Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Trump Not smart enough to realize Putin is playing him



  1. Of course tRUMP don't have the sense to know Putin is playing him , Monkey Boy don't know when to wipe his ass , he smells , tRUMP is scare not to do as Putin say as most Americans know ... Putin owns tRUMP lock /stock and barrel , Cheeto is scared he will come up among the missing and be remember like Jimmy Hoffa ...
    Love Witchy

  2. Trump loves evil dictators. I think he relates them to his father and wants their approval. Putin and Kim Jong-un are both playing him and making a fool of him. Trump is put together all wrong.
    He has led your country into chaos, hatred and xenophobia. Now he is Putin's bitch he will probably allow him to interfere in your next election and help govern the US.
    They both should join Hoffa at the bottom of the Hudson River.
    Love Shadow


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