Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cartoon : The top secret , true story of the Trump - Putin meeting

 Rubin Bolling    Community   July 26 , 2018
Why is the Trumpet still in office?
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This cartoon inspired my thoughts on this matter .
Howdy everyone ,
My kids  said I should writes posts on what I think and my opinions on different subjects . here's my first  let me know  what you think .

From the  the desk of Witchy :

When are the morons that keep supporting the big Moron in the White House going to wake up to the facts that we have a Dictator wannabe as President. He is corrupt, a liar, has committed treason, called our government liars, he cheats, he only cares about putting money in his pocket. He hates the GOP, he hates anyone who isn’t wealthy, which is 98 per cent of us. He is not well educated, he has no clue to how to act or run our government or country.  He acts like a child when he thinks of something he wants to change, he has no clue as to how it will affect other people, our country, our economy. And when he says we are thanking him enough for what he has done, I truly want to get sick, just thinking about what a narcissistic moron he really is.

As Judge Judy says, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it must be a duck”. Trump is a moron that, “ looks like a moron, walks like a moron and acts like a moron, he must be a moron”! Get rid of the moron!
Since Trump the  UN-AMERICN EXTRAORDINAIR, why has NO ONE demanded that Congress, in the interest of fairness, demands that the final report by the Special Prosecutor includes a COMPLETE MEDICAL REPORT on this failure of a President?

How much has the White House/President spent on hush-money as compared to medical expenses related to physical, mental, and genito-cerebral afflictions?
 I will tell you why  , because there is such a glutton of Wimpy Cowardly Bastards in Congress on both sides.  When confronted with documentation to the contrary people get very angry and hostile. They want to believe whatever fits into their comfort zone regardless of how absurd it is. Less challenging , mentally.


  1. The Knights7:07:00 PM

    Mama Knight you did great on your first outing , kids will love the series of books by Rubin Bolling , the kids here sure do , Lynn will sit still and listen she's only four . ( we promises her a cookie) maybe that's why .
    Love you mama
    The Knights

  2. Anonymous7:12:00 PM

    Nee , Don would be do proud, Mae and I second the motion .
    I will always be there for you sweetheart that's how Don would want it .
    keep at it the more you do the better you get .
    Love you until the end of my time .
    Harvey S . and Mae C.

  3. Ho my mama's baby ,
    Jo is over here , my kids showed us your post , as you know I read this blog since the time you told the internet a girl tried to get some ticks off POKER as you called it , great for your first time out .
    Jo said to keep it up maybe your old man may get a little sleep .
    Love you my mama's Baby
    Chris & family

  4. Baby ,
    Proud as punch . I knew you did sassy bylines , spoke what you feel , I always admired you for that trait . You , my lady has ran corporations and a law firm to help the family when in a pinch , so this will be nothing for you to master , looking forward to seeing more of your stuff .
    By the way when is Man going to do his poppa post , asked the little rascal , he said don't rush me daddy , I told him when he's ready he know where to fine me (smiling).
    Your Man old LA

  5. Howdy everyone ,
    I think each and everyone of you for the encouraging words , I will take your advice , won't have a certain day or time , you will have to come back , certain things inspire me , I will try to do as my little Man and use no bad words ... I will save the bad words for my bylines Hahahaha!!!
    LA I have no idea when your son will get his post from it's hiding place ... .
    Again I thank you for caring .
    I love you all


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