of Unit 731 was to develop the most effective biological warfare weapons. At a testing ground called Anda, prisoners were lashed to stakes and suffocated with poison gas or forced to wait while planes dropped plague bombs—bombs full of plague-infested fleas—over them. Prisoners were also used to test the effective range of flamethrowers, chemical weapons, and bombs, including bacteriological bombs. The resulting shrapnel of these weapons was often infected with various diseases, so that researchers could discover how long it would take people to die from being hit by flying shrapnel only. Unit 731 helped develop balloon bombs, which were sent to float across the Pacific to the United States and cause destruction and terror. Only a few ever actually arrived in the United States and went off, and while American news outlets were requested not to report on these bombs for fear of causing mass hysteria, there were at least seven verified American victims.
Unit 731 was also instrumental in planning an army operation which was never carried out, Cherry Blossoms at Night, which involved infecting San Diego with the bubonic plague using kamikaze pilots. This operation was halted in large part, it seems, by the intervention of Hideki Tojo—a man the United States later hanged for his other war crimes. Other contributing factors to the failure of Cherry Blossoms at Night were the Japanese surrender in August 1945 (Cherry Blossoms at Night was planned for September) and the necessity near the end of the war for the Japanese to focus on defense rather than offense.
China wasn’t so lucky. Using knowledge developed from Unit 731 tests, the Imperial Japanese Army created plague bombs and had airplanes spray diseases like bubonic plague, cholera, and anthrax over Chinese cities, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Plague outbreaks, for example, were reported in Changde in north-central China and Ningbo in eastern China. Between three and four hundred thousand Chinese people are estimated to have been killed by this method of biological warfare.
Unit 731’s other experiments included injecting prisoners with animal blood and horse urine, heating them until they died, spinning them with centrifuges until they died, and locking them in pressure chambers until their eyes popped out. It’s estimated that about 3,000 people died from the tortures they underwent at Unit 731.
After the war, the American government helped cover up many of the atrocities the Japanese military committed during the war. The masterminds of Unit 731 were granted immunity during the Tokyo Trials in exchange for handing over what data existed on the Unit 731 experiments. Many of those affiliated with Unit 731 enjoyed long and illustrious medical careers. Three Unit 731 researchers became the president of the Japan Medical Association, the head of the Japan Olympic Committee, and the Governor of Tokyo.
In the end, it was the Soviet Union, in response to so many Soviet and Russian victims, who subjected the Unit 731 researchers they had captured to an open trial for war crimes. The other researchers made a deal with United States occupation authorities for immunity in exchange for their research data. The Khabarovsk War Crime Trials of 1949 found all eight Japanese researchers and four military servicemen guilty of biological warfare and sentenced them to work in Soviet labor camps for two to twenty-five years.
As part of a political compromise, the remaining Japanese prisoners were released and returned to Japan in 1956, and historian Sheldon Harris thinks it is likely that the researchers gave the Soviets information about Unit 731’s research data in exchange for leniency. But while the week-long Khabarovsk Trials were at least partly for propaganda purposes, Harris in his book Factories of Death accepts the accuracy of their findings, saying,
“Evidence introduced during the hearings was based on eighteen volumes of interrogations and documentary material gathered in investigations over the previous four years. Some of the volumes included more than four hundred pages of depositions....Unlike the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s, the Japanese confessions made in the Khabarovsk trial were based on fact and not the fantasy of their handlers.”
In April 2018, a nearly complete list of the 3,607 people who were employed by Unit 731 on January 1, 1945 was released to the public. Katsuo Nishiyama, professor emeritus of Shiga University of Medical Science, is attempting to use the list to declare the university degree of one of Unit 731’s officers illegitimate. It seems likely the experiments which this man oversaw for his dissertation were performed on Unit 731 prisoners, rather than on animals as he had claimed. Many hope that the release of this list will be a major step towards Japan openly condemning its wartime atrocities.

After thoughts:
I realize that this article is horrifying. It assaults you. It makes you feel ill. It makes you hate war, it makes you revile men who treat humans like lumps of meat. It makes you want to hate Japanese people.  It makes you see that, often, evil men do not receive justice.
 War does things to people. It hardens them, makes them hate the enemy, makes them accept killing as a normal part of their daily lives. It makes them impervious to seeing  blood and broken bodies. In many cases people have  to compartmentalize their feelings in order to feel nothing, to submerge their compassion, their need to help or save people.
 Nothing like this will ever happen in America, of course, but observers are seeing a social change in many Americans, a change in attitude, a change in behavior. People are compartmentalizing their feelings and are able to ignore  injustices taking place around them. They are rationalizing the dragging of children from their parents arms and keeping said children in cages.
People are accepting the fact that their government is ripping families apart, persecuting people of other nationalities who are seeking asylum and compassion and a better life for their kids.
 America, your leader is a hate monger.  He is building a wall of hate around you. He is locking out the world, insulting allies, pandering to enemies, men of no scruples. He is making your country a police state where American citizens are stopped on their way to work or driving home and being subjected to questioning about their backgrounds and citizenship. Step by step, you are heading in a frightening direction. And men who feed on having power are egging him on to even greater and worse offences. Freedoms will gradually disappear like women's freedom of choice -  just the beginning. And eventually your constitution will be ignored completely. Corruption  will take it's place. The Third Reich wasn't created in a day. It took about fourteen years....and then it poisoned the world. Just saying...


  1. Jeannie
    Unfortunately, there are still living US Veterans who were directly affected by Unit 731 who are still waiting to be acknowledged by the US govt but the govt has refused to do so. I would never encourage a person to go into the US military because our govt does NOT take care of them in service, if they're injured, or when they return home. It's unconscionable. Not to long ago the Dept of Veteran's Affairs determined that ALL injured vets, no matter how badly injured, would not be given any opioids for pain. Those already taking them were forced to taper off, even though the rate of addiction among all chronic pain patients is a mere 0.3%. Lower than any other group. The suicide rates for active military, vets, and their family members, was already very high but the suicide rate among injured Veterans has gone up dramatically since that time. (As it has for all chronic pain patients.) I find it ironic that the US govt not only encourages ADDICTS to get treatment with OPIOIDS but also facilitates and even funds that treatment while people with chronic pain through no fault of their own are being refused. The US is one of very few developed nations that isn't moving toward decriminalization and regulation. Even our neighbors to the North have installed opioid vending with safe centers for access, facilitation, and monitoring for safety. But the US just wants to throw more money at the problem. They're falsifying data, spreading misinformation, and causing panic. That's what they do. We even have politicians lying under oath to scare people into believing what they're selling (Claire McCaskill).

    My point is the US government is very corrupt, as corrupt as any nation they accuse of being corrpt but if people want to educate themselves they often have to do their due diligence and uncover the real truths. Tht the govt needs to wake up, do the right thing, and quit abusing the democratic system of govt. (I don't count on that happening in my lifetime!)

    While we condemn the dastardly experiments of the Japanese Unit 731, the pardon granted to these butchers by the US government in exchange for their data on human experiments must rank up there with the worst crimes against humanity of WWII. We have been presented with a warped view of WWII in which the Allies are all good. The numerous books printed in the nation about the greatest generation" omit mention of the wholesale firebombings of civilian centers such as Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo. It also omits the wholesale pillage, rape and retribution post war which resulted in the deaths of up to a million German civilians who were violently driven away from their traditional homes.
    Today, seventy odd years after the pardon of the brutes of Unit 731, approved by none other than Truman and the Joint Chiefs, when one tries raise the immorality of the pardon in normal conversation all we get is silence in response.
    Just my humble opinion

  2. Humble
    Not only are some veterans of that debacle still alive but I believe two of the researchers who worked in Unit 731 are still alive and enjoying their pardon. They were given lucrative positions in research, after the war, in return for their ill gotten knowledge. There were more than 3,000 doctors, technicians and human zoo keepers in unit 731.
    I did not know that the US treated their vets and military so poorly. We see Americans applauding vets and thanking them for their service and calling them wounded warriors. Imagine denying wounded soldiers medication and putting them through that kind of suffering, after what they have already been through.
    The suicide rate among deployed army, especially the younger soldiers, is very high in Canada. In point of fact, 24 times more than civilians of same age. Most of them suffering from untreated PTSD. These are kids who were raised in mainly pacifistic families and then told to kill people at will. Who could adjust to that?? They have now put programs in place to try and stem the tide of suicide.
    I guess all governments have elements of corruption; even the best of them. We are aware of the frailties of our own government. Justin is very smiley but he has his dark side and he is tougher than the impression people have of him. He is not as transparent as he claims either. He is very slow to help our aboriginals and has no programs in place to care for all the immigrants we are taking in.
    You are so right that history is very misrepresented. Each country reshapes WWII with it's own slant; usually to make them look like the good guys.
    I have read about the retribution meted out on the Germans by Russia and all the allies. War on that scale brings out the worst kind of brutality and bestiality in conquerors.
    The silence is a shield for the shame.
    Thank you for your enlightening comment
    I appreciate it....Shadow


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