Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Farewell President Obama ... Full Speech

President Obama addresses America to say goodbye


  1. Obama gave a moving 'Farewell to the Nation' .
    Michelle / Malia shed tears and Obama got a tear in his eye . Back and rearing to go .
    Missed you sweetie .

    Go to WAG
    Love PIC

  2. Honestly, we had tears in our eyes. He was universally loved. We all knew he had the good of all people in his heart and wanted peace and prosperity for all. And we are faced with a very uncertain future with Trump.
    They have a dossier on him now about connections with Russia long before the election. And a sleazy account of him having two prostitutes in his room in a Moscow hotel doing some perverted things. All this comes from a rock solid reliable source at MI6 who works in Moscow exclusively.
    Comey had this information for months and didn't release it for some reason. Lots of stuff happening out there Sweetie
    Luv PIC


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