Monday, January 30, 2017

Quebec Mosque shooter arrested

alexandrebissonette: Alexandre Bissonette
 Facebook Alexandre Bissonette

Witnesses said at least one gunman shouted 'Allahu akbar!' while opening fire at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre Sunday night, killing six men by shooting each one of them in the back. The attack took place in the men's section of the mosque.
Police said they arrested one man outside the mosque -- and another suspect turned himself in, calling 911 less than 20 minutes later and giving officers his location in d'Orleans so they could arrest him.
The gunman in the shooting at the Quebec City mosque is believed to be Alexandre Bissonette, a 27-year-old student at Université Laval, who was studying anthropology before switching to political science.
The Sûreté du Québec will not confirm the identity of the suspect, who is expected to be arraigned at the Quebec City courthouse Monday afternoon. But according to real-estate records, Bissonette’s parents own a home on Tracel St. in the Cap-Rouge district of Quebec City where police conducted a search on Monday. Bissonnette’s father is listed in the sales deed as an investigator.
As for the suspected shooter himself, his Facebook page does not reveal a great deal about his possible motivations. His musical tastes appear to range from Katy Perry to Megadeth. The young man, who dressed up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween, also admired Donald Trump, French Front National leader Marine Le Pen and Mathieu Bock-Cóté, a Quebec City columnist known for his pro-nationalist and anti-multicultural views.
A refugee welcome group in the capital city, however, said Bissonnette’s name and photograph were already familiar to them. In a post on Facebook, Bienvenu aux réfugiés said they learned “with sadness and anger about the identity of the terrorist Alexandre Bissonnette, unfortunately known by several militants in Quebec City for his viewpoints that were pro-LePen and anti-feminist, as expressed in social media and at Université Laval.”
Unstable, young people, filled with unfocused anger and racial - religious or misogynous issues, who are longing to fit in somewhere or belong to something, are open to being radicalized. And it doesn't take much to set them off. Trudeau's recent welcome to immigrants and refugees, regardless of race or religion was probably the trigger that pushed this young man over the edge. Added to the fact that his idol, Donald Trump, has banned immigrants or refugees from most of the Muslim states, the kid was a walking time bomb.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the massacre, calling it a cowardly terrorist attack, specifically aimed at Muslims. That young man just sacrificed seven men if you include what he has done to his own life, and for what? Misguided and misplaced hatred and bigotry. Permanently locked away, with prison life giving him a reality check, he will eventually become filled with remorse and regret for what he has done.... to no avail.

J.Trudeau: quote:
"Canadians will not be broken by this violence. Our spirit & unity will only strengthen – we will mourn, and we will heal, together."  


  1. What a clean cut young man .... no one would believe he could do a horrible thing such as this . I don't think he will ever have regrets about what he has done .
    People are giving tRUMP to much credit ... when tRUMP is only a bigot , racist and a fool and most of all a bully with crazy people following him/
    Good post
    Love PIC

  2. I still think when this kid wakes up in maximum security prison for life and he is the new kid on the prison block. He will be forever trying to protect his ass. He may never take a shower again. He is young and cute and he will get a dose of reality and will change his priority from hating Muslims to hating criminals and rapists. At least that's a better focus for his anger. He will learn how precious a life is when he is fighting for his own.
    I don't understand the Trump phenomenon and I'm glad to see that most Americans feel the same and object pretty loudly.
    I'm sure Trump thinks he is doing great but it's like putting a spoiled grade three kid in charge of the western world.
    I'll never understand how he got in the White House. All other presidents were scrupulously vetted, and interrogated and had to prove their worth. They worked their way up through the government and earned their place.
    Oh well, life is full of surprises. I will tell you one thing I have thought about. Trump just made targets out of all the American troops, doctors, aid workers and visitors living in those Arab States. And probably Canadian troops etc. just by association.
    I sure hope you are getting stronger PIC. It is frigid here again and is expected to snow for the next three or four days. We will be buried and roads will be snowed in. I better get more supplies case I can't get out. Our weather is another thing I don't understand. It was warm until today.
    I was happy to hear the work on the shelter is coming along so fast. It is a much needed place in your community and in all communities.
    Hang tough my friend and get well.
    All the best
    Luv PIC

  3. tRUMP is making enemies all over the world , love and kindness toward each other will win out in then long run .
    I am hanging tough Hahahaha
    The shelter didn't burn completely down , there was a lot of water and smoke damage . There are 2 crews that work 2 shifts /

    Go to WAG .
    Love PIC


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