Monday, July 23, 2018

Gunman dead after injuring 12, killing two, in Toronto

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TORONTO, July 23 (Reuters) - A gunman opened fire on a Toronto street filled with people in restaurants late on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 12 others, including a young girl, authorities said. The suspected shooter was later found dead.

The girl was in a critical condition, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said.

"We are looking at all possible motives ... and not closing any doors," Saunders told reporters at the site of the shooting.

Paramedics, firefighters and police converged on the scene in Toronto's east end.

Police said the gunman used a handgun. Earlier reports said nine people had been shot.

The gunfire on Danforth Avenue in the city's Greektown neighborhood began at 10 p.m. local time (0200 GMT Monday), the Special Investigations Unit said, adding that the gunman walked down the busy avenue firing at groups of people.

Danforth is filled with restaurants and a family-friendly night life.

The gunman, a 29-year-old man, exchanged fire with police, fled and was later found dead, according to the Special Investigations Unit, which investigates deaths and injuries involving police.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter on Monday, "The people of Toronto are strong, resilient and brave - and we’ll be there to support you through this difficult time."

Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters the city has a gun problem, with weapons too readily available to too many people. Tory is expected to brief city councilors on Monday morning.

Toronto is grappling with a sharp rise in gun violence this year. Deaths from gun violence has jumped 53 percent to 26 so far in 2018 from the same period last year, police data last week showed, with the number of shootings rising 13 percent.

Toronto has deployed about 200 police officers since July 20 in response to the recent spate in shootings, which city officials have blamed on gang violence.

In April, a driver deliberately plowed his white Ryder rental van into a lunch-hour crowd in Toronto, killing 10 people and injuring 15 along a roughly mile-long (1.6-km) stretch of sidewalk thronged with pedestrians.

 How about those stricter gun laws Canada? How is that working out for ya? At some point these nations will realize that law abiding citizens don't need gun control, it is the criminals and they are the ones that don't care about regulation. Canada can regulate all they want, like the US, but the criminals always find a way.
The Mayor said they have a "gun problem" ..... Got that right!  The criminals have guns and the decent, law abiding citizens are disarmed.  That's a problem.
Just saying 


  1. Danforth has always been safe. A place to relax with friends and never a need to worry about your safety. That's exactly why a guy with murder on his mind would choose such a place.
    This will change everything. Ever since the guy in the white van mowed people down a few months ago in another, so called, safe family place, people have been nervous to wander around so freely in Toronto.
    It is very sad. About 10/12 years ago we all started to see small changes in our communities....more petty crimes and the rare violent one. It is mostly confined to the largest cities like Toronto and Montreal but gradually will trickle down to smaller towns. It's well known that guns are being smuggled over the border.
    Our gun free society worked for decades but the world has changed to a harsher, meaner place and we may have to change with it.
    I have talked to neighbors and friends and we are heart broken. We always took for granted that we were rarely, if ever, in danger of being mugged or shot. We never had to worry about the kids wandering the neighborhood.
    At least violent crime and mass killings are still rare in Canada. That's hopeful.
    All we can hope for is that the pendulum will swing back again to the safe secure place it used be.

    Emphatically 'NO', we do not want to be like the United States with ordinary citizens toting guns every day or guards and teachers wearing guns to protect kids at schools. NEVER! Heaven forbid.
    Did you know that it is legal for ANYONE in the US with a 3D printer to assemble their own unregistered lethal gun, even a 3D printable AR-15 type rifle. How would you feel if your kid made one of those in his bedroom?
    Killing each other is not an option. We will find another way. Being better at catching criminals strikes me as a good start... Hahahaha! Get off our asses Mounties. You've been too lazy until now.
    Love Shadow

    1. PS: What about the US 'Stand your ground' law. The US treats killing people far too casually.

  2. Sorry my friend I didn't mean to offend you with my byline . As you know America were built on violence .
    As it stands now our school teachers don't wear guns , it has been mention but no action has been taken .
    Of course I know you can not only get a printable 3D printer to assemble guns and also make bombs . If you notice my byline said that law abiding citizens don't need a gun the criminals is the ones that don't care about regulations and all the nations can regulate it will not keep the criminals from getting whatever they want .The Mayor said they had a gun problem , he got that right and it's not the law abiding citizens he has to worry about . Regulate and regulate some more , the criminals will find a way and ours seem to be home grown .

    I think my man and I are better parents than to let that go on in our home ... we try to teach our kids morals thankfully they are not into drugs or other things that's wrong (knock on wood) .
    Not only one of boys .. I have 2 girls and girls is just as capable as boys .

    I was talking with the Knights about this horror incident ... they said maybe the Mayor is like the Climate change deniers , ot has to hit them in the face before they believe .
    Love Witchy

    PS: 'Stand Your Ground' came about when George Zimmerman killed the Martin boy in Florida... There are more good Americans than Bad ... don't judge us all because we have a pussy grabbing idiot fool for a president .
    The Mounties is a good group of people , they are like us ... each time they jail one 2 or 3 takes their place and a criminal lawyer gets the others out because a loop hole .
    What about the other countries and how they treat their own people HUH ???
    I will be very careful with my bylines

  3. I am NOT offended. Your bylines are great. Don't change a damn thing Witchy. You must say what you think, always. That's what I have always loved about you. It is fine for us to disagree on some things. That is what starts interesting conversations and exchanges of information. But don't be surprised if I answer you.
    You and I are an off-shoot or by-product of professional journalism but we have always followed the same rules.... check the facts, tell the truth as we see it. And we can editorialize at the end with our own input.
    Americans are marvellous people...they don't all believe in carrying guns. They don't all approve of the NRA. Most of them want stricter gun laws to protect their children. Then there are people who adhere strongly to the 'first amendment'. There are many different opinions on the subject. That's why democracy is so wonderful.
    Like many European and Eastern European countries, plus China, Japan, Russia, South America and Australia, Canada has very strict gun laws. Actually, Australia and Japan bought back all the guns from private owners in their countries at the cost of billions to their governments. And then they regulated gun ownership extremely strictly. But most of these countries, including Canada allow sporting guns.
    I agree with you on two important things. Your kids are wonderful, good people and your president is a pussy-grabbing idiot. The Prez, however is a temporary phase which will pass soon. Most of your leaders have been great men throughout history. Trump has become a figure of fun worldwide but is ridiculed in his own country more than anywhere else. Americans have not been fooled by him.
    Don't be offended by my opinions either. There is no right or wrong and no insult. We just think differently and I will always tell you the truth as I see it.
    Always your friend

  4. Thank you for clearing the air , the wording we don't want to live like the US threw me a curve .
    Like I said law abiding citizens don't need regulation for gun control and it's no way any country can keep guns out the hands of evil people .
    Have been and always will be your friend


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