Monday, January 16, 2017

Slow- mo pileup on Montreal's icy streets

Put some sand down guys. Those expensive snow tires are no good on an icy street with a layer of snow on top. I am pretty sure a major portion of Canadian drivers have been in one of those sideways slides where you helplessly watch yourself slowly smoosh into someone's brand new Prius and hear it crumple like a beer can. The part I liked the most was when the cops came to help and they slid backwards into the pileup.
Willem Shepherd filmed the pileup from his office window on a snowy Quebec morning.


  1. Hi PIC
    I haven't contacted you yet because Nana fell while getting out of bed last night and cracked her head open on a tray table and beat herself up pretty badly. The scalp wound was pretty bad and bled a lot. She had a goose egg and scrapes and bruises and hurt her back. She does this every couple of weeks but this time I am a bit concerned about the head and back injuries. We heard the crash about 2:30 Am and needless to say she kept me up the rest of the night. Once she has fallen, she can't get up and she screeches when you try to lift her. There is no concussion. I know how to check for that. I raised hockey players.
    I will keep you in the loop. I am going to get some sleep now. I am confident she will be just fine.
    Take care luv
    Your friend always

  2. Howdy PIC ,
    I am also very concern about Nana , move the tray table and I am sure she beat herself up badly.
    You take care of Nana and I know your hands are still swollen ... first things first my dear friend ... we will get there in time but the most important thing is family . Please keep me inform how Nana is and Dad said to just slow sown and catch your breath and things will turn out fine . Dad also say maybe we could leave notes to until Nana and your hands are fine . What you think .
    Sending Nana vibes to feel better soon .
    You also take care my friend
    Love you lots PIC


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