Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Summer Zervos lawsuit against Trump ... three days before inauguration

Attorney Gloria Allred and accuser Summer Zervos file a lawsuit against  Donald Trump  Jan17/2017.


  1. Go get Trump .
    Gloria , a word to the wise , your peers is in your corner and we know that you are not paying Ms. Zervos $500,000.
    Trump is in the sewer with the very low .
    Just my humble opinion

  2. It may be too little too late. That big Trump steamroller will flatten her like it has every other victim and protester in his way. I think Gloria has a bigger case looming. I believe all the Trump sexual assault victims have got together for a class action suit that will take place later in the year. It's just too bad they couldn't pull it together before the inauguration.
    Mr Trump is on his way to a lower place than the sewer ... but at least it's nice and warm where he is headed.
    Thank you for your comment Mr humble


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