Friday, July 13, 2018

President Trump meets Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle

THOMSON REUTERS        July 13th 2018 
WINDSOR, England, July 13 (Reuters) - Donald Trump met Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Friday but the 92-year-old monarch was forced at one point to walk around the U.S. president after he halted abruptly during a ceremonial inspection of the guard.

Trump's first visit to Britain as president was not the full state visit he was originally promised, but he was heralded by military bands on his arrival at Windsor, before he and First Lady Melania went into the castle for tea with the queen.

The U.S. president had earlier praised Queen Elizabeth as a "tremendous woman."

The queen greeted the pair with a smile, although she had earlier glanced at her watch as she waited for their arrival.

While inspecting the guard at Windsor, Elizabeth appeared to give direction to Trump but then the president abruptly halted and Elizabeth was forced to walk around him.

Queen Elizabeth's tea for the Trumps was due to last 25 minutes according to the White House's schedule, the last part of their official visit.

He arrived at Windsor after a morning spent visiting Britain's royal military academy at Sandhurst and held talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at her country residence, Chequers.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through London on Friday to demonstrate against the U.S. president's visit.

Trump is due to fly to Scotland later on Friday for a private visit where he will spend two days at a golf course he owns, before heading to Helsinki for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Writing by Sarah Young; editing by Guy Faulconbridge)

Witchy is going round in circles   :
is there ANYBODY who DOES NOT KNOW------"you are never suppose to show your back to the QUEEN??????" EVIDENTLY-----the bull in the china shop who is too stupid to "follow"...proper manners!!!!!
When has  tRUMP ever had manners? Oh that's right, he was very pleased to meet Putin and Kim Jong Un. The poor Queen. Bet she wanted to call out sick!
If not for the fact that  rEUMP  is clueless, I'd say that stopping in front of the Queen and forcing her to walk around him,  was deliberate rudeness.  But, he's just entirely unaware and uncaring of anyone else.  Bloviating Narcissist.
There is now a shortage of penicillin in the UK as the Queen was forced to spray down the castle to kill off the STD virus left behind by Trump and his WalMart rent lady
Barack Obama got a full royal motorcade and had a state dinner at Windsor Castle.  2 full days.
tRUMP  came in on a toyota prius and left with nothing.  30 minutes.  
Obama:  so so much cooler than fatboy.
While interrupting the ceremony by lifting his glass to toast the Queen...never realizing that they guests were standing for the Queen's Anthem and NOT for him.   When he finally realized how stupid he looked, he "slithered" his glass back down on the table and looked the true fool!   ....HeHe


  1. That is so funny. I laughed so hard. What a dummy and poor Queeny has met them all...all sizes and shapes and colors...even orange dummies.
    I also noticed that when he met the Queen he did not bow...not even bow his head a little, neither did Melania. They just needed to bow their heads a wee bit to show respect.
    He nearly tripped Queeny...The Brits would have run him out of the country on a rail if that had happened.
    He is a walking comedy disaster
    Loved the article
    Love Shadow

  2. I laughed when I saw tthis article and the one on SHs... Cheeto say they made him feel unwelcome ... what the fuck did he expect ... Putin / Kim wasn't there to pull his strings .
    Waiting on some good ones from Abe about Mueller investigation .
    Thank you
    Love Witchy


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